Up to the minute: Sapphire crystal watches

Sapphire crystal watches are very timeless and stylish but bend over, here it comes again. Sapphire is an important material that is also used in watchmaking, as it has a durable and hard-to-scratch structure. In this tiny sapphire crystal watches guide, we will inform you about a nice and high-quality watch with sapphire crystal. 

EXPLORE watches with sapphire crystal

By the way, if you are one of those who like to decorate your watch with jewelry, you can take a look at our blog post on accessories with sapphire stones. And, if you want to get more information about the sapphire stone, I will be sharing the GENERAL SAPPHIRE GUIDE with you below.

In addition, sapphire stones have many colors. If you are into natural stones and sapphire stones, take a look at the meanings and properties of orange sapphire, pink sapphire, white sapphire crystals, black sapphire, brown sapphire, yellow sapphire, and the most commonly used blue sapphire.

Seiko Sapphire Crystal Watches

Seiko 5 SNK809 sapphire crystal is one of the famous watches. It has a very sporty look and comfortable usage. This stylish automatic mechanical watch is one of the first quartz wristwatches. 

The outermost circle of this very unique clock is divided into minutes by lines. Minutes are written at five-minute intervals on one of its sublayers. In the innermost circle, the hour is indicated. Unfortunately, this model -contrary to popular opinion- doesn’t include sapphire, however, it is one of the most stylish and popular products combined with sapphire jewelry.

If you want a Seiko watch sapphire crystal, you should check Caliber editions. 

Sapphire crystal watches under $300

Seiko sapphire watches for men can be found under 300USD on Amazon and other places. I believe that you can find the most suitable watch for your style and expectation, although the prices vary according to the features and materials.

SEE Seiko sapphire crystal watch

Seiko Sapphire Crystal Watches
Seiko Sapphire Crystal Watches

Rolex Sapphire Crystal

One of the most famous and high-quality products is Rolex’s sapphire crystal watches. For instance, the Rolex Submariner Black Dial Oystersteel 40mm Men’s Watch 114060 has 300 meters water-resistant depth. It has stainless steel case material. This analog watch has hour, minute, second, and chronometer specialties. Sapphire glass watches are very stylish and modern – classic design.

Rolex Sapphire Crystal
Rolex Sapphire Crystal

Tissot Sapphire Crystal

Tissot 1853 sapphire crystal watches have models that appeal to all tastes. For instance;

Tissot Men’s PRX 316L’s dial window material type is the synthetic sapphire,

Tissot Mens Seastar 660/1000’s dial window material type is the antireflective sapphire,

Tissot Mens Tissot Seastar 2000’s dial window material type is sapphire crystal.

As a result, who wouldn’t want to have a watch from this well-established and elegant brand? See amazing Tissot sapphire crystal watches now!

Tissot Sapphire Crystal Watches
Tissot Sapphire Crystal Watches

Harris Sapphire Crystal Tungsten Watch

Lord Harris Swiss sapphire crystal Tungsten watches are very rare and vintage. Harris sapphire watch is one of the most famous ones around the world.

Those wristwatches are very elegant and classy. The quartz movement is a revealing detail. Sapphire case material gives them high-quality scratch-resistant. 

Sapphire Crystal Watches
Sapphire Crystal Watches

Orient Bambino Sapphire Crystal

Orient Bambino watches are both high quality and relatively more affordable in terms of price. The water resistance of these elegant and simple watches is also quite good. Its arm posture is very stylish and minimal. In addition, it has beautiful designs that will pamper those who miss the past with its vintage texture.

Discover Orient Bambino sapphire crystal watches

Orient Bambino Sapphire Crystal
Orient Bambino Sapphire Crystal

Richard Mille Brown Sapphire

Richard Mille sapphire crystal watches are more than watches. Their complex structure offers great functions along with aesthetics. The fact that one of the most complex case designs was made from pure sapphire also led Richard Mille’s designs to produce more different sapphire mechanisms in the following years. Details such as the sapphire baseplate, bridges, and third wheel are the points that make Richard Mille special.

Sapphire glass watch
Sapphire glass watch

Movado Crystal Sapphire

Movado sapphire crystals are one of the best watches in the world! It can be either a perfect gift for you & your beloved ones or a lifetime accompanist for yourself. Especially the amazing Series 800 Automatic which has a sapphire crystal fabrication. 200 meters water resistant is great and the bracelet strap link is very stylish and modern. Minutes lined up in ten-minute intervals on the circle outside the glass. Very elegant sapphire stone watch.

Movado Crystal Sapphire
Movado Crystal Sapphire

Jack Spade Watch Swiss Movement Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire crystal watches have been popular for many years. It is not necessary to think about what it owes its quality and popularity to. Its durability has carried it to this day in such a way that it remains a top choice. Jack Spade watch Swiss movement sapphire crystal fabrications are indeed a classic. These rare wristwatches are definitely a unique piece for vintage style seekers.

Here you are. Either you can wear your high quality sapphire crystal watches to accomplish your boheme style or help your meditation sessions with time management.

You can also combine your watches with your spiritual necklaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sapphire Crystal Watches and Models

Here are some frequently asked questions about sapphire crystal watches both for vintage lovers and modern followers.

How are sapphire watch crystals made?

The sapphire crystal glass watches, which are very difficult to scratch, are produced by exposure to high heat and pressure. Domed sapphire crystal with its special lensed structure, it offers you a comfortable experience from any angle. This is one of the details that make it special.

What is a sapphire crystal watch?

It gets its name from the durable sapphire crystal, which makes it very difficult to scratch. Sapphire watch crystals either can be synthetic sapphire, mineral glass or plastic. All three of them have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you buy a watch with a glass made of mineral sapphire, it should be replaced when it is damaged or wears out. Sapphire watch crystal replacement may rarely be required.

When did Rolex start using sapphire crystals?

In 1970, Rolex announced their first sapphire crystal glass watch. But the use of sapphire crystals in watchmaking dates back to much earlier times, in the early 1900s. However, Rolex’s use of durable sapphire crystal in watches with an innovative technology is significant upgrowth.

How scratch resistant is sapphire crystal?

Sapphire crystals MOHS scale value is 9 which means it is very hard to scratch. It can be scratched by stones harder than itself. The fact that it is so strong also answers why it has been used in watch glasses for years.

Can you compare ion-x vs sapphire crystal?

Although Sapphire crystal glass is more expensive, the atmosphere light where ion-x technology comes to the fore can make a difference to it. Tests have confirmed that in terms of durability, sapphire lags behind ion-x glass for now. However, since smart watch screens are such a wide-ranging topic that they can be the subject of another article, it is useful to know this much for now.

What is sapphire crystal meaning in watches?

Sapphire crystal watch meaning is divine communication and guidance. Don’t we often need a guide about time too?

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