About GemSet

Gemset is a spiritual blog that focuses on crystal healing stones. Here you can find a lot of information, from the meanings of crystals to their types, benefits, and daily uses. Also by revealing my own spiritual knowledge and experience; I teach you how to connect them with the chakras, meditation and tarot, and much more.

Notes For My Spiritual Fam ✨

Hello my spiritual jewel 👋🏻 In this place, I gather up my spiritual experience, unique practices, and notable reflections in life. You may come across some products or services in my articles. Furthermore, as an Amazon Associate, I may earn a few rate commissions from qualifying purchases. These offered options are based on my personal selection and as you know every experience is very unique and personal. So, the decision is entirely yours. Take charge of your life and feel the love in your heart.

In this blog, I convey the personal knowledge and experience that I have gained so far in yoga, meditation, kundalini reiki, crystal healing, the most powerful tarot decks, the best spiritual books, and other spiritual practices that may inspire you as well. Some subjects may be illuminated by the light of science, while others may be on a more mystical dimension and STILL MORE mysterious. 

As a result, on this blog, you will only find generally accepted information and faith-based personal experiences. So, whether it’s natural stones or something else, I suggest listening to your insight and intuition in your spiritual pursuits. As I did!

I would also like to remind you once again that your life journey is a purely individual, internal, original, and spiritual journey. I can’t say any of us will have the same or similar experiences. I can only wish for this: I hope you enjoy the spiritual experiences and magical world of stones on this blog as much as I do.

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It should be known that the information in this blog is not proven in scientific and medical media, does not contain expert opinions, and does not promise medical results. The quantity and quality of products and services may not be approved by the competent authorities. Only personal experiences and spiritual research are included. Therefore, we declare that we do not accept any responsibility for what may happen.

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