How to heal chakras with crystals?

How to heal chakras with crystals?

Are you ready to discover how to heal chakras with crystals? If you are ready, let’s evaluate the healing power of the healing stones by grouping them with the chakras. What you can learn in this article is how to heal chakras with crystals? It isn’t just about. You can find healing stones, their relationship with the chakras, various usage methods and much more.

Natural and Healing Gemstones

Welcome to my spiritual library online 🧡✨ 💎Gemset is a spiritual share box that mainly focuses on divine experiences about plenty of spiritual practices. 🧘🏻‍♀️Dive into types of healing crystals and stones, gemstone jewelry and gift ideas, kundalini reiki crystal healing, unique yoga and meditation tips, spiritual awakening camps and retreats, powerful spiritual books, different … Read more

8 Life-Changing Mantras to Unblock Chakras

Mantras to Unblock Chakras

Mantras to unblock chakras have long been revered as a profound key to unlocking one’s spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. In our journey with the eight life-changing mantras to unblock chakras, we delve deep into the ancient wisdom that connects sound, vibration, and the energy centers within our body. 

Channeling Kundalini Energy (Ultimate Guide)

Guide to channeling kundalini energy

Channeling Kundalini energy, often envisioned as a dormant, coiled serpent at the base of the spine, beckons a profound journey into the depths of one’s own consciousness and the universe’s primal energies.  This sacred and transformative force, upon its awakening, moves through the body’s chakras, connecting the individual with the vast cosmos and revealing signs … Read more

UNLOCK Spiritual Meaning of Numbers 1-9

spiritual meaning of numbers 1-9

Are you ready to find out the spiritual meaning of numbers 1-9? I bet you are crazy to explore numerology and the magic world of numbers. The hidden meanings and power of numbers that have regained their former popularity today are indeed worth exploring.

POWERFUL Spiritual Necklaces

spiritual necklaces

Spiritual necklaces can be used by people to personalize their style, protect their energies and auras, and express certain inner states they want to express. Sometimes we can come across spiritual necklaces with familiar details, and sometimes we can come across necklaces with personalized and more special meanings such as yantras.

Powerful Money Rituals for Wealth

money rituals

Money rituals are intention-based rituals that can help you overcome the awareness of scarcity and alleviate your invisible anxieties about money. Even just a one time money ritual can affect someone’s life and awareness. In case of regular repetition, it is possible to format and reshape all the thought patterns that have been created up to now about money.

How to create a new age atmosphere?

new age atmosphere

Creating a new age atmosphere, was never easy before. Everything is becoming more and more accessible in our world that is changing and reshaping every day. Interest in the spiritual grows exponentially. This points to the existence of a growing market to cater to the needs of people in spiritual pursuit. 

See the facts: How to solve your problems through meditation?

How to solve your problems through meditation?

Do you ever wonder about How to solve your problems through meditation? I did. Honestly, this article will perhaps be one of the most subjective, abstract and thought-based articles on this site. But as a yoga instructor who has been doing meditation practice for years, albeit with interruptions, and helping people meditate, I would like to share my ideas. 

EXPOSE THE CORE through Orange Sapphire

Orange Sapphire

Orange sapphire stone has a number of unique features and benefits in addition to the standard sapphire properties. If you are ready to discover existence, essence, and understanding of the meaning of life with the orange sapphire crystal, let’s start.

Shine with Green Sapphire Stone

Green Sapphire Stone

Green sapphire stone is a great way to create new alternative life paths full of trust and love. If you want to build your life within the framework of this calmness and love, you must meet the energy of this stone.