How to heal chakras with crystals?

Are you ready to discover how to heal chakras with crystals? If you are ready, let’s evaluate the healing power of the healing stones by grouping them with the chakras. What you can learn in this article is how to heal chakras with crystals? It isn’t just about. You can find healing stones, their relationship with the chakras, various usage methods, and much more.

Chakra crystals and healing stones

It is useful to briefly recall what you need to know before you start. The effects and processes of healing crystals are personal. Crystal healing’s curative effect also varies according to the areas of use, methods, and personal experiences. Now, let’s get to know chakra healing crystals better! 

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Chakra healing crystals and their meanings

Once you’ve explored the chakra balancing crystals, you will be able to choose the right healing crystals for you. It is important to get to know the gemstones in order to discover the healing crystal that calls to you. 

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Of course, we do not group the crystals of the chakras only by color, but because we will talk about them in general here, we have separated them by color. You can find the chakras of each gemstone on its own page, and you can find more detailed information. Let’s see which color group stones appeal to which chakra.

Chakra healing crystals
Chakra healing crystals

Red Healing Crystals

Red healing crystals are generally appealing to the root chakra. Balancing and healing the root chakra can help a person physically and emotionally reset and take control of their life. There are certain healing crystals that are recommended to balance the root chakra, which is the key chakra of a healthy and vigorous life. Some of these are crystals like ruby, red citrine, carnelian gemstone, and bloodstone heliotrope.

Orange Healing Crystals

Orange healing crystals are generally appealing to the sacral chakra. The balance and health of the sacral chakra, which is generally associated with sexuality and accepted as a center where sexual energy rises, support the person mostly in matters such as productivity and creativity. Here are some of the orange healing crystals that you can use especially in tantra work such as sunstone, orange sapphire, orange citrine, orange carnelian, orange aventurine, etc. 

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Healing crystals in orange color can be a good match for your spiritual bedroom.

Healing chakra stones
Healing chakra stones

Yellow Healing Crystals

Yellow healing crystals are generally appealing to solar plexus chakra. It is important to balance and heal the solar plexus chakra in order to increase vital energy and lead a more dynamic and enthusiastic life. You can do spiritual work for the solar plexus chakra by working with the yellow color and yellow colored crystals which are representative. Here are some healing yellow crystals. Such as amber, citrine pocket stone, light orange or yellow carnelian, yellow sapphire, yellow aventurine, etc. 

Healing yellow crystals are very pretty in cozy and spiritual kitchens. You can practice money rituals with yellow healing stones in order to attract wealth and abundance.

Green Crystal Healing

Green crystals for healing are very suitable for balancing the heart chakra. A balanced heart chakra is the key to loving yourself and the world and opens the door to a peaceful life to be lived with acceptance and evolution. Here are some powerful green crystals for self love and healing such as moldavite, jade, green aventurine, bloodstone, emerald gemstone, green sapphire stone, and more.

Green gemstones are very smooth and good for skin. They can be used as gua sha stones.

Blue Healing Crystals

Blue healing crystals are generally appealing to throat chakra which represents communication and self expression. Working with blue crystals can be good for the throat chakra. Balancing this chakra is also important to heal your emotional and behavioral condition. 

Working with the blue crystals and the throat chakra gives you the opportunity to view things objectively. It can open up space for you, especially for physical problems and career issues related to the throat chakra area. In addition to these, it can support your inner communication and communication with other people.

Here are some emotional healing crystals that are in blue color such as lapis lazuli,  aquamarine, blue sapphire, blue amethyst, blue aventurine, etc. 

Give a chance for spiritual necklaces that are made from blue crystals.

Purple Healing Crystals

Purple healing crystals are appealing mostly third eye chakra but crown chakra can be counted as well. The third eye chakra now indicates a higher and celestial connection. 

The third eye chakra has a high potential for the person to see the world with a spiritual eye, to digest the concept of duality in her own mind, and develop psychic abilities. So working with purple healing crystals can be a spiritually nurturing choice for a healthy and balanced third eye chakra. Here are healing purple crystals for spiritual practices such as amethyst, lilac sapphire, purple jasper, and more.

Amethyst sinks are very elegant choices as bohemian bathroom decors.

White Healing Crystals

The Crown chakra needs to be clear and luminous. Healing white crystals can help crown chakra, especially for protection and purification. When it comes to the crown chakra, all other chakras need to be in balance and healthy. 

The crown chakra, which provides an important window to spiritual development, is extremely sensitive. It is necessary to resort to regular spiritual and energy work and meditations to maintain tranquility. If you want to protect and heal your aura and chakras holistically, you can work with white healing crystals. 

Here are a few healing and protection crystals that exist in white or transparent colors. Such as moonstone, opal crystal, freshwater pearl, crystal white quartz, milky quartz, selenite crystal, white sapphire, diamond, white amethyst, and more.

Chakra crystals for beginners

Chakra healing crystals and their meanings can be very diverse according to the situation. You can reshape their usage field with your intentions and intuitions. There is no harm. Here are some of the known pairings, but not limited to these.

If you’ve decided on your healing crystals, here’s how to heal chakras with crystals?

How to heal chakras with crystals?

You can work with healing stones and crystals in order to balance and heal your chakras. Using a healing crystal is a great supporter and booster of your energy practice. 

Since the belief that the chakras are the energy centers of the human body is nothing new, the experience and practices in this regard should not be underestimated. Each chakra represents a certain system of emotions and thoughts, and these chakras form integrity within themselves.

The use of crystals and gemstones for the balancing and healing of the chakras is a very old and well-established tradition. Let’s take a closer look at this practice that many people who are interested in energy studies find remarkable and continue to experience.

How to heal your chakras with crystals?

Don’t wait for all the conditions to ripen. If you feel the call in your heart, it’s very simple. You can experience it easily in three steps.

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Heal chakras with crystals
Heal chakras with crystals

Healing Crystals Preparation

You can work with the chakras locally or experience a holistic crystal chakra healing practice. Whichever you choose, first of all, intend to heal. With this intention, charge your stone. Feel to share your intentions with your healing crystal. 

Make sure that you are in a comfortable place. You can read more about creating a new age atmosphere from here as well.  

USE chakra stones during your Kundalini yoga experience.

Use Powerful Affirmations

Repeat. I choose this chakra/all of my chakras to be balanced, healed and strengthened. Affirmations and repetitions allow your intentions to emerge and your vibrations of intent to meet the healing effect of the stone.

How to place crystals on chakras?

I usually position the crystals next to or near the area of my body that represents that chakra. It doesn’t make any special sense to me if it touches my skin or is on top of my body. If you feel that it will be good for you, you can make it touch your body more closely. This is a matter of personal preference.

I am one of those people who find the power of thought more effective. Therefore, affirmations are one of the most important keys that will increase the effectiveness of healing crystals.

How do crystals heal chakras?

There are many ways to heal chakras. Crystals and affirmations are the strongest ones. You can combine both and also you can find more chakra affirmations in particular. Also you can involve them into your tarot reading practices.

Powerful chakra affirmations
Powerful chakra affirmations

Start Your Energy Practice

Start your energy practice and focus on that. For instance, practicing meditation and relaxation techniques is a good way to heal both mentally and physically. But there are more options as well. Such as kundalini reiki healing, yoga practices, chakra balancing rituals, and more.

How to cleanse your chakras with crystals?

Do you want a general recovery or do you have a physical ailment? Perhaps you just want to focus on your emotions. Choose the stone, the practice, and the environment that approaches your intuition. Again, seek the guidance of your intuition when selecting all other details. Your intuition will never mislead you. Especially in your spiritual way!

There is another important point, which is to practice regularly. 21 days of work? Make sure you’re done. You have to do it with love and appetite. By believing. It is important to keep going in faith rather than numbers, days, or duration. I believe in you. I belive you can.

If you would like to seek support from an expert on stones, please consult a reiki expert or a crystal healer.

Healing Crystal Jewelry

There are many ways to heal with crystals. Using them as jewelry is one of them. The effects of healing crystals can vary according to their use, duration, and most importantly, the intentions and affirmations of the person using them. The use of precious and semi-precious stones as jewelry, wearing them as a ring, and carrying them as a bracelet can be beneficial as well as adding an aesthetic appearance.

Chakra crystal healing benefits

Crystal healing bracelets are very practical, budget friendly, and suitable for travel as well. Spiritual necklaces have the same benefits as much as crystal healing bracelets and other ornaments. But spiritual necklaces have more than these. Since they are in a more visible place, they are a kind of expression of personality and desires.

Sapphire diamond jewelry can also be another popular choice in order to benefit from the healing of precious crystals. 

In addition, you can use these stones as objects, use them in your massage or gua sha sessions, and support your meditations with them.

Healing Crystal Jewelry
Healing Crystal Jewelry

Frequently Asking Questions About Healing Chakras With Crystals

In this section, you will be able to see some top-asked questions about chakra healing with crystals. If you have more questions or specific experiences to share, please don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments section. 

How to read tarot cards by using real chakra crystals?

You can place the chakra crystals on top of the tarot deck or the cards you will read, and you can do your reading with the healing energy of the crystals. You can create your own chakra opening, select 7 cards for each chakra and read the cards with the energy of your stones.
See Oracle deck reviews before you purchase your new cards.

What are the 7 chakra crystals?

Here is one of the 7 chakra crystals with chakra Sanskrit names. 
Diamond for crown chakra (Sahasrara)
Amethyst for third eye chakra (Ajna)
Aquamarine for throat chakra (Vishuddha)
Emerald for heart chakra (Anahata)
Citrine for solar plexus chakra (Manipura)
Carnelian for sacral chakra (Swadhisthana)
Ruby for root chakra (Muladhara)
They are not the only chakra stones but are handpicked for you. You can combine your own chakra crystals as well. Either you can buy them separately or you can buy chakra crystals set for yourself. 

How to meditate with chakra stones?

You can integrate chakra stones into your daily meditation practices. You can involve your chakra stones in money rituals. Besides, kundalini reiki practices can help you to meditate with chakra stones. 

You can use your chakra crystals during your mantra meditations and sessions. Also, you may want to take a look at HAR meditation Kundalini Yoga

How to use chakra stones?

You can use chakra stones in Tarot readings, bodily and spiritual practices, as accessories, as objects, and in many parts of daily life. It will be completely shaped by your wishes, intentions, and expectations. It is useful to use it with your safety in mind. Please choose the original natural stone certified and ethical production sellers.

Where to place crystals on chakras?

You can place the chakra stones in the area of your body that you want to be healed, close to or in line with that area. In meditation practices, you can hold it in your palm. You can focus on it with squinted eyes and continue your meditation by putting it a little further away. If you want your room to clear its energy, you can put it in a suitable place in your room. The examples can be multiplied.

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