Shine with Green Sapphire Stone

Green sapphire stone is a great way to create new alternative life paths full of trust and love. If you want to build your life within the framework of this calmness and love, you must meet the energy of this stone. 

Many of us are tired of today’s chaos and want to open up peaceful living spaces for ourselves where we can evaluate our inner potential. We are absolutely right about this request.

Of course, some difficult knots and sequences of events in life can prevent us from taking new steps for ourselves. It may be good to take a look at the mysterious world of green sapphire to set new intentions and build safe steps on this subject. Green sapphire stone is a new refreshing form of trust and love. 

Discover that in this tiny crystal guidebook. If you want to get more information about the sapphire gem, I will be sharing the extensive RAW SAPPHIRE CRYSTALS GUIDE with you here and below.

Green Sapphire Stone Meaning

Green sapphire meaning is something unique and very personal. Green sapphire crystal is mostly related to the topics of love and compassion. Therefore, the meaning of green sapphire to a person will be as original as the experience of the journey. In addition, one of the names of green sapphires is green pukhraj.

Green sapphire in Hindi

Green sapphire is very popular in India and around. Green sapphire in Hindi is हरा नीलम / hara neelam.

Sapphire Gem Facts (Green Sapphire Stone Benefits)

Green sapphire is used in balancing the heart chakra and healing ailments in the chest area. But in addition to this general information, people who do spiritual studies also use this stone for their own compassion, inner love, and quests.

Here are five green sapphire healing properties that commonly known.

  1. Accepting yourself to the world as you are,
  2. Understanding the ancient wisdom and notion of time,
  3. Feeling that love and love language solves everything,
  4. Living in peace based on the building of trust and love,
  5. Spreading out around is one of the well-known green sapphire benefits.
Green Sapphire Stone Benefits
Green Sapphire Stone Benefits

Green Sapphire Birthstone

September is the birthstone month of Green sapphire as well. But Virgo is not the only zodiac sign for sapphire crystals. Taurus also can be a good match for a green sapphire. Green sapphire is a stone that can radically change the love understanding of the fixed signs and earth group. It is also frequently used as a protective stone.

Green Sapphire Birthstone
Green Sapphire Birthstone

Green Sapphire Color

Green sapphire color has a wide scale for shades of green. It has a variety of light and dark shades, from moss green to mint green. The natural colors may also vary according to the types of stones. These varieties are also affected, of course, by which regions they originate.

Blue Green Sapphire

Blue green sapphires are very energetic and full of life and love. The Australian sapphire especially has nice shades of a blue-green color. Another fact is that green sapphire hardness is high. If you are looking for this kind of gemstone, you should definitely take a look. 

It can be mixed with peridot and other green colored stones, but it is often possible to distinguish it easily because it has the characteristics of sapphire. Montana sapphire is also a very unique gemstone that is highly preferred for jewelry making.

Blue Green Sapphire
Blue Green Sapphire

Buy Green Sapphire Stone

Lab-created green sapphire stone prices are quite affordable and common. If you want to buy a real one, you have to sacrifice more than a thousand dollars. Green sapphire costs can depend on the region where it was extracted, that is, its origin. Mass is not easy to find. You can get it as a jewel.

Green Sapphire vs Emerald

To tell the truth, this comparison is not very fair for both stones. Of course, two of the precious stones, sapphire and emerald, have different healing properties and uses. However, if a choice is required, it is necessary to know both stones closely. 

You can get to know the emerald gemstone and its healing properties better from here. Obtaining detailed information about both stones will contribute to your decision on the stone to buy according to your expectations.

Green Sapphire vs Emerald
Green Sapphire vs Emerald

Green Sapphire Earrings

Green sapphire earrings are an ideal gift alternative for any relationship to be built on love and trust. The person to whom you give this does not need to be your partner. It is a meaningful gift, especially for graduation, career, anniversary, or moving away. As you know, sapphire is a stone of communication from the heart and new ways of life.

Green Sapphire Necklace

The green sapphire necklace has another additional meaning besides from above. This accessory, which appeals to the neck area, will also serve as a balancing act for the throat chakra, and it will show the wearer that you wish for the ability to express their feelings perfectly.

Green Sapphire Ring

Green sapphire rings have numerous meanings as a gift. If it is to be worn on the ring finger, it is an accessory that will translate the feelings on the way to the heart. It also symbolizes bringing together our actions and feelings in the middle.

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Green Sapphire Jewelry
Green Sapphire Jewelry

Green sapphire engagement ring

Engagement also serves as a promise as it is the first step to be taken for a new life to be joined. Such as: 

💚I will express my feelings openly while loving you. 

💚I’m ready to fill my heart and life with your love. 

💚I would be happy for a lifetime to have you accompany me on this new path of love.

Green sapphire wedding band

Using it in pairs as a wedding ring is also a kind of love and trust promise. It is a reassuring representation of all kinds of commitment and devotion.

How to Clean Green Sapphire Stone?

Warm water and soap are one of the most practical and harmless ways to clean green sapphire gemstones. You can then dry your stone by rubbing it gently with a soft cloth.

If you buy your green sapphire gemstone as processed and turned into jewelry, you should consult your place of purchase. 

Because other gemstones, crafted stones, and elements with which it is combined may not respond well to the same cleaning method in the long run. After confirming this, you can clean it as suggested by them.

Green Sapphire Crystal
Green Sapphire Crystal

How to Energize Green Sapphire Stone?

There are plenty of ways to energize green sapphire crystals, such as water, sunlight, moonlight, full moonlight, and palm charging ways. 

You can prefer to expose your green sapphire to cold or normal flowing water like tap water or a bright stream with good intentions.

Or you can rest your green sapphire gemstone under sunlight, moonlight, or full moonlight for at least six hours. 

You can create your own unique palm charging way in order to charge your green sapphire stone, it is totally up to you. If you want you can mix all those options or you can try them one after another.

Combining green sapphire with other gemstones is also very energetic practice. terraria bloodstone core can work well with green sapphire stone. Vitality, energizing, charging, affirmation strength and more can help to expose for sapphire’s magical powers.

Color of Sapphire Stone

Sapphire stone colors are various and are naturally found. If you are wondering about what color is sapphire stone, it has plenty of answers. As I mentioned earlier, sapphire colors are divided into separate colors in blog posts that you can see below.

As I promise you above, here is the COMPLETE Raw Sapphire Stone Guide. You may also want to check sapphire crystal watches10 best sapphire diamond jewelry and sapphire stone rings.

Color of Sapphire Stone
Color of Sapphire Stone

Frequently Asking Questions About Green Sapphire Stone

Here are some other important topics about green sapphire crystals that are worth explaining.

What does sapphire mean in love?

Sapphire stone means an established trust means the proliferation and dissemination of love and compassion. It is important to set intentions to enhance these and more relevant qualities with the sapphire.

Are green sapphires valuable?

Green sapphires are valuable and rare. Supply-demand situations are also another factor that makes it valuable. You can see this gemstone in jewelry.

What is green sapphire good for?

Green sapphire is a good stone for new beginnings, graduations, closing issues, changes in career life, and general changes in your life. It can also be suitable for periods when you experience an imbalance of confidence and communication.

Who can wear green sapphire?

Anyone who opens the door to change can wear the green sapphire. Most of all, those who have completed the grieving process and closed the old notebooks should experience this stone to gain strength in their new choices.

How much are green sapphires worth?

The value of the treated green sapphires starts at $200-250 and increases according to the shape and type. Details such as its carat, where it came from, whether it became a jewel, and if so with which stones and materials it met, are other elements that determine the value of a green sapphire.

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