Ruby magical powers are related to all that is passionate and mystical. Ruby benefits have spread to various areas of material and spiritual life but let’s start by saying that the ruby was once worth more than the diamond. 

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The fact that it has remained in the background in a time-changing world does not make it less valuable. On the contrary, since it has not been commodified that much yet, it seems to attract us healing stone lovers even more. Known for ages as the stone ruby magical powers of self-confidence, courage, and passion, ruby also has a mystical side. 

Ruby Stone Meaning

Raw ruby crystal meaning is derived from the Latin word for red. Ruby mythology is very complex and it has been the subject of many historical studies. Ruby stone Reddit has topics for either historical discussions or product reviews. But at least one thing is certain: The ruby gemstone has a special place in many religions and creation myths.

What does ruby symbolize?

Ruby stone powers symbolize ancient and sacred ones. The fact that this stone, whose origin dates back to ancient times, has an enchanted side is not only due to its magnificent appearance. The miracles it caused and everything she was associated with are the details that brought it to this day.

What does the ruby stone symbolize in different religions and cultures? Let’s take a closer look.

Ruby meaning in Hindi

I told you that ruby was even more valuable than a diamond, ages ago. The Hindus knew this too and considered the ruby one of their most precious stones. They named Ruby “the goddess of precious stones” in Sanskrit.

Ruby stone in Hindi

माणिक or maanik means RUBY in Hindi. India and its vicinity are rich in underground resources, and mines and are a quality place in terms of natural stone diversity.

Ruby stone in Islam

Ruby magical powers and mystic properties go through almost all religions and myths. Islam religion is one of them.

Ruby gemstone benefits in Islam

You can find the ruby stone in the 58th verse of the Rahman Surah. This surah describes paradise in general.

What does a ruby symbolize in the Bible?

The ruby is one of the precious stones depicted second in Exodus 28 section. Ruby stone meaning in the Bible mostly requires expert’s hermeneutics.

Ruby meaning Bible

The details it symbolizes may vary according to the sects and expert interpretations. The power of ruby stone overflowed from religious and cultural expressions and turned into a more spiritual one over time.

Ruby Crystal Properties

Using ruby stone for both physical and spiritual healing is getting wider than in the past. This could have various reasons. People are now more passionate, more individual, and know what they want from life. This alone is enough to explain the reasons for the preference for ruby.

Ruby Stone Benefits
Ruby Stone Benefits

What are the healing powers of ruby?

The most well-known physical healing of the ruby crystal is the problems that occur in the chest area. Many people say that ruby magical powers work on physical healing.

Power of ruby

Personally, I have never tried it for healing. But if I have a problem with the chest and consider incorporating crystal healing into my healing process, I think the first stone I will turn to for energy will be the ruby crystal.

What is the spiritual meaning of ruby?

Passion, exploration, self-love, self-knowledge, discovering your partner, seeking new ways of life, and embracing your work with a good sense of ambition are the most important meanings of a pure ruby gem.

Ruby stone spiritual meaning can be a sign of love relationships. It is a much-loved natural stone for love, passion, and long-term relationships. It also appears as an important crystal that is trusted for its energy for anniversaries and other important acres.

Ruby gemstone for marriage

Some believe that ruby stone is good for marriage. Yeah, why not? Ruby is the stone of life and passion. People who discover and know their partner, and their wishes can successfully continue their marriage on this occasion and with their own effort.

Natural Ruby Colors

Ruby gets its red color from the chromium oxide it contains. This means that a true root should be a ruby red shade. It is possible to find rubies on a pink-to-brown scale. However, it definitely has a red background in its undertone.

For instance, The Burmese ruby is unique in color. It is also known as star ruby stone, Burma ruby, pigeon’s blood ruby gemstone, etc. You can also find light pink ruby stones in the markets. Ruby root stones could be found in violet shades like honeycombs. Honeycomb ruby crystal meaning it is mostly preferred for cleaning the house and atmosphere.

Natural Ruby Stone
Natural Ruby Stone

Ruby Origin Country

India, South America, and South Asia countries are one of the famous origin countries of ruby crystals. Of course, it is also extracted from different parts of the world, but these are among the places where the reserves are most abundant.

Ruby Crystal Affirmations

Ruby stone is used for affirmations as well. You can pick and mix from below according to your intentions. Here are powerful affirmations in order to activate ruby magical powers.

🔮Passion with me

🔮I’m passion

🔮I attract passionate love

🔮I attract the passionate lover

🔮I attract love to myself

🔮My heart is powerful

🔮My heart is enough for everything

🔮I fit the world’s love inside me

🔮I’m full of passion

🔮Miracles are following me

🔮I embrace my new ways of life with love

🔮My physical body is just as I want it

🔮I heal my spiritual body

🔮Energy flows with me

Ruby Crystal
Ruby Crystal

Meditation with Ruby Crystal

✨Ruby crystal is suitable for fire element density meditations. 

✨There are very unique mala from ruby beads that you can wear during your spiritual practices. 

✨Cabochon ruby can be used as pocket stones as well. Especially during meditation, this red ruby stone can work miraculously. 

✨Ruby gemstone will be a guiding crystal for you in tantra yoga, sexual explorations, and partnered meditations. It can be also any spiritual work you wish to be involved with your intuition.

Opinions on meditation

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Tarot Readings with Ruby Crystal

Ruby is a fantastic crystal for true tarot readings. The ruby is also known as the stone of prophecy. It is also known as the stone of foresight. It supports tarot expansions with its intense energy and collective accumulation.

You can able to find a suitable tarot spread idea for yourself from my tarot spread guide.

Natural ruby stones for sale can be used in tarot readings either for yourself or spreads for others.

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Ruby Stone Zodiac (Ruby birthstone meaning)

Ruby birthstone month is July. This amazing crystal offers one of the best healing topics to Capricorn. There are plenty of benefits about ruby in astrology. Ruby month stone can be a good present for those who want to create new life paths in their lives. Besides, a ruby birthstone necklace could be a nice gift for yourself or your beloved ones.

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Ruby Stone for Taurus

Taurus can carry rubies in their daily life. But they need to rasp their stubbornness and wearing amethyst with ruby stone can help this first. We can say that they are best crystals for healing. This duo is also a good combination for achieving physical and spiritual balance. These healing crystals for anxiety can help you to aligned with your higher self.

Ruby Stone for Libra

Generally, Libras have big problems separating their social life from the private time they need to devote to themselves. In addition, what goes through their hearts about money rituals and stability may not keep what they do. The ruby crystal is strong enough to help them separate their material and spiritual realms. But if the issue is especially money, then Carnelian, citrine and ruby combination is definitely for Libra sign! 

Ruby Stone for Pisces

Pisces people often mislead their ambitions. This makes it impossible for them to connect with the real world. Because the world in their dreams and what happens, in reality, do not generally overlap. Ruby reminds them of their purpose in this world and offers them the opportunity to explore new and more realistic ways of life.

Ruby Gemstone Planet

In 2008, a planet covered with clouds of ruby and sapphire minerals was discovered outside the solar system and is named Planet HAT-P-7 b.

Ruby Chakra Healing

Ruby crystal helps heart chakra primarily. Ruby spiritual meaning is very deep and intense. If you’re not ready for this intensity, it’s okay. Don’t push yourself. You can start with different stones as well. First of all, you need to start working with the root chakra.

Ruby quartz healing properties can work for other chakras if you declare your intentions properly.

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Can I use ruby for root chakra?

Ruby magical powers are highly strong and yes, you can use them. But, try it first. Then, make your decision to move forward. It is a very personal journey. You should see if it is good for you or not. Ruby benefits are numerous. Connecting with your intentions and the crystal will bring you healing at the right time that will benefit the whole and you.

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An explanation for those who are curious about the root chakra and money relationship. The root chakra is our most basic chakra. We can work with other chakras separately or seek holistic healing if it is in balance and healing. But the root chakra is at the very base of the pyramid.

Just like money, which is one of the basic necessities of life. It is important for money to be included in our lives, to flow in abundance and richness, to meet our most basic needs, and to lead an enjoyable life. Therefore, while working with the root chakra, our point of view is money at the beginning of the very important and necessary things that we need to heal.

Cleansing Ruby Stone

You can clean and charge your ruby with water, incense, sunlight, moonlight, etc. In fact, cleaning it is very easy and does not require a lot of effort. However, if you want to do a detailed cleaning, you can look at the water part below.

Can ruby go in water?

You can clean your ruby crystal using soap or a natural detergent in warm or hot water. If necessary, you can take support from natural fiber or a sponge.

If your ruby is not raw and has been processed and combined with other stones and metals, then consult the place where you bought it for its cleanliness. The substances and materials it meets may be sensitive to the materials you will use in cleaning. Once you know this, it will be a more appropriate choice to clean or have it cleaned. Get to know different ways to cleanse crystals.

Ruby Fake or Real

In the beginning, you may not know the difference between synthetic ruby and natural ruby. You can seize the clue from the brightness of uncut ruby. If it is so pale, it might be fake or synthetic. Another thing is if the stone is red, it should have a red glow, not pink.

Fake Ruby Stone vs Real Ruby Stone
Fake Ruby Stone vs Real Ruby Stone

Honeycomb ruby crystal real or fake

If the holes and tones are very symmetrical and regular, your stone may be fake. Ruby crystal meaning a lot. That’s why it’s a bit open to abuse. From my observation, genuine ruby crystals are generally paler in color. Unnatural ones are sparkly and shiny. However, it may not be that simple to understand its reality. It would be beneficial to consult a gemologist.

How to use ruby?

You can wear ruby crystal. That is one of the best ways to unlock your ruby magical powers. There are plenty of benefits of wearing ruby. Here are a few of them.

So many people are saying that they have some physical and inner changes after wearing ruby. Courage, passion, self-confidence, self-love, heart healing, and more. Those who want to work with Ruby for the heart can wear it on the ring finger of their left hand.

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I never experienced any negative effects of wearing a ruby gemstone. But I’m taking care of my ruby crystal. I don’t let others touch or energize it. I don’t wear it if I don’t feel good.

Suggested Ruby Stone Products

Here are several ruby stone products for you and your beloved ones. Ruby is a perfectly suitable stone for a gift as well. 

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🎁Ruby beads for mala (in order to create your own mala)

Ruby crystal ring for marriage
Ruby crystal ring for marriage

Original Ruby Stone Price

Ruby diamond prices can be higher than regular ruby gemstone prices. When diamonds and craftsmanship are involved, it becomes more expensive. Natural ruby price or raw ruby crystal price are more affordable than compared to those that have been processed. 

Where these gems are mined and their rarity also greatly influence their price.

Black ruby stone price

It is not totally black actually. It is dark red or a very dark shade of oxblood. Since dark tones are less common, it is normal for the price to increase as the color darkens.

Ruby price per carat

1 carat ruby jewelers nearly 500-2000 USD. Here, in addition to the amount of ruby crystal, how much it is processed, what other precious stones it is used with, gold or which different precious elements it is combined with are also factors affecting its price.

Ruby Stone in Fictional World

Ruby is one of the most popular woman names in the world. Apart from being included in the holy books, reasons such as keeping negative energy and evil spirits away according to the belief of the collective consciousness may have been instrumental in this. 

That’s exactly why we see the ruby crystal in horror movies and fantasies. Ambitious and villainous heroes want to capture it. They try to achieve their evil goals by taking advantage of ruby’s unlimited power.

We can see this talismanic crystal in the character Ruby, played by Katie Cassidy in the TV series Supernatural. Or in Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter’s first film. In recent productions, it appears as “dreamstone ruby” in the Sandman series.

Here we are. We tried to unlock ruby magical powers until now. Next up are frequently asked questions regarding this particular stone.

Frequently Asking Questions About Ruby Magical Powers

We’ve learned a lot about ruby crystal so far. However, I am sharing a short repetition for those who read the whole article, and this part below, where they can directly reach what they are curious about those who have not read it.

What does Ruby do spiritually?

Ruby provides spiritual and material balance It helps the heart chakra work properly. It enables people to get out of the deadlocks they are in by realizing the existence of new ways.

What happens after wearing ruby?

You may notice that you are more brave and more assertive in your relationships and social life. You can take steps that you have not taken before, and you can not hesitate to try innovations.

What chakra is Ruby good for?

Heart chakra and root chakra are one of the most significant chakras for Ruby magical powers. Of course, if we consider that the chakras will flow with complete health and function properly, we should direct our intentions in a more holistic direction in addition to spiritual studies.

Does ruby protect you?

A ruby that aligns with your faith and intentions can protect you. At least people have believed that for ages. When the energy of the crystals meets the collective consciousness, miracles can happen. Of course, besides having your ruby crystal, it is useful to support it with different spiritual works.

What does a ruby symbolize?

Ruby gemstone symbolizes courage, passion, innovation, discovery, recognition, and love. Coming to the concept of power, ruby is a stone that has not stopped showing itself both in our real life, in fiction works, and in myths for ages. Since it is a precious and magnificent stone, the opposite is not possible anyway. Therefore, the concept of power it represents is a comprehensive concept. This makes it possible to customize it according to its usage area.

What is the meaning of the Ruby name?

It means an intense red and very valuable gemstone. I mean, the first thing that comes to mind. This name is very special indeed. It acts as a shield that protects its owner from negative energies and keeps her aura clean at all times.

Ruby stone is used for what purposes?

People usually use the ruby gemstone to protect themselves and the places they are in from negative energy and the evil eye.
Others want to attract the healing energy of the ruby stone in order to revitalize their love life, reveal the passion in their heart, and get strength for new beginnings.

What powers does the ruby have?

Ruby stone, which is believed to be good for chest discomfort, attracts people’s attention spiritually with topics such as love, affection, power, and passion.

How to get secret power in ruby?

Crystal affirmations, rituals, meditations, energy practices, chakra healing, tarot sessions, and more can open the door for you to discover the secrets of ruby gemstones.

What does ruby mean spiritually?

Creativity, self-confidence, passion, luck, and protective energy are more famous spiritual means of ruby magical powers. It is one-to-one protection against spiritual attacks and poisoning.

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