Secrets of Bloodstone Heliotrope Gemstone

Bloodstone heliotrope is a life-changing gemstone that is believed to be beneficial in many fields. Bloodstone gem or heliotrope (In this blog post, I will often mention both of their names in order to tune in easily) is the stone of courage, balance, self-healing, and purifying.

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Bloodstone properties are more than those as we see below. But if you are looking for a gemstone that can make better grounding and strengthening, this evil eye bead stone is surely for you.

After this guide, you will be able to learn all tips and secrets of bloodstone heliotrope gemstone. Let’s start with the meaning of heliotrope crystal.

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Greek Meaning of Heliotrope (Bloodstone Meaning)

Heliotrope stone meaning based on ancient times. Have you ever read the book “Circe”? If so, you’ve already made the connection. Let’s summarize for those who don’t know Greek myths very well.

Actually, heliotropium is called the flower that always turns itself to the sun. According to the mythical records, Helios, the sun god, abandons an ocean nymph. This fairy transforms itself into a plant that always faces the sun. 

Bloodstone Heliotrope Gemstone
Bloodstone Heliotrope Gemstone

Red Bloodstone Meaning

Bloodstone gemstone meaning is related to the flower. This flower, which is associated with vitality, life, and eternal love, has given its name to this gemstone, which will be attributed to sacred value in many beliefs. Red bloodstone is also known as the gemstone for bravery. 

Bloodstone Healing Properties (Bloodstone Benefits)

We can mainly separate two parts of the heliotrope stone benefits. In addition to the physical benefits of this healing stone, the spiritual benefits are endless. Also, who should wear a heliotrope stone, who needs this stone, let’s look at all of them.

Bloodstone Physical Healing Properties

Bloodstone gems or heliotrope stones are crystals for lungs. But it is a type of natural stone that is believed to be beneficial not only for the lungs but also for the entire chest area. Bloodstone crystal is one of the most popular crystals for covid recovery as well.

Crystals for Chest Infections

Bloodstone and selenite crystal are well-known crystals for sickness about chest issues. Although natural stones are not a treatment method on their own, the vibration of their energies and the beliefs that have developed in this direction for many years whisper that they are beneficial.

It is a stone that can be found frequently in barbers, as it is believed to stop bleeding as well.

Bloodstone Jasper Healing Properties

Being able to cope with negatives and delusions, and to convey our wishes to the universe in a way that will be for the benefit of us and the whole is one of the most important benefits of this stone.

Bloodstone Healing Properties
Bloodstone Healing Properties

Spiritual Properties of Bloodstone

🔮Bloodstone or heliotrope gem is a gemstone for inner peace and balance. When you combine crystals for physical balance, you will be able to see things from a different perspective. Include your bloodstone in your physical and spiritual experiences.

🔮Bloodstones are one of the most powerful answers to which crystals are good for self-confidence. 

🔮There are too many gems for self love. But the difference between bloodstone is that it combines with courage.

🔮Looking for new ways of life? Bloodstone gems are the best crystals for finding your path. Also, you can use this stone to adapt to new environments.

Who should wear bloodstone?

Generally, healing crystals can be worn by anyone without a special issue or occasion. But if you have a special condition, you should consult your doctor first. Also, if you find that you don’t feel well after wearing this stone for a while, perhaps you should stop wearing it and try it later if you wish.

Apart from that, If you want to work with your bloodstone on a regional basis, you should prefer monolithic and unprocessed ones which mean raw bloodstones.

💜Those who want to be a brave person

💜Those who want to undress from the regeneration / useless shell

💜Those who want to get rid of karmic burdens should wear bloodstone.

Who should wear bloodstone
Who should wear bloodstone

Bloodstone Gem Types

Although their colors and geographies are different, the physical and spiritual properties and believed benefits of the stones under the bloodstone roof are more or less the same.

Types of bloodstone

  1. Natural blood stone
  2. Green bloodstone
  3. African bloodstone
  4. Chicken bloodstone
  5. Bloodstone terraria
  6. Dragon blood stone

Terraria bloodstone

Blood stone terraria colors can be of high quality and in good frequencies. In this terraria blood stone variety, where red and earthy colors are intense, studies are carried out to heal the root chakra in particular.

Bloodstone Affirmation (Heliotrope Affirmations)

Heliotrope crystal meaning can be shaped according to your intentions. You can use it for both spiritual and physical healing. Bloodstone gems are the most emphatic and good crystals for manifesting. Here are a few heliotrope affirmations for those who are manifesting with crystals.

🙏🏾I am in harmony with my emotions and whole.

🙏🏾I’m free of worries. I am renewing.

🙏🏾I go on with life with determination.

🙏🏾My will with me.

🙏🏾I am aware of the world and its blessings.

🙏🏾I believe in myself.

Bloodstone Meditation

The power of bloodstone is quite effective. Bloodstone heliotrope crystals can make you experience mesmerizing meditation sessions, if you truly believe in your stone and your intention. 

Heliotrope stone properties can work with yoga mantras, full moon rituals for money, affirmations, and positive vibes. You can combine a few energy practices together if you wish. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as it feels good.

Involve working with magic numbers to attract money into your energy practices.

Include heliotrope properties into your daily meditation practices. Use bloodstone pyramid gemstones while you are meditating. My favorite bloodstone meditation is anapanasati meditation. I just simply hold my heliotrope crystal during my meditation practice.

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Include bloodstone affirmations in your rituals. For the rest of the time, you can keep it on your altar or in a high place where it doesn’t have to come into contact with different energies.

Boosting your mood and vitality is one of the best-known benefits of bloodstone. You can decorate your house with bloodstone energy and contribute to creating a new age energy.

Bloodstone Heliotrope Meditaion Gemstone
Bloodstone Heliotrope Meditation Gemstone

Bloodstone Tarot

Using heliotrope or bloodstone crystals when your tarot card reading sessions can open doors you didn’t expect. It can offer you the opportunity to make new interpretations thanks to your intuition, especially in situation expansions, question and answer expansions related to life.

Learn how are crystals used in tarot reading spreads.

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Bloodstone pendulum meaning is both the stone’s unique qualifications and the wishes and intentions of the person who will take the pendulum. In other words, while buying a pendulum, you need to discover your own intuition as well as the properties of the stone.

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Bloodstone Birthstone

March birthstone bloodstone is one of the most impressive and powerful gemstones. Heliotrope is also known as the stone of will and stability. So, it is fatefully obvious that the heliotrope sign or bloodstone zodiac is ARIES. 

Bloodstone Meaning for Libra

Libra is one of the heliotrope’s zodiac signs. Bloodstone helps to balance the elements that exist within them and to attain the integrity and certainty they need.

What chakra is bloodstone good for?

Bloodstone Chakra is one of the root chakra stones. The root chakra is the basic chakra where life energy will begin and which requires recognition first in order to give meaning to life. Bloodstone is one of the most essential stones for a physical and spiritual exploration of life.

Bloodstone Cleansing

Clear water is very suitable for the cleaning of bloodstone. If you are going to use it right after cleaning, cold water may provide extra benefits. Salt and grounding are also appropriate methods.

LEARN How to cleanse crystals in several ways?

Can bloodstone go in dry salt?

Yes, it can. Methods such as soaking in sea salt and resting near a salt lamp may be preferred.

How do you charge a heliotrope?

You can charge your bloodstone heliotrope under sunlight or full moon bath. The full moon will increase its effect, although it is not necessary. Moonlight can be enough by itself. 

How to activate a bloodstone?

You can manifest your intentions and wishes. Use the affirmations or write your own affirmation cards. However, affirmations are not the only way to activating a bloodstone heliotrope gem.

You can combine bloodstone with other stones (such as citrine) in money rituals or powerful meditations.

Also, you can involve spiritual affirmation numbers in your practices.

Bloodstone Fake vs Real

If you expose fake bloodstone crystals to fire, the dye will melt and flow. Also, if it scratches the glass, it’s real. If it doesn’t scratch the glass, it’s fake.

Where is bloodstone found?

Bloodstone heliotrope can be found in India, Australia, and Brazil mostly. The USA and China are one of the most known countries of bloodstone gems. However, no matter where you live, you can easily reach bloodstone in the globalizing world. Even if it is not a stone found in the country you live in, it is very likely that it is imported and sold currently. 

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How to use bloodstone?

You can use bloodstone heliotrope in your daily life and spiritual works. It can be a great companion to your skin care products, a powerful meditation object for your spiritual practices, a nice match as one of the best gemstone jewelry etc. 

Where to put bloodstone in your home?

It is a stone that can be put anywhere in the house. The kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom are also important. If you want to have boheme and spiritual vibes at your home, you should take a look at 👉🏻✨ How to create a new age atmosphere?

Bloodstone Combinations

Here are the perfect combinations for bloodstone heliotrope crystal.

👉🏻Bloodstone and carnelian or bloodstone and selenite together can purify the aura and protect the owner from negative energies and thoughts. 

👉🏻Bloodstone and amethyst combination increase motivation and wisdom.

👉🏻Bloodstone and rose quartz together is a good harmony. It conveys love and courage to the heart simultaneously.

👉🏻Bloodstone and lapis lazuli together work for success, communication, achievement. 

Suggested Bloodstone Heliotrope Products

There are too many usage areas of bloodstone as an object but here are some top selected products for bloodstone. 

💝Bloodstone gua sha stone may change your skincare rituals in a good way. African bloodstone gemstone mushrooms can complete your combination.

💝A bloodstone crystal necklace can be used for protection and courage. 

💝A bloodstone bracelet can be a unique gift for your loved ones.

💝Blood stone statues are both healing and decorative objects particularly to create a new age atmosphere

💝Bloodstone jade pyramids are mostly used for reiki healing session experiences. 

💝 A natural bloodstone heliotrope crystal or polished one can be used in Spa sessions.

💝Bloodstone ring benefits are various but mainly for protection, calmness, the fullness of life, digesting life, and integrating and healing the individual’s relationship with themself first.

Bloodstone Price

Bloodstone prices are about 13-30 USD. Bloodstone can be more expensive if it had proceeded and turned into a bloodstone jewelry. Also, if it is shaped, value and price change according to its shape. In addition, it also varies according to its volume.

Secrets of Bloodstone Heliotrope Gemstone
Secrets of Bloodstone Heliotrope Gemstone

Frequently Asking Questions About Bloodstone Heliotrope Crystal Healing Properties

Here are some most asked questions but we involved the rare questions about blood stones into this part as well. 

What crystals are good for healing health?

There are so many crystals that are good for healing health. Green aventurine, amethyst, and bloodstone are one of them.

What crystal is good for throat chakra?

Lapis lazuli and other blue stones are good crystals for throat chakra. If you want to increase the power, you can combine them with a bloodstone heliotrope crystal. You can also read more about the chakra healing crystals meaning.

What crystal is good for healing and strength?

Amethyst and bloodstone are good for healing and strength. You can also involve the aventurine’s power in order to build a strong will. 

What is another name for a bloodstone?

Heliotrope is the other name for bloodstone. The heliotrope name was rooted in Greek mythology and it is a flower-kind name as well.

Are heliotrope and bloodstone the same?

Yes, they represent the same gemstone that is part of the quartz family which connects the Chalcedony mineral. There are no specific reasons for the two names.

Is bloodstone a Sun Stone?

Bloodstone is also known as the stone of the sun or Jesus but actually Bloodstone or Heliotrope crystal is not the same as “sun stone”. Sunstone crystal meaning and uses are completely different.

What is heliotrope stone good for?

According to legend, it has the ability to stop the flowing blood. I have not personally tried or seen this miracle, but it is possible to come across single use only bloodstones in many barbers, especially in Turkey. They have something to know.

What does heliotrope stone look like?

Mostly, there are red spots or parts on the mottled dark green tissue. Raw bloodstones are a bit paler than polished or processed ones.

What does the heliotrope Crystal do?

Heliotrope crystal does make a spiritual revolution for those who are using their intentions and wishes with this gemstone. It gives courage and movement to the heart. If someone chooses to change their life, bloodstone can be the best spiritual supporter.

What are blood stones good for?

Blood stones are good for lung and chest issues. From root chakra to the throat chakra district, you can use the magical power of bloodstone heliotrope. It is believed that it also provides healing for the immune system and blood circulation.

What element is bloodstone associated with?

Bloodstone is a mix of fire and earth elements. But it has a nice relationship with water as well.

Is bloodstone a lucky stone?

Blood stone is the stone of spiritual transformation mainly. Luck is a part of that but luck works in an inner way in bloodstone. The actual lucky stone is aventurine gemstone. 
When aventurine and bloodstone come together, you can combine luck with the transformation.

What Crystal is good for attraction?

Aquamarine, pink quartz and aventurine are good crystals for attraction in general. Green aventurine and bloodstone are one of the best crystals for attracting money.  Aquamarine and bloodstone can be a good combination of crystals for attracting abundance and wealth.

Is bloodstone a valuable stone? (Are bloodstones valuable?)

Bloodstone prices are quite affordable actually. The basic bloodstones are starting at 10 USD more or less. Bloodstones are gemstones, they don’t have a specific value. If they are processed into jewelry gems, the situation may change.

How do I put my energy into my crystals?

You can charge your crystals by using affirmations, manifestations, meditations and other rituals.

Which finger to wear bloodstone ring?

It may depend on your usage field. But if you want to attract the energy you may choose your left hand. If you let go of energy, you may want to prefer the right one.

What is the difference between bloodstone and dragon bloodstone?

Dragon bloodstone vs bloodstone: They can be distinguished by their shades of green. Since the formation of both is different, they have their own unique benefits and usage areas. 

Is hematite and bloodstone the same?

No, they are not the same gemstones. Hematite is darker in color compared to bloodstone and has less red. But sometimes these two different stones can look incredibly similar to each other. In this case, a specialist may examine the stones and measure if necessary.

Can bloodstones go in the sun?

There is no warning that bloodstone should not go out in the sun. In terms of its hardness, there is no case that it will be damaged by the sun. After a short break, it will be enough to give it a sun bath for 20-30 minutes to recharge it. If you are meeting with a heliotrope for the first time or if you believe that it has strong energy charges, you can wait longer.

What does African bloodstone do?

African bloodstone meaning is a spiritual sense that takes away the gloom and restlessness that has settled on you. It comes to the fore in making sense of issues such as life, death, birth, sexuality, and existence and gaining both concrete and abstract awareness.

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