Gain WEALTH with Citrine Pocket Stone

Citrine pocket stone is one of the most unique abundance natural crystals in the world! The spiritual and energetic meaning of this stone allows you to gain wealth in every sense, make good savings, to achieve material and spiritual prosperity. Citrine spiritually points out abundance and good fortune. 

Citrine stone online

It also draws attention to what you are doing with your life, through its colors and the chakras it activates. It gives you spiritual guidance on how you can better plan the present and the future.

In this citrine guidebook, besides from the benefits of citrine crystal, you will be able to learn its colors and types, meditating with citrine, citrine tarot readings, chakra and zodiac details, cleansing and charging it, citrine gemstone combinations, best citrine product and more. Now it is our time to expose the original citrine pocket stone and its properties. Let’s start without delay. 

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Citrine Stone Meaning

Although it is also known as the merchant’s stone, the most common version of the citrine crystal’s reputation is the money stone(Citrine Money Ritual). Sharing the same origin as the word lemon, this yellow crystal is named after citrus.

Natural citrine quartz, one of the most loved and associated members of the quartz family with money, is also a stone of nice vibrations and good fortune. One of the findings of many archeological studies, numerous antique citrine jewelry shows the preciousness of citrine gemstone.

Citrine Stone Meaning
Citrine Stone Meaning

Citrine Stone Benefits

Citrine healing properties are numerous and there are many benefits other than those here. I will convey the topics of citrine used for that I think you can get the most efficiency from in the light of my own interpretation. In particular, the things that we can make money from are wealth, abundance, and luck while identifying citrine gemstone benefits

Benefits of citrine gemstone

As many people believed, citrine is good for money issues. Our relationship with money is complicated. Sometimes we love it and sometimes we hate it. Citrine will assist us in balancing our relationship with money. Citrine is the best gemstone for wealth and prosperity. Kundalini citrine healing properties are offering very unique and particular experiences for triers.

Citrine Crystal Physical Properties

Citrine is the most popular gemstone for health and wealth. Those who believe in citrine crystal properties say it strengthens the immune and digestive system and it is beneficial for the internal organs and the heart.

It is said to be beneficial for eye-related issues. It is also said to be the key to vivid dreams and creative imagination, so it may be thought to add a sharpness to the vision, both materially and spiritually. It is believed that it can be beneficial for hormonal balance as well. Many benefits of citrine make this stone so special. Let’s explore more.

Citrine Crystal Physical Properties 1
Citrine Crystal Physical Properties

Citrine for Nausea

Since it is related to the solar plexus chakra, there are rumors that citrine is also good for nausea. I have not personally experienced this. But as a person who can’t find any benefit from drugs for nausea, I think that the reason for nausea is important. Nausea may be caused by the vestibular system. That’s why I think it would be useful to learn the cause of nausea with medical examinations.

Citrine for Thyroid

Rumor has it that the citrine crystal activates the thyroid glands and ensures their proper functioning. But, I want to share with you some very interesting information that is related to scientific research. It is not about the citrine crystal, it is about a plant. Research about between thyroid and plant extracts:  mearnsitrin and myricitrin

Not sure about where this citrine crystal is for thyroid belief but at least we have proof which is possible in complementary medicine and phytotherapy. Isn’t it incredible that the plant in question has a name similar to the citrine crystal stone? Further, maybe we will see new studies on lithotherapy as well.

Citrine for Diabetes

It is believed to have a detoxifying effect on Citrine gemstones. Diabetes is a condition that should be taken seriously. For this reason, you should consult your doctor first of all. Afterward, if there is no objection to your use, you can establish a spiritual bond with the citrine stone and convey your affirmations and intentions for your health.

Although there has not been much scientific research on precious stones so far, perhaps they can devote a deeper process to this field and prove it. For now, we seek and perhaps find healing from stones with a more abstract belief.

Citrine Metaphysical Properties

The spiritual benefits of citrine stone are countless. Although it is a deeper stone than it seems, it has the power to shed light on your material and spiritual pursuits in life.

Citrine Metaphysical Properties
Citrine Metaphysical Properties

Citrine for Money

Unlike people, citrine and money have an intelligent relationship. Although the citrine pocket stone is known as the money stone, it should also be mentioned with concepts such as wealth, prosperity, and abundance as well as money. 

Try money numbers in numerology to attract richness to yourself.

Because we will only truly be “rich” when we stop seeing money as a “quantity” in our lives and learn how to ask for and keep the prosperity and abundance in our only and unique life on earth.

Citrine stone benefits money

You can work with citrine stone for money rituals such as citrine money ritual, full moon rituals for money, and more. You may also be interested in Powerful Money Rituals for Wealth article in general.

Even if carrying citrine pockets stones in your wallet, bag or pocket can be enough to feel and attract money energy.

Citrine Benefits Wealth

Wealth is one of the famous citrine benefits. You can create a new age atmosphere in your space through citrine crystals. Spiritual living room ideas can be inspirational in order to think and attract money, wealth, and abundance to yourself.

Citrine for Protection

If you carry citrine lucky charms with you, that energy will create protection for you. At least some believers say so. 

You can explore powerful spiritual necklaces for protection.

Eliminating delusions, and internal and external negative discourses provides full focus, concentration, and motivation for your goal. Comfortable sleep, suitable for vivid dreams. When I said spiritual wealth, this is exactly what I was talking about.

Different Types of Citrine

Natural yellow citrine is the most popular one but it can be found in different colors. It may be lighter and paler. If it is a heated amethyst some parts may even turn white. There is a transitional scale between pale yellow and pale brown. It is also available in orange-red tones.

  • Honey citrine
  • Yellow citrine
  • Lemon citrine
  • Lime green citrine
  • Orange citrine
  • Dark orange citrine
  • Red citrine
  • Smoky citrine
  • Blue citrine

You can also find different colors on the market because the processed citrine stone can actually be a heat-exposed version of amethyst crystal. If what you need is a real citrine stone, it would be beneficial to get an expert opinion on it.

You can see citrine with inclusions and some other minerals cause that situation. You can also run upon citrine with black spots, no worries it’s because of the iron oxides inside of the citrine crystal. 

One last word about the colors of citrine: Light citrine colors can be good for beginners, daily practitioners, and those who focus on physical change. Darker citrines can be good for spiritual experiences. 

Kundalini Citrine Origin

👉🏻African citrine (Congo citrine)

👉🏻Citrine reserves Spain

👉🏻Brazilian citrine 

👉🏻Citrine from Madagascar

👉🏻Mexican citrine

👉🏻Bolivian citrine

Citrine Stone Affirmations

Citrine pocket stones can attach to numerous affirmations. Because they are easy to carry, useful for daily life, and can combine with other stones and spiritual works without difficulty. 

Citrine gem affirmations are like a Midas touch for sayer. If you have some issues while putting into words, you should clean your aura first. Then you can use those citrine stones affirmations or you can create your own. Here are a few affirmations that were created by for you. 

Dive into citrine affirmations

💸I am rich.

💸Blessings follow me.

💸Abundance with me.

💸I am refreshed.

💸I am wealthy.

💸Money follows me.

💸Unlimited source with me.

💸I am able to cover all my needs.

Kundalini meditations are as effective as affirmations for citrine!

Kundalini Citrine Meditation

Real raw citrine is a very powerful stone that transforms negative energy. Citrine healing crystals can be used in meditation sessions but especially in Kundalini meditations. If you are looking for material or spiritual wealth, you should express it and even seek the support of voices. 

Learn kundalini yoga and also you can dive into differences between kundalini and hatha yoga.

Here are two basic meditation options about kundalini mantras for prosperity.

👉🏻 HAR meditation

👉🏻 HAR meditation kundalini yoga

(Check this out 👉🏻✨ mantra meditation benefits)

Most powerful stone for money

You can find kundalini quartz stones that have crystals like citrine pocket stones. Either you can involve citrine healing in your daily meditations or you can practice them alone. The choice is yours. You can program a kundalini citrine quartz due to your affirmations and intentions. You can charge a citrine for love or for abundance.

Kundalini citrine metaphysical properties

Kundalini citrine meaning is more deeper and divine than it seems. But one of the most important things is your imagination, creativity, and vivid wishes!

You can practice creative visualization meditations in order to create a new realization and see the potential ways for your future. Citrine natural stones can give you the strength that you are looking for. For instance, these books can help you with meditation practices. 

📚Creative Visualization Meditations by Shakti Gawain

📚Meditation: The First and Last Freedom: A Practical Guide to Osho Meditations

Last but not least, you can do a silent meditation with candles. Based on the knowledge that citrine transforms with heat and fire, it may be a suitable meditation for the souls who intend to transform.

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Citrine Tarot

Citrine is one of the best crystals associated with tarot cards. It may depend on your reading session topic but in general, citrine is one of the suitable tarot stones as far as I try. You can explore best tarot reading spread for yourself in my guide. Make sure you’ve checked.

However, you should have your own experience and find the best crystals for tarot readings for yours. Because tarot stone meanings are changeable according to intentions, topics, and current spiritual mood of the person. 

Tarot for wealth and money

If the crystal is stronger than usual, crystal tarot cards meanings are stronger as well. So one of the things to never do with tarot cards is mixed two crystals for one card without trying them separately first. Either for your readings or cleansings, use them separately first. When you get used to crystal and tarot energy, then you can go ahead and see what goes with tarot cards with crystals.


Citrine energy may be very powerful for your tarot readings.

👉🏻You can try blue citrine raw for more clear and more intuitive interpretations.

👉🏻You can try citrine yellow stones for chakra-based tarot studies. 

👉🏻You can spread your tarot deck with citrine moonlight readings. 

👉🏻You can try citrine pendulums during your tarot spreads. 

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How to cleanse tarot cards?

You can use raw citrine crystals in order to use your tarot cards. Removing the negative energy that has been attached to your tarot cards can be very easy and practical via real citrine crystals. Carnelian is also one of the best crystals for cleansing tarot cards!

Citrine Gemstone Month and Zodiac

Citrine month is November. Natural citrine gemstones can be used either by November born or by others who want to explore natural citrine gemstones. A yellow citrine birthstone is the main color for the zodiac, but other colors and shades of citrine can be used for spiritual studies.

Citrine Gemstone
Citrine Gemstone

Citrine for Libra

Citrine gives its power to Libra and turns Libra people better than their yesterday versions. It teaches how to explore the balance inside them and manage that skill. 

Citrine for Scorpio

Citrine teaches them to learn to balance the metaphysical and the material world. It is the key to a willful and balanced approach to the lives of individuals with extremes in particular.

Citrine for Sagittarius

Sagittarius citrine is a good match between horoscopes and gemstones. It helps to clear the illusions in the inner world of Sagittarius. It also heals their relationships with other people. It teaches that they should spend the money in more accurate channels.

Citrine for Pisces

It is a stone with the power to pull Pisces signs out of the world of scenarios and possibilities they were born into. It can tell Pisces signs that avoid taking responsibility, that the realities of the world are too serious to be overcome without confrontation.

Citrine for Capricorn

I think that there is no Capricorn who is bad with money, but if there is, the citrine pocket stone is just for them. Citrine stone will be really empowering for not only money, but also all kinds of material and spiritual wealth, and for intentions that will find results if fed with sincere wishes.

Gemini Citrine

Citrine for Gemini is basically for healing the relations. Citrine power includes any kind of relations. This includes the person’s relationship with themself. First of all, people need to find balance and harmony with themselves so that they can bring balance and peace to their relationship with the world.

Citrine stone for Aries

Citrine pocket stone has a really calming property, and it also helps people who make impulsive decisions to heal their will. When it comes to anger, unnecessary stubbornness, and unstable will, it is a fact that Aries zodiac signs need the strength of this stone.

Citrine Chakras

Citrine gemstones are one of the most powerful crystals for the solar plexus chakra. It is useful for the sacral and root chakra as well. Maybe that’s why trusting and working with the power of citrine stone in matters such as creativity, abundance and wealth is a legacy of the collective to this day.

What is citrine good for spiritually?

Citrine pocket stone has a cleansing effect on all the chakras. Either you can work on complete chakras or one by one.

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How to cleanse and charge Citrine?

There are several ways to cleanse and charge your citrine pocket stone and other citrine gemstones. It is up to you to decide which of these methods you should choose. Choose whichever sounds better to you and whichever is more likely to be applied. Also, be sure to trust your intuition.

How to cleanse citrine?

You can cleanse your citrine in the water in a short time. Also, you can ground and cleanse crystals with palo santo sticks or other incense. 

There are different ways to cleanse your crystals as well. Make sure you’ve read them all.

Citrine and Sage

One of the topics for use of citrine is removing negative energy. And you should know what incense types are the best for that. Besides palo santo, sage smudge bouquets are very effective for balancing the energy of places. 

Moreover, if you don’t have time to circulate through sage smudge bouquets, it is a wise option to choose sage incense sticks for cleansing without the need for tracking.

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Burnt Citrine

Some also use the burning process, which is used as a method to distinguish genuine citrine, which we will explain in detail below, to charge the stone. But it might be dangerous. Therefore, it is useful to choose a safer cleaning or charging method.

How to charge citrine crystal?

You can charge your citrine with other suitable crystals in a crystal charging station. For instance, selenite and citrine together can be a good couple either during spiritual practices or charging part. 

Also citrine can go in the moonlight. It is the safest way to charge your citrine, especially when it comes together with the full moon’s impact. Categorize and schedule your intentions, and charge your clear citrine quartz. Don’t forget to keep it simple as much as possible.

Do you charge citrine in the sun?

Citrine in sun is a good way to charge. But there is something that you should know. The iron oxides in the citrine crystal can change the color of the stone when exposed to too much heat. This may cause your stone to turn. Therefore, it is better not to stay in the sun for too long.

How can I tell if my citrine is real?

Well, citrine quality seems a bit complicated. Actually, citrine crystals are so rare, that’s why many citrines in the markets are the version of heated amethyst. If a “citrine” crystal has a white part as well, this is probably the heated amethyst. But it is still a crystal. So it is not technically fake. 

But let’s say we want to compare a real citrine and a fake one. Fake citrines are more bright and colorful but the real citrine pocket stones are a bit paler than others. Fake ones can be damaged but true citrine can scratch glass etc. Another thing is blisters. Although it appears to be in a more perfect structure, air bubbles may be encountered in it.

Heated citrine may turn a reddish color. As a result of the displacement of the iron element in it. But trying to do this with an outside intervention in an artificial environment just to see a color change can be dangerous for the experimenter and disrespect the energy of the stone.

How to use citrine pocket stones?

Citrine pocket stones can be put in wallets, piggy banks, home, and shop safes. Can be integrated into jewelry. Can be used as jewelry. Moreover, you can carry small citrine beads with you everywhere. 

Natural citrine jewelry

Types of citrine crystals are very suitable for usage as jewelry or daily ornamentals. Various shape cut citrine drops offer an option for all tastes.

Citrine in bedroom

Natural citrine tumbled forms can be used as decorative objects. It clears the negative energies and negative influence in the interior. It gives refreshment. It is known for boosting your creativity. You can use citrine in the bedroom just as a gypsy bohemian bedroom decor.

What stones work well with citrine?

  1. Citrine and rose quartz together: This combination is probably one of the most powerful gemstone combinations. Not only does it heal relationships, it contributes to the balance of giving and receiving in the exchange of love, and allows relationships to flow in a healthy way.
  2. Tiger eye and citrine combination is a very unique combination for balance, stability, will, creativity, and action issues.
  3. Citrine and carnelian combination is good for a more positive and active life.
  4. Citrine and black tourmaline together have the benefits to make room for more positive & creative work and protect from bad energy and nightmares.
  5. Citrine and moonstone together symbolize wealth, abundance, fertility, and blessing topics. 
  6. Malachite and citrine together usage has rumors that they relieve physical and spiritual pain.
  7. Citrine and aventurine together: Aventurine and citrine together can attract abundance, luck, wealth, and health. 
  8. Citrine and aquamarine together have a calming and soothing effect. It is useful to try this duo, which is especially preferred in stressful city life.
  9. Fluorite and citrine together: It is thought that this duo, which helps to get rid of delusions as well as its peaceful and soothing properties, contributes greatly to mental calming.
  10. Citrine and jade together can not only help the cells but also helps the person achieve a sense of physical and spiritual vitality.

You can try amethyst and citrine combination, and use a citrine to activate a bloodstone as well.

To explore other gemstones, you can check List of Gemstones A-Z

Crystals similar to citrine

If we are talking about money and wealth; carnelian, green aventurine, and pyrite are the best similar crystals to citrine pocket stones. If we are talking about colors and shapes, quartz and amethyst might be similar to citrine crystals as well.

Suggested Citrine Stone Products

There are so many synthetic and imitation citrine crystals on the market. If you want a real citrine, you should remember that it is so rare and it can be expensive. But besides the price, you should take an opinion from a trusty gemologist to recognize a real citrine. This expert can tell you the differences between real tumbled citrine and fakes, what is opalized citrine, etc. 

Citrine gifts for him/her

💎Citrine concept jewelry looks elegant and timeless. 

💎Heart citrine necklaces can mean deep feelings and reflect them.

💎Silver citrine jewelry can be nice for regular usage. 

💎A yellow citrine jewelry reminds people about life’s purpose, happiness, and positive vibes. 

💎Citrine balls can go into their pockets for attracting abundance and wealth.

💎Citrine pendants can be amazing gifts for spiritual people. You can add a tarot deck to your gift. This duo will be very special. 

💎Wire wrapped citrine can be bought or done. If you decide to do a wire-wrapped crystal necklace or other ornaments, you won’t be able to quit it easily. 

💎Citrine gua sha can be a very unique gift option for those who wants to attract wealth and wellness into their life.

Citrine Stone Products
Citrine Stone Products

Citrine Gemstone Price

True citrines are so rare that they are not affordable. One of the most expensive citrines is probably giant and monolithic. But these qualities are not enough to prove that citrine gemstone is a real one. Either you can find natural citrine for sale or lab created synthetic citrines. Raw citrine quartz prices depend on the size and other details. The people who will know this best are gemologists. You can also find accessible ones and those citrine gem prices are more affordable.

Frequently Asking Questions About Citrine Crystal Pocket Stones and Properties

Here are some top-asked questions about citrine pocket stone and its usage fields. If you have anything else, please let me know in the comment section below!

What is the citrine stone good for?

Citrine stone is good to attract money, wealth, abundance, and more. This is one of the rarest and most powerful gemstones in the world.

How can I tell if my citrine is real?

You can do some tests and apply some severalizing methods on your citrine crystal. The best way to see if your citrine is crystal or glass is scratch a glass. If it damages the glass that means it is real. But it also can be a heated amethyst. You should check if the crystal has white areas or not. If it has white areas that means you have a heated amethyst. Also, you can take advice from an expert gemologist for a certain result. 

Where should I place citrine in my body?

You can place citrine anywhere. Necklaces and hands are very suitable for placing citrine crystals. 

Is it good to wear citrine?

Why not? Citrine has so many benefits either spiritual or physical. Another thing is appearance. You will look very elegant and a person who sets the fashion.

What stones pair well with carnelian?

Carnelian has good vibes of matching with bloodstone, citrine, moonstone, and ruby. You can also combine it with other crystals, it’s totally up to you and your intuitions.

What can citrine help with?

Citrine can help reduce your stress, removing negative energies and attracting abundance mainly. 

What do citrine crystals meaning?

Citrine crystal meaning is generally related to money and trade. It also brings positive vibrations and good feelings. 

What does giving someone citrine mean?

If you give someone a citrine pocket stone, for instance, you will basically say, I wish you have eternal money, wealth, and abundance in your life. 

What is citrine and pyrite together?

Citrine pyrite combination is the most powerful key to abundance. Either you can wear them or meditate and be affirmative with them.

Can you clear quartz and citrine together?

Yes, you can. Citrine is one of the family members of quartz. They can go for cleansing together. 

Are there any citrine stone side effects?

If it is dispersible and has a powdery structure, it can cause allergic reactions. It is beneficial for those who have asthma or respiratory tract diseases to use it with caution.

Who should not wear citrine stones?

It should be used with caution by those with allergies, asthma, or respiratory tract disorders. In addition, if you have other ailments and are hesitant to use them, it is better not to use citrine stone without the approval of your doctor or health consultant.

Where should I place citrine?

You can place a citrine cluster right into your altar or meditation corner. If you need to heal a specific area you can put your citrine stone there as well.
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Which chakra is citrine for?

Solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra are good for citrine works. You can combine your chakra and healing intentions, and put in some affirmations and other spiritual practices.

Is citrine good for success?

Yes, citrine is good for success. Besides success, it is also good for attracting money, wealth, abundance, savings, etc.

How to use citrine to attract money?

There are several things that you can use in daily life. For instance, a ritual altar bottle with citrine in it can assist you to manage your moods and boost inner positivity during the day. Also carrying small citrine crystals in your bag or wallet can bring you divine gifts and good luck. You can do daily citrine meditations with affirmations which we mentioned above as well. Telling your intentions and wishes is getting closer dreams to coming true.

What is citrine used for spiritually?

It is a stone for people who want to attract issues such as abundance, money, wealth, and prosperity. If a person feels financial blockages, blockages, and the evil eye on her/him, she/he can spiritually benefit from the healing effects of this stone to revitalize the flow of money and reduce negative effects.

Where to place citrine in the home?

You can place a citrine in living rooms but setting it in the kitchen is also a good idea. Citrine is a gemstone for abundance. You can place citrine money stone wherever you want to bring blessing and richness. Citrine pairs well with orange sapphire and carnelian for boosting life energy and love. The bloodstone and the citrine combination is also good for health and divine gift.

Can I wear citrine and ruby together?

Yellow crystals can be worn with red healing crystals such as ruby. But be sure to observe while wearing them together for a personalized experience. If it doesn’t suit you, it’s better not to wear it for a while. Citrine and ruby are both powerful and effective stones. So trying to benefit from their energy at the same time can be energetically tiring.
Get to know Ruby crystal properties closer.

Is yellow sapphire and citrine the same?

Citrine gemstone and yellow sapphire are not the same. Yellow sapphire is a color of the sapphire gemstone. On the other hand, citrine is a yellow-colored stone from the quartz family.
You can know yellow sapphire stone well from here.

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