Transform Your Habits: Meditation After Workout

For years, meditation after a workout or before has been one of the most important dilemmas that have plagued me in my quest to find a routine that suits me.

Both as a yoga instructor and just for my personal experiences, I thought about it, and tried it, but I think I finally found the most suitable alternative for myself.

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In this article, I will talk about how meditation after workout effects, how it can be made more comfortable, and how it can be tailored to the person. But you should know that our topic is not just about meditation or workouts. 

You can find answers for whether should I do meditation before or after a workout and which kind of breathing techniques can be done. We’ll be talking about daily routines, movement, wellness, stability, motivation, and even music.

Benefits of Meditation After Workout

Here are some alternatives for those who want to work on breathing and meditation before the exercise: You can integrate your breath and meditation studies before you work out. This is the benefit you want to get from them, and you are connected to what you are looking for.

Benefits of meditation spirituality

Officially, there is an awareness from the bottom up, a spiritual energy rise. Whether meditating before or after the workout, the mindfulness and inner peace field of all kinds of people expand. Relaxation brings focus and concentration. A clear mind leads to clean thoughts. For the rest of the day, you will feel less stuck.

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Benefits of meditation spirituality
Benefits of meditation spirituality

Benefits of meditation physically

The body working with the workout, the rising pulse, and the pumped blood really refresh the body. This regenerative effect includes details such as increased lung capacity, an industrious diaphragm, deep-functioning abdominal muscles, and maximum capacity utilization from oxygen and fresh air.

The heartbeat is regulated, breathing finds the right way, the mind recovers, stress reduction online, and a Mind-body connection is provided. Mental wellness and physical wellness are provided simultaneously with stress-reducing effects.

All these and more effects have already been proven and continue to be proven by the benefits of meditation that have been done for years.

Breathwork before or after exercise

I can’t practically think of meditation and breathing work as separate from each other. At least in my habits, if you give these two a chance, they can change your life in a positive way.

But should you do breathing exercises before or after exercise?

In my opinion, in order to answer this question, more than one variable should be considered. I think you should do a breathing exercise that you think will contribute to the movement and warm the body by doing it before the exercise. This will act both as a kind of preparation and as a warm-up. I find it helpful to leave a more calming breathing experience for later as a cool down and closing.

Breathing before exercise

Speaking of variables, what time it is and how full your stomach is will definitely affect your pre-workout breathing. It will be more effective and beneficial to do breathing practices such as Kapalbhati, the breath of fire, on an empty stomach in the morning. Afterward, you can complete your work with an energizing workout or yoga practice.

If you have missed a meal, if you have gas, if you have pain, if you have a heart condition, if you are pregnant, etc., you should choose softer breathing exercises. The breathing exercise to be done before the exercise will prepare you for practice, establish the connection between body and mind through breathing and help you to bring your awareness to the present moment.

How to breathe while working out

The superstition of deep breathing is now history. Putting more air into the body than necessary is not beneficial. Research supports this, too. Get fresh air as your body needs. Depending on the course of the practice, short and rapid breaths or long and light breaths may work. There are thousands of workouts though. I don’t know which one yours is. I can only give a few examples of mine.

Let’s say you are doing a home workout with Leslie. You can shape your breathing according to your steps. You’ll probably take short, quick breaths that naturally adapt to your stride, rather than long, deep breaths. Let your body adjust to the movement.

But in yoga practices, in colder yoga classes where you stay long in poses such as yin yoga, the breaths will be long and naturally deep. Or like ujjayi breathing, a breath from being to nothing. So is the Savasana pose at the end of the yoga classes. In Yoga Nidra, too, you adjust your breath according to the situation you are in.

Meditation after workout Reddit

People ask me: Can I do meditation after a workout? And I say to them, why can’t you? There are no obstacles ahead. As far as I know, it doesn’t do any harm either. I will share my personal experiences, observations, and tips below with you.

Meditation before or after exercise

I have witnessed many opinions on this matter. Of course, everyone’s experience is different. Therefore, different views may arise. However, what is certain is which one works best for you: Meditation before or after a workout? It all depends on how it makes you feel. Also, the two versions have different benefits. I personally experienced this. Don’t depend on one person’s opinion, of course. 

Ideas written on meditation before or after a workout on Reddit may inspire you. Workout culture has a wide space to be heartened to the community. And if you want to practice in a spiritual way, do not forget to think more holistically. You can involve healing crystals, spiritual rituals, angel numbers, powerful affirmations, and more in your daily habits.

Meditation before or after workout reddit
Meditation before or after workout Reddit

Best Morning Routine Before Workout

Here is my morning pre-workout routine that makes me feel most fit recently 👇🏻

🎯Getting out of bed, making the bed, airing the room

🎯Face washing

🎯Tongue cleaning with an Ayurvedic tongue scraper


🎯Cleaning the nose with a Neti pot sinus rinse

🎯Drinking half a glass of water

🎯Afterward, deep dive into the daily exercise habit.

Morning face routine before or after workout

I wait until after the exercise to give my face more detailed and cleansing care. I take my shower. In the shower, I clean my face. When I’m out, I apply my serum or conditioning oil and rub it gently with real gua sha stone. It is one of the things that balance my inner calm.

Full face gua sha routine
Full face gua sha routine

Benefits of meditation before workout

Meditation before exercise will help you clear your mind and prepare for practice. Guided meditation, which is preferred upon request, can also contribute to balancing your emotions or reducing your stress.

Pre workout meditation can boost your motivation and regulate your breathing, blood pressure and so on.

Exercise before meditation has many more benefits as well, but to me, you should explore this unique journey on your own.

Morning routine meditation or exercise first

If, like me, you are exercising as soon as you wake up, that is, with a blank mind, you can leave the meditation until after the workout. However, it is still directly related to how you feel and how you want it to be. A routine that feels good to me maybe torture another.

Meditation should be done before or after workout

If you are in a bad mood, it may be the very right move to clear your mind first. In addition, a mindfulness meditation done before exercise will help you recover and focus.

Do not ask to meditate before or after workout, just divide it and do meditation both times. If you are wondering about meditation before or after yoga, I think yoga practices deserve both as well.


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Breathwork before workout

Refreshing breaths such as Kapalabhati, fire breath are known as energy boosters and have a stimulating effect. It activates the sympathetic nervous system both on an empty stomach and before exercise, awakening and warming the body. So if that’s what you want, just go with the moving breaths. This workout habit is good.

If you want to create a more calming pre or post-workout routine, then opt for breaths aimed at the parasympathetic nervous system such as nadi shodhana pranayama, the ujjayi breathing technique.

Workout before breakfast

If your goal is to eat healthily, it is useful to choose products that are protein-based. Unless you have a specific goal of gaining weight, have a light snack before exercise. I would never recommend consuming greasy and heavy foods. Keep an exercise before and after journal to yourself. This way, you can track whether your workout ritual is working or not, through your own progress.

Workout before breakfast
Workout before breakfast

What is the best time in the morning to workout?

Workout tradition is a concept that is as difficult to maintain as it is to build it. Therefore, provided that you do it regularly, we can definitely say that it is the best time for you. For example, the best time for me is when I wake up, on an empty stomach and after drinking only half a glass of water.

Some may also consume some things beforehand for health purposes or for weight loss purposes. Nutrition and supplements are shaped according to your athletic performance expectation. It’s the same when you’re going to exercise.

Basic exercise morning routine

I don’t do a lot of intense exercises. I just start the day after a minimum of 20 minutes of movement (sometimes work out and sometimes kundalini yoga) and 5-10 minutes of meditation every day. Therefore, you can definitely find the time and how you will do it by experiencing what is most suitable for you.

Everyone’s experience may not be good for everyone. What one would recommend may not be suitable for another. Therefore, it is useful to try and see and choose the most suitable one for yourself, for the current you. Schedule your own workout plans and keep them flexible.

What is the best time for morning exercise?

For example, I’ve been practicing kundalini yoga for years. I tried to get up at five every morning for this. To do 40 days of sadhanas. Do you know what happened after that? I didn’t succeed. But did my failure for the moment turn me away from kundalini yoga? On the contrary. I do this practice whenever my heart desires.

Of course, waking up early is a great thing. But unfortunately, for now, I am not that person in the early morning. Therefore, I get up in the morning when I should wake up and start the day with exercise, breathing, and meditation exercises. Some days I seek to spiritually balance myself with chakra healing.

Post Workout Meditation Script

Post workout meditation scripts may vary depending on the desired practice. The important thing here is to practice and internalize the practices regularly, rather than sticking to a single practice. I suggest you create your own script. Nobody knows what you need better than you do.

I want to transfer my own application format. After the sport is over, I decorate the cool-down phase with yoga-like stretching movements. I continue the stretching movements on the floor that I started standing up. I support the bottom of my hips with a block and sit on my heels. How will you relax? It’s also a comfortable companion. Those whose physical condition is not suitable for these sitting positions can also rest in the savasana.

You can get more theoretical information about meditation from this article 👇🏻

How to solve your problems through meditation? 

5 minute meditation after workout

The 5 minute breathing meditation script is very easy to apply. Vipassana meditation, or introspection meditation, is ideal for those who are just starting out in meditation. Here is my experience: step-by-step preparation for meditation.

Vipassana meditation preparation

  1. Set your timer to 5 minutes (or more).
  2. If you’re going to do it with music or a mantra, get it ready to play.
  3. I use Insight Timer. It helps me to adjust my meditation with the duration, the beginning, the end, and the transitions with the bowl sounds, and the background music that can be changed.
  4. Get into a comfortable position. You can practice a relaxed cross-legged, sukhasana, vajrasana, etc. If this is not possible, you can sit in a chair.
  5. Make sure your posture is relaxed and your spine is aligned. Align each of your points in one line, from the hip to the head.
  6. Bring the chin slightly closer to the neck and finally align the head. Let the head be long and relaxed along the spine.
  7. Make sure that nothing is pinched in your body. If there is a cramped place, direct the breath there.
  8. When you’re ready, you can start the timer. 
  9. You can close your eyes and go inside. 
  10. Become a spectator and observe without interfering with the flow of breath and thoughts.
5 minute meditation after workout
Insight timer meditation review

10 minute meditation after workout

Guided meditation after a workout can be also nice for those who want more instructions and voiceovers during meditation. Of course, there are various types of guided meditation, but guided meditation for beginners may be suitable for those who will start for the first time. As time progresses and you keep exploring, you will find the best anyway.

You can adapt the above script to yourself, and create free guided meditation by recording your voice. I write custom meditations for my students. Chakra healing, comfortable and deep sleep, abundance, luck, and energy meditations are just a few of them. Each has a different concept. You can create meditations for your needs.

Meditation music after workout

Listening to music while meditating is nice, but how necessary is debatable. In particular, there may be an effect such as vocal music affecting thoughts and changing your focus. Therefore, it is more beneficial to continue with non-verbal music or healing mantras.

One key advantage of music and mantras is that they can help time flow more easily. In addition, depending on the type of music, it can also provide support while putting the breathing rhythm in the flow.

Check my best mantra songs and mantra playlist that I’ve created on Spotify.

How can I relax my body at night?

Meditation sessions and calming exercises before bed are one of the relaxing ways for peaceful nights. Relaxation techniques before bed don’t need to be complex, intense, or long. Short but gentle exercises, little stretches, or breathing exercises will also work.

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Relaxation routine before bed

Doing exercise before sleep, meditation practices, some stretching stuff, and yoga workouts can be an important part of your relaxing time. Relaxation exercises before bedtime completely depend on your needs and feelings. For this reason, the question of how do you relax before bed does not have a single and definitive answer.

Establish your bedtime and bedtime routine and transform it by stretching to suit your needs. Yoga sequences with intense twist pose in my routines can have a relaxing effect. The desire to reach out and surrender comes to the fore more.

Sometimes, I am tempted to do mindfulness meditation with a healthy and long spine and natural breathing. It’s good to try. Being open to different things is important. So is listening to your body and you within.

If you want to include gemstones in your meditation and work, you should experience the relaxing and purifying effect of stones such as amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, and aventurine.

Sessions such as aromatherapy with aromatic oils and facial massage with gua sha stone every day can be included in the routines before bedtime.

Breathing exercise before going to sleep

It should not be forgotten to add breathing exercises to their routines before bedtime. Maybe you don’t have time for yoga or stretching, or maybe you are very tired, but remember, a short and effective breathing exercise strengthens your focus and acts as a door to a better quality of sleep and therefore life.

Choose breathing exercises that have a relaxing and calming effect. These breathing exercises 👇🏻

👉🏻Activates parasympathetic nervous system.

👉🏻Decreases stress.

👉🏻Balances blood pressure.

👉🏻Heals the brain, mind, and breath.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, You can try one to one hypnotherapy online course ✨✨✨

How can I relax my body at night?
How can I relax my body at night?

Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation After Workout

Here are top asked questions such as can meditation be done after exercise and so on about meditation after a workout. Actually, there are many more topics and scientific articles to discuss, but for me, personal experience is more important than anything. Therefore, if you have any questions, let them know in the comments, and I would like to share my experience with you as much as I can.

Should I meditate before or after my workout?

I recommend trying both scenarios. If you’re a regular workout, try one workout first and another workout later. You can go with whichever one feels better for you. Or, divide your total time for meditation in half and try half before exercise and half after exercise.

Is it better to meditate or exercise first?

Obviously, this varies by situation. If you are doing meditation to clear the mind, balance the emotions and strengthen concentration, it will definitely help you before the exercise.

Can I exercise after meditation?

Yes, you can. The type of meditation you choose will also affect the quality of your practice and your experience. Therefore, it is beneficial to try various meditation and breathing practices before and after the workouts.

Another aspect of the work is the transformative effect of meditation and life in general. Your current wishes may not be the same as your future practice’s wishes and needs, and that is perfectly normal. Therefore, you have to be open to development and change.

Should I meditate before or after my morning run?

A short meditation for a minute or two before your morning run can be included in your life as a routine that stimulates the body and mind on subjects such as focusing, clearing the mind, and awareness of breath. But meditations after running and various sportive activities are just as important.

The body and mind are experiencing something during practice, they are in motion, they have to make decisions, sometimes they go on autopilot, and at the end, they sweat, get tired, their heartbeat changes, and their pulse changes. In order to be aware of these changes and to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, meditation practices after the exercises are also of great importance to me.
“What should I do first meditation or walking?” there are people asking. I can’t suggest anything very different from what I said about running to them. A short meditation at the beginning and a longer meditation at the end may help you focus and transition.

Should I meditate first thing in the morning?

In fact, it is very valuable to meditate in silence as soon as you wake up in the morning, without disturbing your energy. But I do not meditate as soon as I get up from bed. First of all, I ventilate my room, wash my face and clean my tongue with my ayurvedic tongue scraper, sometimes I do oil pudding. After clearing my nostrils with the neti pot, I move on to my meditation and workout rituals.

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