How to cleanse crystals in several ways?

In this guide, I want to tell you how to cleanse crystals in several ways, which crystals need what kind of cleaning, and how you can recharge your crystals after someone has touched them or at any time.

I hope you can discover the best cleansing and charging method for your energy and crystal and get the maximum benefit from your crystal. As a Kundalini reiki master and in my tarot practices, it is a great pleasure for me to be able to share with you the crystals and purification methods that I especially prefer. Let’s dive in.

How to cleanse your crystals and charge them?

You can cleanse your crystals and charge them in several methods. Sometimes this requires you to choose the proper cleaning and charging method for your crystal. And sometimes you can discover the right method according to your feelings and possibilities.

Some practices are intense and healing stones are used for a long time. In such cases, dealing with them in more detail would be beneficial.
The most popular crystal clearing methods include grounding, incense, water, using other healing stones, moonlight, and sunlight. There are also more spiritual crystal cleansing options such as Himalayan salt, intentions, and rituals.

Crystal cleaning and charging
Crystal cleaning and charging

Cleanse your crystals in various ways

There are many specific ways to cleanse and charge your healing stones. Let’s get closer to how to cleanse and charge crystals. I divided this part into two parts, one by one on the basis of crystals and cleaning methods. First, I’ll start with the cleaning methods. Next, we’ll look at crystals one by one.

How to cleanse new crystals?

Did you know that you can purify most crystals with any incense, as you can purify with methods specific to crystals? Well, why is it important to purify your new crystals, let’s briefly talk about that before we move on to purification methods.

Your crystal has a history before it comes to you. So crystals keep track. It may be surrounded by the energies it has been loaded with and the intentions of the people who come into contact with it. You can also think of purifying your crystal as rebooting or personalizing it.

how to cleanse crystals
How to cleanse crystals in several ways?

How to cleanse crystals with incense sticks?

Incense is one of the simplest methods to purify natural stones from negative energies and the charges they contain. Light a favorite incense with your intention and repeat your intention by circulating the smoke around your crystal. This is the best and simple way how to cleanse crystals with incense.

How to cleanse crystals with Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is a specific and natural incense for meditation and purifying. You can purify your crystal if you expose your healing stone to the smoke of this natural incense, especially preferred by people who are sensitive to other incense. You can also charge it with your intentions or with mantras.
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How to cleanse crystals with sage?

Sage is also used as a natural incense and negative energy cleanser. Sage, which is often used to balance the energy of the house and purify the rooms, is also known as a good and natural healing stone purifier.

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Crystal clearing
Crystal clearing

How to cleanse crystals with selenite?

Selenite is named after the moon and is known for its reflective properties like the moon. It discharges by reflecting the energy it will receive from nearby crystals or other spiritual objects. Since selenite is a purifier, it will be sufficient to place it next to selenite to clean your crystal. This is the best and easiest way how to cleanse crystals with selenite stick.

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How to cleanse crystals with salt?

You can purify and neutralize crystals that can be purified in water by putting some salt in the water. However, it is useful to keep the waiting time short in order to prevent undesirable results such as wear.

How to cleanse crystals with Himalayan salt?

It is also a method to purify it by leaving the crystal next to the Himalayan salt masses. However, for a more effective result, if your crystal can interact with salt and water, it is useful to try Himalayan salt and water mixtures.

You can also try Himalayan salt lamp. Place your crystal next to the lamp and keep it there for as long as you need.

How to cleanse crystals with water?

Even cleaning with water alone is a method of crystal purification in itself. If your crystal is suitable to meet water, soak it in clean water. Blending this cleansing ritual with mantras, affirmations, and intentions will contribute to your work.
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Can you cleanse your crystals with soil?

Almost most crystals, with the exception of a few crystals, can be purified with soil. Soil is one of the best neutralizers and absorbs negative energy. So the soil comes across as a wonderful crystal cleanser. However, if your crystal has cracks and crevices, it is useful to pay attention to the possibility of soil filling in these areas. Be careful when grounding in order not to disturb both the visuality and texture of your crystal.

How to cleanse crystals in moonlight?

Just leaving your crystal in the moonlight has the energy potential to aid in its purification. Practices such as creative imagery, intentions, affirmations, mirrored numbers, and angel number work can help clear your crystals from negative energies and align with your intentions.

How to cleanse crystals on a full moon?

According to spiritualists, the Full Moon is one of the most powerful phases of the moon. For this reason, rituals, energy studies, affirmations, and manifesting that can be done on the full moon can be more powerful and effective than in normal times. Its purifying effect on natural stones is just as well known.

Put your stone on the window sill and let it bathe in the full moonlight all night. This is one of the simplest and most effective gemstone cleansing methods.

Crystal clearing in moonlight
Crystal clearing in moonlight

How to charge crystals in the sun?

It is useful to be a little more cautious while keeping your stone waiting in the sun. Some stones may fade in sunlight or other unwanted effects may occur. A sunbath for a couple of hours crowned with your intention will be quite purifying for your crystal.

How to charge crystals in the sun?
How to charge crystals in the sun?

How to charge crystals with intentions?

Whichever of the above methods you choose, transferring your intentions to your crystal can indeed be very effective for establishing a bond. Everything in the universe consists of energy and vibration. Although there are special affirmations for precious stones, you can also shape them according to your intentions, and you can use them to charge any stone you want. That’s the simple way how to set affirmations for crystals. Intention matters.

See all affirmations for gemstones and crystals. 

How to cleanse crystals after someone touches them?

If you don’t know this person well enough or you think he or she is not well-intentioned, then it is better not to touch your crystal with bare hands. To purify it, you can hold it by means of anything like a cloth, tongs, or napkin, and move on to your cleansing method as soon as possible.

However, if the person’s holding time for the crystal is not very long and you do not doubt its closeness, there is no need to rush about cleaning it or try not to touch it.

How to cleanse a crystal?

Each crystal and healing stone has its own method of cleansing and recharge. Some crystals love water, while others need to be kept away from water. While this is the case, it is useful to examine them separately in order not to shorten the life span of your crystal. Now let’s look at how some popular crystals are purified.

How to cleanse a crystal
How to cleanse a crystal?

How to cleanse an amethyst crystal?

Amethyst crystal is a healing stone that loves water. You can cleanse amethyst in a short time, especially in running water. There is no harm in using the other methods mentioned above. However, it is useful to consider the cleaning and maintenance recommendations of the shop where you bought the product when cleaning amethyst stones in the form of jewelry or ornaments.

Get to know about amethyst crystal properties more!

How to cleanse an amethyst crystal?
How to cleanse an amethyst crystal?

How to cleanse tigers eye crystals?

You can use sea water or water mixed with Himalayan salt for tiger eye stone cleaning. You may also like methods such as moonlight, sunlight, and soaking in the soil. If your time is limited, you can cleanse your stone with selenite mass or natural incense.

How to cleanse citrine crystals?

Citrine is one of the most sought-after stones when it comes to money, abundance, and fertility. Indeed, you can find that many money rituals for wealth that citrine pocket stones are included.

Money candles and palo santo incense cones are my favorite citrine cleanser. You can get to know more about how to cleanse and charge citrine.

How to cleanse labradorite crystal?

Methods such as moonlight, full moonlight, sage incense, and water are ideal for labradorite cleanse. Rather than soaking it in water, it is more effective to wash it by rubbing it and to include their intentions in this conscious action.

How to cleanse pyrite crystal?

In addition to classical methods such as sunlight and moonlight, methods such as incense and resting by candlelight are useful for pyrite healing stones. Selenite clusters or Himalayan lamps can also work. 

Jewelry items such as the Pyrite crystal ring may require even more delicate care. For maintenance and cleaning, be sure to consult the place where you purchased the product.

How to cleanse amazonite crystals?

Methods like incense, sunlight, and moonlight are effective. Also, there is no harm in interacting with plain or salty water. However, in the form of jewelry, its maintenance, and cleaning may require extra knowledge due to other materials. In addition, if your stone has cracks, interaction with salt water or soil is not recommended.

How to cleanse a carnelian crystal?

A real Carnelian healing stone is one of the rare stones that can be cleaned by any method. I like the selenite charging plate and sage incense the most.

For cleaning, charging, and maintenance of Carnelian stone, please take a look.

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Below you can find some more cleansing methods of healing crystals.

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Top asked questions about how to cleanse crystals

Here are the top-asked questions about cleaning and charging methods for healing crystals.

How often to cleanse crystals?

Although there is no specific process for cleaning the crystals, we can say that. When you need it, when someone else touches it or when you think it is dirty, you can clean and care for it, while purifying it from negative energies and burdens, you can make it look as new as the first day.

How to cleanse crystal jewelry?

There is unfortunately no single answer to this question. In nature, there are crystals in different forms and in various degrees of hardness. In the process of transforming these crystals into jewelry, different materials such as gold and silver also come into play. Therefore, it is useful to consult the place where you bought your jewelry in order to avoid undesirable consequences such as wear.

How to cleanse a crystal necklace?

Crystal necklaces can be cleaned by various methods according to the type of material they are combined with. You can hand wash your crystal necklace, which is designed with materials such as gold, silver or copper, and is safe from entering water, or you can use special cleaning cloths and sprays. Some products may require extra precision to maintain.

When it comes to spiritual necklaces, it is possible to purify them from negative energies with options such as washing in water or soaking in soil, depending on the condition of your crystal and the material used while making the necklace.

How to cleanse crystal bracelet?

Crystal bracelets can be cleanse with crystal bracelets cleaner products and other methods. One of my favorite methods is cleaning with liquid dish soap, if there is no harm in the product getting into the water and interacting with dish soaps.

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