EXPOSE THE CORE through Orange Sapphire

Orange sapphire stone has a number of unique features and benefits in addition to the standard sapphire properties. If you are ready to discover existence, essence, and understanding of the meaning of life with the orange sapphire crystal, let’s start.

In this little guide, we will explore the healing benefits of orange sapphire, as well as the chakras it works, its hues, and more. But if you want to get more information about the sapphire stone, I will be sharing the GENERAL SAPPHIRE GUIDE with you in here and below.

Orange Sapphire Meaning

Orange sapphire meaning is not very different from general sapphire stones but it has some unique meanings as well. Orange sapphire name comes from the shades of the sapphire crystal and it can be a wide scale between yellow and red. The meaning of this very unique stone will become clearer to you when you learn its benefits.

Orange Sapphire Stone Meaning
Orange Sapphire Stone Meaning

Orange Sapphire Properties

Orange sapphire healing properties are the main specialties of sapphire crystal healing in general but it has something further. Of course, one of the main reasons is the color.

Orange sapphire benefits and effects can be increased and diversified by combining it with other stones.

Orange Sapphire Properties
Orange Sapphire Properties

10 Benefits of Orange Sapphire Stone

Of course, not only the ones listed below but there are many other benefits for orange sapphire crystal as well. 

  1. It establishes a balance between the material and spiritual worlds,
  2. It helps to strengthen intuition,
  3. It is an inspiration and triggers creativity,
  4. It alleviates depression and melancholy,
  5. It is good for memory,
  6. Regulates the nervous system,
  7. It is believed that it balances hormones,
  8. It is used for abundance and fertility,
  9. Improves concentration,
  10. Makes life easier to understand.

Orange Sapphire Loose Gemstone Benefits

Additionally, orange sapphire has some extra benefits and techniques for abundance and wealth. If you want to use the orange sapphire for concentration, focus, and well-being, you can try tiny loose sapphire gemstones as well.

Carrying orange sapphire stone benefits

You can keep these orange sapphire stones in your purse, wallet, pocket or near you and you can always feel their energy close by. Thus, abundance, fertility, life energy, organization, balance and creativity in social relations vibes can be always next to you.

Orange Sapphire Astrological Benefits

Orange sapphire has plenty of astrological benefits. The most important benefit in astrological sense is the blending of a wisdom reaching to the stars with life energy. while allowing the soil group to relieve the fatigue on it, it files the melancholic aspect of the water group.

Orange Sapphire Chakra

Orange sapphire chakra is basically throat chakra but besides the fifth chakra, it can be useful for sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra as well. For instance, you are going to meditate with an orange sapphire rough crystal in order to heal your chakras, you can either work on a specific chakra such as throat chakra or you can pick an area such as from sacral chakra to throat chakra. Then you can focus on the region which you picked during your chakra crystal healing session. 

Orange Sapphire Stone
Orange Sapphire Stone

Shades of Orange Sapphire Stones

There are several shades of orange sapphires. The regions they are in and the processes they see cause differences in their tones. This situation gives them different names. Let’s see them.

Peach Sapphire

Why is this light-colored sapphire in peach-toned form attracting so much attention? I don’t think it’s just because it’s rare. Representing the same time innocence and purity, this peach sapphire really looks like a unique piece.

Peach sapphire meaning

Peach sapphire means purity, innocence, the third eye, the flow of heavenly light in the heart, the balanced circulation of prana, the life energy.

Peach Sapphire Stone
Peach Sapphire Stone

Peach Sapphire Ring

Peach sapphire rings are both chic and casual at the same time. This, in turn, increases their preferability. Some stones can actually have heavy energy. It may not be possible to carry the energy of the dark tones of sapphire without getting tired all the time. But in light colors, the situation is different. A light-colored sapphire ring is a piece you can always wear.

peach sapphire 1
Peach Sapphire Ring
Peach sapphire engagement rings

Peach sapphire engagement rings are timeless and beyond meaning. These engagement rings, which are different, original, romantic, and can fit any combination, will really reflect how special your love and way of seeing the world is.

Champagne Sapphire

Natural champagne sapphires are very lighter tones of sapphire stones. These color sapphires, which are far from ostentatious but always preserve their elegance, manage to reflect the nobility effortlessly as a mirror of simple and original personalities.

Champagne sapphire meaning

Suitable for everyday use. It is believed to be especially good for adolescence, transition and adaptation period problems. Its most common meaning is that it provides guidance and protection to the person at transition and turning points.

Champagne Sapphire Crystal
Champagne Sapphire Crystal

Rainbow Sapphire

Rainbow sapphire meaning is a mixture of various shades of sapphire crystal. If you have an indecisive nature and are fond of colored jewelry, rainbow sapphire is definitely for you.

Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet

These vitality radiating bracelets really look amazing. It can be a bit difficult to combine it in relatively serious meetings and invitations. But overall it’s a piece that you’ll be happy with.

Rainbow Sapphire bracelet
Rainbow Sapphire bracelet

Rainbow Sapphire Ring

Those rings can be a complementary part of rainbow sapphire bracelets. You can use them separately as well. It will be a great choice to show off your colorful personality.

Orange Sapphire Padparadscha

Padparadscha sapphire meaning it is one of the rarest sapphires in the world. Padparadscha orange sapphires can be found in orange-pink shades in the world. Also, you can check the pink sapphire crystal guide from here.

Padparadscha sapphire spiritual meaning

Since the aura of a rare stone will also be rare, this is the stone that represents an infinity of originality, inspiration and creativity with the divine and beyond the visible. Clairvoyance, special experiences, interesting travels and cosmic connections are among the topics that this stone can be related to.

Orange sapphire jewelry

Orange jewels attract the attention and preference of people who embrace life with awareness and are willing to understand it. When it comes to precious stones, the most popular color of the stone and the first thing that comes to mind is remembered, but the pleasantness of other colors and tones should not be forgotten.

For instance, the orange sapphire ring is perfect for people who want to attract wealth, vital pleasures and people who understand life.

Orange sapphire jewelry
Orange sapphire jewelry

Orange Sapphire Value

The orange sapphire price per carat is very valuable. For instance, an orange sapphire stone ring price can be higher than 750 USD. Of course, details such as whether it is processed or not, and what other precious elements and gemstones it is combined with will change the price of orange sapphire.

Is orange sapphire valuable?

For example, more than one carat of orange sapphire stones starts at around 1500-2000 US dollars, but the shape of the stone and so on are also effective in their price.

Orange sapphire stone
Orange sapphire stone

How to Clean Orange Sapphire Stone?

Warm water and soap are one of the most practical and harmless ways to clean orange sapphire gemstones. You can then dry your stone by rubbing it gently with a soft cloth.

If you buy your orange sapphire gemstone as processed and turned into jewelry, you should consult your place of purchase. 

Because other gemstones, crafted stones, and elements with which it is combined may not respond well to the same cleaning method in the long run. After confirming this, you can clean it as suggested by them.

How to Energize Orange Sapphire Stone?

There are plenty of ways to energize orange sapphire stone, such as water, sunlight, moonlight, full moonlight, and palm charging ways. 

You can prefer to expose your orange sapphire crystal to cold or normal flowing water like tap water or a bright stream with good intentions.

Or you can rest your orange sapphire gemstone under sunlight, moonlight, or full moonlight for at least six hours. 

You can create your own unique palm charging way in order to charge your orange sapphire crystal, it is totally up to you. If you want you can mix all those options or you can try them one after another.

Color of Sapphire Stone

Sapphire stone colors are various and are naturally found. If you are wondering about what color is sapphire stone, it has plenty of answers. As I mentioned earlier, sapphire colors are divided into separate colors in blog posts that you can see below.

As I promise you above, here is the COMPLETE Raw Sapphire Stone Guide. You may also want to check sapphire crystal watches10 best sapphire diamond jewelry and sapphire stone rings.

Color of Sapphire Stone
Color of Sapphire Stone

Frequently Asking Questions About Orange Sapphire Stone Crystal Healing

Here are some top-asked questions and answers about orange sapphire. If you need to ask about other things, you can write below in the comments section.

Can sapphire be in water?

Sapphire is a high-hardness stone. Therefore, it can enter the water and be cleaned by means of water. However, if there is something damaged, broken, or cracked on it, it may be inconvenient at this point to come into contact with water. In addition, if your sapphire has been combined and processed with other materials and stones, then it is necessary to check whether other materials are water resistant.

Are orange sapphires real?

Yes, they are a color of the sapphire stone family. But it is a very rare stone. So, some of the orange sapphires can be lab created or synthetic.

How can you tell an orange sapphire?

If a sapphire is neither pink nor red, it might be orange or yellow sapphire. Or if any orange color gemstone has sapphire qualities, you can tell that stone is sapphire. Anyways, it is better to take advice from a gemologist or jewelry expert.

Is an orange sapphire a padparadscha?

Padparadscha is a very unique and rare kind of sapphire. This stone has a color between orange and pink. Padparadscha can be orange or not. Besides, that does not mean every orange sapphire is padparadscha.

Is orange sapphire rare?

Yes. Orange sapphire is a very rare and unique kind of sapphire gemstone. But there is some lab-created or synthetic orange sapphires currently. So, if you want to have one and it doesn’t matter if it’s a real orange sapphire or not, you can get one easily. But if you are going to work with orange sapphire for crystal healing you should buy a true orange sapphire stone.

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