See the facts: How to solve your problems through meditation?

Do you ever wonder about How to solve your problems through meditation? I did. Honestly, this article will perhaps be one of the most subjective, abstract, and thought-based articles on this site. But as a yoga instructor who has been doing meditation practice for years, albeit with interruptions, and helping people meditate, I would like to share my ideas that I gathered up. 

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Because I know that everyone has different motivations and reasons for meditating. So how realistic and useful is meditation for truly permanent purposes? Or is it because the awakening of our awareness gives us the opportunity to look at problems from a different perspective, we can “now” see the approaches to find solutions to them.

I think it definitely is. But I think there is more to it than that. Just as the way we view things that we see as problems has changed. And even more. In this blog post, I would like to mention a little about them and maybe I can tell you a few significant things about using meditation to solve problems. 

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How to solve your problems through meditation?

Meditation is an action that causes a holistic change, even momentarily. This act of awareness triggers many transformations in the breath, the body, the mind, and the brain. Many of these remain scientifically proven. Increasing field studies and research clearly show us that meditation can indeed be a hidden gem that can be our salvation.

How do you solve your problems in life?

If you are wondering about β€œhow to solve your problems through meditation?”, you will be able to see amazing results more than solving your problems through meditation as well. Because once you realize this awareness; slowly, you will see the world in a different way. 

Regular meditation practice; Your perspective on problems, life, chronic problems, and the karmic lessons that never stop following you will change. As someone who has personally experienced various types of meditation for many years, I am conveying this to you.

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Health with meditation
Health with meditation

Life-Changing Routines

Once you build these life-changing routines, your way of experiencing life will lead to different paths. Such is the case with many practices, including meditation. But, how to solve your problems through meditation? 

The truth is that this does not happen all at once. It takes practice. It’s a regular practice. Change your lifestyle, and your outlook on life will change too. Also, meditation should not be seen as a stepping stone to solving problems. Integrate meditation into your life in general such as meditation after workout, let it go, and let it have a holistic effect. This is such a thing.

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Many therapists add practices such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to their sessions. These people are increasing in number day by day. This is a detail that should really be considered. Because the need for therapy arises from the desire to approach ourselves. Getting close to yourself is the key to understanding life. Understanding life is the same way to solve problems.

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Life-Changing Routines
Life-Changing Routines

Best meditation practice for beginners

Observing is one of the best meditation exercises for beginners. Observing teaches you to pause and think. Sometimes not even thinking. Changes the way you view problems. And this affects the way you handle them.

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Breath awareness meditation, zen meditation, mindfulness meditation, and meditations of Buddhist teachings can be the most suitable types of meditation for beginners. Since the orientation is rather internal, the person experiences a state of being alone with themselves. If this is difficult for you at the moment, continuing with guided meditations such as headspace might be an option.

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However, I think it is very valuable to experience being alone with yourself without forcing yourself. It is one of the most beautiful gifts to realize that once you have tasted this, you have established a more intimate connection with your inner self by carrying that frequency to higher dimensions. Communication with the inner self is also one of the most wonderful beauties of meditation on the way to solving problems.

Once, I had meditation classes from a person who teaches Buddhist meditation and practices. He taught me the importance of observation, holding on, watching the flow and more precious information about simply BEING.

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Best meditation practice for beginners
Best meditation practice for beginners

How to stay in the present moment?

You can focus on your breath. Concentrating on the breath is an effective tool for capturing the moment. Breath awareness meditation is for staying in the moment. Do you ever wonder how to stay in the present moment and why it is so important? I had no idea about staying in the moment before I started my meditation practices. 

Either mindful movement meditation or tantric meditation practices, you will be able to understand the fascinating aspects of being in the moment and truly living in the moment. Staying in the moment helps you not to magnify the unchangeable events of the past anymore and to realize how unnecessary the burden you carry on your back is.

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As I said, breath awareness is an amazing tool for staying in the moment. When you are in the moment, you do not carry the anger of the past nor the anxiety of the future. This will allow you to approach the issue more neutrally. Maybe this approach is one of the precious answers to the β€œHow to solve your problems through meditation?” question. Because at a point where you are free from your judgments, the solution will always be in the best interest of the whole.

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How to stay in the present moment?
How to stay in the present moment?

Daily Parts Meditation Practice

This method, which is generally preferred by busy people, can be helpful for anyone who wants to spread awareness in their daily life. No matter how short your meditation practice is, repetition is the key. Let’s say you have a very stressful job or it is very difficult for you to sit or lie down physically for 20-30 minutes; then divide it. 

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Do it by feeding it into your day, and you will often remind yourself to stay in the moment by returning to your breath. The only and most difficult step is starting a meditation practice. Once you start, you will not be able to easily give up this experience that transforms you in a holistic way.Β 

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Daily Parts Meditation Practice
Daily Parts Meditation Practice

Benefits of Daily Meditation Practice

No matter what kind of meditation you do, whether you do it piecemeal, morning or evening, in your yoga corner, in your kitchen, outdoors, or in your garden, there’s plenty of time for yourself that you can make into a daily routine. While there are general common benefits, there are also many unique benefits for the individual.

10 benefits of meditation

Here are 10 benefits of meditation for you. 

  1. Stress is greatly reduced, while the strength to cope with negativity increases.
  2. It reduces the burden of the past and the worry of the future.
  3. It helps to stay in the moment.
  4. It transforms the point of view. It helps to see things from a macro perspective.
  5. It contributes to the focus.
  6. It develops awareness, compassion, empathy, and responsibility.
  7. The quality of your sleep, especially in your daily life, will increase.
  8. Regulates blood pressure
  9. It raises the state of well-being.
  10. Allows you to make conscious choices in your life experience.

What do you see when you look at all these things? They bring you one step closer to taking charge of your life. You learn to come out of the victim role, and not to blame others, which is a very important experience. 

Meditation problem solving

So, the whole point is to focus on other things such as, how we deal with our problems, how we deal with them changes and heal, perhaps through regular meditation practices, and to be the first witness of this transformation, rather than a question like β€œHow to solve your problems through meditation?” I know that meditation gives meaning to life, and frankly, I don’t know how to stay healthy at such a stressful age.

10 benefits of meditation
10 benefits of meditation

It is also important to consider that the place you are in is refreshing and suitable for your mood while you meditate. To learn more, please read How to create a new age atmosphere? blog post, too. I think it will give you a lot.

Last but not least, you can also use healing crystals or money rituals during your meditation sessions.

Frequently Asking Questions About How Can Meditation Help Us?

Here are some questions about the benefits of meditation and especially when dealing with problems. You can able to find a few personal answers about how to meditate on a problem but every person’s journey is different and unique. Please do not forget that.

What are some benefits of morning meditation?

Meditation in the morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial for breathing. For the mind, the quietness of the morning is one of the most ideal times. Morning meditation is a wonderful experience to start the day fresh and for a holistic reset.

What are mantra meditation benefits?

Mantra meditation benefits are dense and of good quality. Working with a voice can solve problems with expression and communication. In this sense, it is very important. Because people need to talk and correct communication in their daily lives. Listen to my best mantra songs playlist.

What are the benefits of Anapanasati meditation?

Anapanasati meditation is mindfulness of breathing. This meditation focuses on the breath and provides a state of holistic well-being.
In Anapanasati meditation, you focus on the journey of the breath that goes in and out of the nostrils. Perhaps one of the parts where you experience the most intense feelings is the neck region. You can observe this during the anapana breathing necklace area. Anapanasati meditation benefits are countless. It improves concentration. Enhances self-compassion and awareness. Decreases stress. It stabilizes blood pressure.

Is 5 minutes long enough to meditate?

According to me, five minutes meditation is a very quality duration for meditating. It can be more, but it is very fair for both beginners and daily practices.
But during my some energy healing practices or kundalini yoga meditation sessions, I prefer different numbers of minutes. Because I believe in vibrations and power of numbers. If you are interested in numerology, you should learn more about Spiritual Meaning of Numbers 1-9 from here.

How to meditate to solve problems?

There can be many directions on how to meditate to solve problems. The important thing is which or which of them meets your current situation and current need. Also, focusing on problems isn’t always a good option to solve them. Sometimes you let something go with the flow and you even forget it, then you realize that after a short while and unexpectedly, the answer to your question appeared before you.

How does meditation help solve problems?

Meditation clears the mind of unnecessary preoccupations. A clear mind helps you approach problems with a solution-oriented approach. Regular meditation will change the way you see the world. This change will inevitably affect the way you see problems.

Can meditation solve all problems?

Sometimes it can’t fix. It is not correct to begin meditation with such an expectation. Meditation transforms you. There are a lot of variables in what can come from your domain. It’s sure to change your perspective on these things.Β 

Apart from that, since you will be a different person now, the issues that the universe will address you will also change. You can laugh at the things that you used to see as problems or deal with new issues. But with the guidance of meditation, you can become a better and broader perspective person.

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What problems does meditation solve?

Meditation unravels and improves your perspective on the world. It can enable you to see things like ancestral burdens, the effects of the collective unconscious, fears you never understood, etc., with an objective eye.

Meditating has scientifically proven benefits for the brain. These benefits are so powerful that they affect every aspect of life. It makes life easier at school, at work, while focusing on one thing, and so on.

How can meditation help you with your math?

Meditation clears the mind, provides focus, promotes good memory and overall well-being. Different things happen in the two hemispheres of the brain, and this principle of operation governs different skills. Mathematical skills will also support the numerical solutions of an individual who is more focused, not easily distracted, and most importantly, more β€œaware” now.

How to solve problems in life?

In order to solve the problems in life, one must first understand life. This process of understanding will be a grueling, tiring, and thorny road. It’s good to know this at the very beginning.

However, once a person gets rid of her own subjective judgments and stereotypes and begins to see events from a more objective and broad perspective, it means that he/she has begun to understand life.

Get involve different yoga practices into your life. You will see a result sooner.

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