Powerful Money Rituals for Wealth

Money rituals are intention-based rituals that can help you overcome the awareness of scarcity and alleviate your invisible anxieties about money. Even just a one time money ritual can affect someone’s life and awareness. In the case of regular repetition, it is possible to format and reshape all the thought patterns that have been created up to now about money.

Explore the essentials of money ritualist

Money rituals don’t need to be green or cash every time. It can be elaborated with things like abundance, wealth, golden yellow, imagination, and jingle. In this spiritual money rituals guide, I will tell you about types of money rituals, affirmations, crystals for money and abundance, spiritual numbers and more. 

Money Rituals in the Bible

When you look at religions and beliefs, prayer and belief always feed the person and can be instrumental in achieving their dreams. Support and inspiration can be obtained from the efforts and studies that are believed to be done to the other world and the intangible, in order to make the concrete world and the world we live in more beautiful within the framework of goodwill.

Like mentioned in 1 Kings 21:2 section “… Ahab said to Naboth, Give me your vine-garden so that I may have it for a garden of sweet plants, for it is near my house; and let me give you a better vine-garden in exchange, or, if it seems good to you, let me give you its value in money.” Money appears in the universe not only as cash, but also as an exchange for wealth, abundance, and need.

This, and many of the issues mentioned in the scriptures about humility, lead us to the following thought. It is necessary to get rid of bad habits such as greed, arrogance, covetousness, and jealousy. 

By inviting our thoughts to stay in a positive flow, we should imagine and wish the best for ourselves, the flow of abundance and wealth. Prayer is one of the best rituals for money as well. Now, let’s explore other types of money rituals.

Types of Money Rituals

Wealth and money follow good intentions. They come to those who are beautiful and positive. So, this is the most basic detail that you need to know before you practice the rituals mentioned below.

But do not forget, money ritual meaning is always more than these. You can create your own rituals and routines as well. Create positive vibes and thoughts, boost your jiva, and practice routinely!


Types of Money Rituals
Types of Money Rituals

Cinnamon Ritual for Money

Cinnamon rituals are actually new moon rituals. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done at other times. Since the new moon is ideal for new wishes and beginnings, it is suitable for the detoxifying and regenerating effect of cinnamon to be maximized. You can do this ritual any time you feel you need it.

Regardless of powder or cinnamon sticks, it is ideal for attracting money, abundance, and prosperity to yourself with luck and abundance. You can burn cinnamon, sprinkle it in certain parts of your house, and place it as an object on your altar.

SEE ritual altar ideas for money & organic cinnamon sticks

You can also meditate by combining it with healing crystals and gemstones. Don’t forget to combine cinnamons with money affirmations as well. 

Simple cinnamon ritual

Cinnamon oil is also an element that can strengthen cinnamon energy. If you are not allergic or sensitive, you can add a very, very small amount (max. 1-2 drops) to your bathtub. Be careful, because cinnamon oil can have a caustic effect.

Full Moon Rituals for Money

Full moon rituals provide relief from burdens and excesses. It tells us that in order to make room for the new, it is necessary to give way to the old. There is also a detox effect. Full moon rituals for money are one of the most powerful wealth rituals.

You can use affirmations, mantras, or crystals to create full moon rituals for money.

Full moon affirmations for money

Here are 5 crystals and affirmations in order to use in a full moon to attract wealth.

  1. If your priority is cleansing from negativity and spiritual renewal, use amethyst gemstone and amethyst affirmations.
  2. If your priority is business success or profit, good luck or prosperity to your home, use the aventurine stone and aventurine affirmations.
  3. You can use citrine stone and citrine affirmations for general gain, abundance, and wealth in your whole life. Being able to destroy the evil eye will be helpful in attracting the positive and fertile to you.
  4. You can also use bloodstones (heliotrope) and heliotrope affirmations to transition to gratitude and acceptance. Acceptance helps digest. Ingesting it will create an appetite for new income sources.
  5. It is recommended to use ruby crystal and ruby affirmations to help remove our blockages in matters related to love and being loved. Remember that you should learn to love yourself before loving money and wealth. 
Money making rituals
Money making rituals

Money Manifestation Ritual

Spiritual manifestations are one of the best ways to make your intentions and wishes clear and make them concrete. Thus, your wishes and desires will find a place and direction for themselves in the real world. 

Get inspired money numbers in numerology.

There are also many money magnet mantras that you can repeat. Explore my favorite new-age mantras and dive into their magical world.

Money rituals quotes

I really enjoy the quotes about money. You can take a look at Buddha Quotes on Karma in English and get a little closer to the similarities and differences between money and life.

The best thing to do is to write. Even if you can’t write your own, you can invite money into your life by creating your own manifestations of wealth using ready-made template affirmations.

Emerald Crystal Affirmations

Diamond Crystal Affirmations

Citrine Stone Affirmations

Welcoming wealth ritual

In the full moon, one of the most effective options is to leave the manifestations you wrote in the water. The time of the new moon is to bury it in the ground. If there is rosewood, you can bury it under it.

READ MY Money Numbers in Numerology and Crystals GUIDE 🤑

Money Manifestation Ritual
Money Manifestation Ritual

Simple Water Ritual for Money

There is a wonderful money ritual you can do with just water. For this, I will suggest two options for you.

The first is to hold a glass of water in front of you and do a silent meditation or call for money using affirmations. Don’t forget to set your intentions of any kind.

Second, put as many coins as you like in a glass or bowl, fill it with water, and repeat your intentions and affirmations.

I do not drink the water that I do for rituals, because there is a high probability of negative vibrations and evil eye during the practice. Also, if we think that we put something unhygienic in the water, as in the second study, it can be harmful.

However, you can consume separate and special clear drinking water that you keep closed in a corner of the room where you perform the ritual. Remember, you should drink plenty of water after energy work. And that pure and clean water will get energized because of your ritual. This is so precious.

Simple Water Ritual for Money
Simple Water Ritual for Money

Salt Ritual to Attract Money

You can put salty water in a glass and work on money affirmations, and then you can sprinkle this water on various parts of your home, intending it to be a blessing.

Cinnamon and salt rituals can also work well together. Sometimes people want to mix salt and cinnamon. This is one of the possible options.

Occult money rituals

Sprinkling a few rock salts into the water you wash with also has a purifying effect. You can blend this effect with monetary intentions and make money rituals of which you determine the duration. If you wish, you can listen to the money affirmations you have recorded with your own voice while relaxing in the bathtub.

Here are five money affirmations in order to use salt rituals. 

  1. Water and salt protect me from negative influences.
  2. The blessings of my home are fluid.
  3. It is designed to never end and multiply.
  4. Money attracts me, I attract money.
  5. Abundance, wealth, and money have surrounded me.

Candle Money Ritual

There are some significant candles in order to use during the money rituals. It has become very popular for money rituals, especially those containing money and cinnamon sticks.

Of course, you can choose them, but I personally do not prefer the money ones. In the altar that I prepared for the money ritual, the following usually happens.

I also enjoy this Himalayan tea light holder to put my candles inside of it.

Creating a new age atmosphere and using those spaces is one of the best candle rituals for money to me. Usually, I get support from the healing power of mantras and sound, and after I provide my soul and body awareness with breathing meditation, I invite the richness into my own existence by making affirmations.

Candle Money Ritual
Candle Money Ritual

Citrine Money Ritual

There are many rituals for wealth and money that you can do with citrine pocket stones and other types of citrine. Either you can create your own ritual ambiance and combine your ritual with Citrine Affirmations, or you can try powerful Kundalini citrine meditation in order to invite money into your life.

Aventurine Money Ritual

Aventurine is one of the famous green crystals that are attracting money, wealth, luck, and abundance. You can do many things with this healing stone. Money rituals are one of them. There are many well-known money rituals and crystal works, but I suggest you create your own unique ritual as something different from these.  

Weekly money ritual

In this way, you can send wishes to the universe that are more internalized and oriented towards your own demands, and open up more potential space for what is going through your mind. Build your mystical space and don’t forget to use aventurine affirmations in these meditation sessions or rituals.

Pomegranate Ritual

It is really interesting to break a pomegranate in front of the outer door of the house, which is a tradition belonging to Turkish culture. This ritual, which has now become widespread in many parts of the world, is bringing with good wishes, taking the mystical texture of the pomegranate fruit and its collective interest in abundance, and it is believed that this action brings wealth and prosperity to the home.

Don’t forget to use affirmations during your money rituals! Here are the most powerful money ritual affirmations for you.

Pomegranate Ritual
Pomegranate Ritual

Money Rituals Affirmations

There are so many simple affirmations that you can repeat every day. But some of them are very powerful if we are talking about money. Here are the most powerful affirmations that you can use in money rituals in order to invite money, abundance, and wealth into your life. 

10 Money Rituals Affirmations

  1. I easily withdraw money
  2. I’m a money magnet
  3. Abundance and blessings are always with me
  4. My relationship with money is healing and healthy
  5. I deserve wealth and money
  6. I love money and prosperity
  7. Attracting wealth to myself
  8. I am in the flow of prosperity
  9. I’m staying on the frequency of money
  10. I stay rich and have good vibes

Record it in your own voice. Listen with multiples of 7 and 7 in minutes.

Money Rituals Affirmations
Money Rituals Affirmations

Gemstones for prosperity and wealth

The most powerful stones to attract money are aventurine and citrine gemstones. But leaving aside the collective relationship with the stones, no matter which stone you connect with, the intention you will attribute to it will be a step that will take you to heal your relationship with money.

How to cleanse crystals in several ways?

Spiritual necklaces can be also used in energy practices and rituals. You can create your own new age atmosphere and keep practicing with your belongings and intentions.

Gemstones for prosperity
Gemstones for prosperity

I want to join occult for money ritual

Either you can create your own money rituals or you can choose one from what already exists. You should know that all of them are both with intentions. So, make sure that you’ve well focused on your intentions and boost your positive vibes before and during these practices. 

There are sometimes online energy studies. It is also useful to do these channel-based studies with people you trust. Be careful when getting involved in portals opened by people you don’t know. Energy work is very powerful and effective work. Abuse and the damage that may result from it is the last thing to want.

Also, you should know that during this type of energy work, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, as well as keeping yourself and your space clean.

Money Ritual Quotes

Here is some money ritual quotes that you should remember often for success and wealth.

  1. “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” Ayn Rand
  2. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin
  3. “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Marsha Sinetar
  4. “Wealth flows from energy and ideas.” William Feather
  5. “All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas – not money.” Robert Collier

How does ritual make money?

Rituals can influence and transform your beliefs and thoughts. Thanks to these intermediaries that help you focus, you can attract money to your life by imagining it in a more fun and easy way. This is how rituals work. With their repetitive and attractive effect, they transform your thinking system and maybe even your actions.

Here are some money ritual books that are recommended for you. You can learn different money manifestation rituals and choose the suitable one for yourself.

To improve your relationship with money, you can draw inspiration from two other sources. These are life philosophy and numerology. Here is a list of my articles on karma and numerology that may interest you.

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Frequently Asking Questions About Money Rituals and Other Wealth Practices

Here are some top asking questions about spiritual works for abundance, wealth, and money rituals. The consequences of money rituals will be good if you set your intentions in a good way. If you have more things that wondering, meet with me in the comment below. 


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How to do money rituals and meditation?

Money rituals can be effective with the support of meditation. You can set your intentions and focus on wealth and abundance topics mainly. Using affirmations is a very strong way to attract money to yourself. There are plenty of meditations that you can concentrate on money flow. 

Citrine mantra meditation is a very useful and strong way to call wealth. You can also pick some specific money affirmations in order to use them in your rituals. Mantra songs can boost your life energy and wish as well. 

Do money rituals work?

Money rituals can work but it depends on how you apply them to your life and how you communicate your intentions. If you love money and if you think money loves you, you have to really believe it. Otherwise, your efforts and work may not be rewarded.

What are the most important mantras for money rituals?

Lakshmi’s mantra benefits are countless but money and success are the first benefits that come to mind. Sa Re Sa Sa mantra is another important mantra for money and prosperity that you can find on this mantra songs playlist as well.

What are the powerful crystals for money rituals?

Citrine, aventurine, green sapphire, emerald are one of the most powerful crystals for money rituals. 
Use citrine pocket stone for home prosperity (and whole-life wealth!)
Use aventurine stone for luck and healthy skin
Use an emerald gemstone for a luxurious and lovefully life
Use green sapphire stone to discover your inner abundance

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