Allow For Aquamarine Healing Properties

Are you ready to unlock your negative space through aquamarine healing properties? If so, let’s get straight to the point. Aquamarine gemstone is one of the most famous and best healing crystals in the world.

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This sensational and attractive gemstone has many benefits apart from its great appearance. Although we will mostly talk about aquamarine benefits and communication-related issues, we will also talk about the less talked about but much more curious subjects about aquamarine stone. Such as aquamarine stone properties, aquamarine meditation, aquamarine tarot spread, aquamarine gemstone benefits, and alternative usage areas for aquamarine crystals.

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Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning

With its amazing blue color, aquamarine stone means “sea water” basically. It has shades of blue and belongs to the beryl family of gemstones. Aquamarine beryl is a common and much-loved natural stone all around the world. 

Aquamarine crystal meaning

Aquamarine meaning and uses offer people different perspectives, potentials, and opportunities. Aquamarine crystal properties widely range and vary. This includes the mystical and mythical elements, as well as the discourse of contemporary healers. Therefore, we are faced with a wonderfully beautiful gemstone believed to have various benefits.

Aquamarine Crystal
Aquamarine Crystal

Aquamarine Healing Properties

Aquamarine stone benefits are generally based on community and communication. It has both inside and outside effects which depend on your usage and intentions. Also, you can use it only for ornamental objects. Still, you will be able to experience aquamarine spiritual properties if you focus and observe enough.

Aquamarine stone properties

Although the metaphysical properties of aquamarine are very unique and personal experiences, they will still be mentioned in general terms, and if you had a special experience, let’s meet in the comments.

Aquamarine Physical Benefits

Those who are interested in crystal’s benefits say aquamarine optical properties are common. As far as I know, there are no proven benefits but it may be true because the aquamarine stone’s chakra is the throat chakra and one of the aquamarine crystal benefits is clarification. 

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Aquamarine healing is working according to the intentions and mind. It is often believed to have benefits such as memory, self-expression, intelligibility, socialization, healing of the immune system, and relief from allergies.

Aquamarine Benefits for Cancer

Regulating the emotions and autoimmune system may help release negative things out of the body and mind. Another significant thing is a real aquamarine stone spreads positive vibrations around and surrounds the person with a strong spiritual shield. Aquamarine healing crystals can work combined with the intentions as well.

However, if you use a fake one, aquamarine stone side effects may occur. Among these undesirable things are the harmful effects of the stone, which has been exposed to rays and radiation, and its natural structure has been changed.

Make sure that you are experiencing a raw aquamarine stone meaning and benefits.

Aquamarine Spiritual Benefits

The metaphysical meaning of aquamarine is related to mindscapes directly. The throat is the first and most important aquamarine chakra, which leads us to mindfulness, wider perspective, and soothing and smart observation. Aquamarine’s meaning is mental health, communication, and career stone in the spiritual part. 

Aquamarine (gem) properties

Aquamarine spiritual meaning can be very personal and unique. It has neither very abstract nor very concrete representations. It is often associated with a feeling of well-being, both spiritually and physically.

What are the healing properties of aquamarine?

Aquamarine metaphysical properties can gain courage and stability in the person. If you have issues of excess or balance, I can say that explore the power of aquamarine.

Aquamarine crystal healing properties also represent money and wealth, calming, anti-stress, anger release, balance, and positive life. You can take a step toward healthy living and holistic wellness with the power of aquamarine crystal. 

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Raw aquamarine stone especially protects you from the evil eye in your daily and working life. It keeps your aura clear and spiritually intimidates envious people who want to involve you in matters such as gossip and rivalry.

Aquamarine courage helps you to keep moving and get better, despite the people around you who don’t want it.

Aquamarine Natural Stones
Aquamarine Natural Stones Spiritual Benefits

Aquamarine Crystal Affirmations

Aquamarine is one of the most popular crystals for chakra healing. Here are a few affirmations for aquamarine.

🗣️I am able to express myself clearly enough.

🗣️I open up space for people to recognize my essence.

🗣️I am proud to share my true self.

🗣️Words grow. I believe my word.

🗣️Courage is my name.

🗣️I am brave.

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Meditating with Aquamarine

Here are some great tips to add to your transformative meditation practice while meditating with Aquamarine:

💙Wear all blue. (or take a look at white kundalini yoga clothes)

🧘🏻‍♀️Use the mantra songs.

🧘🏻‍♀️Experience the best meditation practice for beginners such as mindfulness meditation, kirtan yoga, and kundalini yoga in particular.

🧘🏻‍♀️Participate in the sound bath or sound therapy sessions and workshops.

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Aquamarine on Right Hand

Holding your aquamarine stone is completely related to your intentions. But it is worth remembering that the left part of the body represents feminine and the right side is masculine. Also, the left part represents the past, and the right side for the future. 

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Another thing is related to energy flow. If you want to attract energy yourself from outside, you should place aquamarine on your left hand. If you use aquamarine on your right hand, you can put energy out.

You can use that knowledge while your tarot spreads sessions as well.

Aquamarine Tarot Spread

Aquamarine tarot reading is very helpful to reach the truth. The essence behind the visible is revealed in all its clarity by itself. You can do yes or no sessions or complete spread for getting advice from the highest wisdom and knowledge of the cards. 

Explore unique tarot spread ideas now.

For unique tarot readings, make sure that you’ve checked oceanic tarot cards. You can support your sessions with an aquamarine crystal pendulum from Jovivi Crystals.

What does aquamarine attract?

The aquamarine color spiritual meaning is based on clear and trustable communication. Ideal for exploring innocence and for readings where you can combine pure truth with inner intuitions.

Aquamarine magical properties can be more upfront during those kinds of spiritual and energy works. So, you can use healing crystals in tarot sessions and see the magical properties of aquamarine.

Aquamarine Pendulum Meaning

The Aquamarine crystal pendulum is actually a bit expensive but it is worth it. Because many tarot readers use it gladly. Because it is the vehicle of not only a supreme and inner truth but also intuition and seeing the big picture.

How to use aquamarine for a tarot reading?

You can use aquamarine as a pendulum in yes or no questions. You can choose your cards based on your intuition and the stone’s guidance. In addition, the aquamarine stone that you will keep on your deck before it unfolds will change the energy of that reading and will bring honesty and creativity to your interpretations.

Let the aquamarine pendulum combine with the tarot cards to give you readings that open the door to creativity and intuition.

Aquamarine Planet

The aquamarine planet is Saturn. Saturn is the teacher! That means you should be ready to learn, hear or tell the truth anymore. No matter what, trust the process. Because every dark cloud has a silver lining. 

Be prepared to face. Let go of the old burdens and fears. Make room for boldness and lightness.


Aquamarine Birthstone Zodiac Sign

The aquamarine zodiac sign is Pisces. but this does not mean that other signs cannot benefit from the positive effects of this stone. Very usable too. Apart from Pisces, it also has positive effects on the following signs: Aquarius, Scorpio, Aries, Libra, and Gemini.

Aquamarine is one of the March birthstones. Aquamarine means related to water. Naturally, this information takes us directly to the sign of Pisces.

Aquamarine Benefits for Pisces

Aquamarine stone revitalizes the Pisces sign, helps them gain awareness, and contributes to the spiritual awakening within them. It makes them more visible in social life. It allows them to better express themselves in bilateral relations and in front of the community.

Aquamarine stone benefits pieces work highly strongly because it is directly the gemstone of this sign.

Aquamarine Stone for Scorpio

If there is a stone that will make Scorpio feel at home, it is definitely aquamarine stone. It can be used as a stone to take shelter when feeling emotionally helpless or wanting to restrain their anger. In addition, aquamarine is a very successful stone in balancing the extremes of Scorpio.

Aquamarine Stone for Libra

Especially the Libra signs, whose water group is not active in their birth chart, should definitely meet the fascinating effect of aquamarine. It will help to discover its connection with water and to re-remember what has been forgotten.

Aquamarine Chakra

Aquamarine is one of the most famous throat and heart chakra crystals. Unblock throat and heart chakras through the aquamarine stone. Throat and heart chakra affirmations are quite powerful. While working with these chakras and doing meditations, it is useful to be more attentive than usual.

Crystal chakra healing

Cleansing chakras are one of the aquamarine stone metaphysical properties as well. It can be supported by communication crystals such as lapis lazuli, especially in the throat chakra area work.

How to Cleanse Aquamarine?

The most suitable method for cleaning aquamarine is grounding. But of course, you can also clean it with water. If you apply a special ritual to your water, you can charge it. Don’t skip the full moon!

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Fake Aquamarine vs Real

💎Real vs fake aquamarine crystals can be determined by certain measurements. If you don’t have professional equipment, you can use daily knowledge to understand if your aquamarine stone is real or not. 

Qualities of aquamarine can be a sign of its origin or if it is fake or real as well.

💎Real aquamarine gemstones can scratch the glass easily. Also if your stone is fake, it can scratch easily too. You can’t mark your aquamarine stone if it is real. 

💎If your aquamarine gemstone is made from glass, you can heat it in a breeze. Otherwise, it will protect the cold situation in every way.

💎Real aquamarine luster is low. It is a bit pale blue. If it is brighter than usual, it is either treated or mixed with glass.

💎It has an irregular structure. If you can see an irregular depth in it, this is one of the signs that your stone is real.

💎Aquamarine streaks can be cracked. Even so, there may be color transitions in it.

💎Even though heat treatments are applied to make Aquamarine a color other than blue, the process is not permanent, and the stone returns to its original color in a natural state.

Aquamarine Country of Origin

Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nepal… Aquamarine can be found in many countries. However, their appearance and quality may vary depending on their location.

How to use aquamarine crystal?

In order to allow for aquamarine properties, you should involve this amazing gemstone in your life. You can start with skincare and buy an aquamarine gua sha or aquamarine face roller.

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Also, you can get an aquamarine jewelry set in order to increase your elegance. You will realize as soon as you wear it that it is a stone that will not only add elegance to your appearance but also to your energy.

If you don’t want to pay so much money, you can try polished aquamarine gemstones or raw aquamarine crystals in order to wear or carry them in daily life. Those boheme products will perfectly suit your daily outfit. You will realize as soon as you wear it that it is a stone that will not only add elegance to your appearance but also to your energy. 

Aquamarine objects can be used in meditation sessions. Or you can use them as minimalist decors in your home.

aquamarine gem stone
Aquamarine gemstone

Aquamarine Best Combinations

Here are some aquamarine uses with other gemstones. Those are one of the best crystal combinations for gemstone and crystal healing processes. Let’s dive into what crystals work well with aquamarine.

Aquamarine and Rose Quartz Benefits

You can work with the throat chakra and the heart chakra together. Aquamarine and rose quartz benefits cover that as well. You can get more powerful results if you work with both. But I suggest you work separately first. Once you have thoroughly assimilated the stones that you are accustomed to working separately, you can combine both better.

Aquamarine and Moonstone Benefits

Aquamarine exposes the truth, moonstone exposes feelings. So, that combination will be amazing. You will not only feel more energetic and creative in the inner sense but also add your emotions to every step. These two stones definitely have a mystical and ritualistic side. Start separately and for short periods before working simultaneously with these stones, which are also strong and intense.

Aquamarine with Amethyst

Aquamarine and amethyst are one of the best crystal combinations ever. You can mix them either for your meditation session or affirmations. Also, you can do tarot reading sessions with the wisdom of these gemstones.

There are many more combinations that exist that can be answers to what stone goes well with aquamarine, but those are the most popular combinations. If you wonder about any combinations, please let me know.

Suggested Aquamarine Stone Products

💝Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree: One of the nicest home decor in the world. Either you can buy beads and do it yourself or you can buy a feng shui aquamarine tree.

💝Aquamarine Stone Bracelet: Aquamarine bracelets can be made of raw crystals, polished, or jewelry kinds. It is nice to have options. That also creates a situation that determines its value. suited and booted!

Some of the most popular aquamarine bracelet benefits are protection from evil eyes and negative energies.

💝Aquamarine Necklace: Aquamarine necklaces have different magical vibes. This charming gemstone gives a fresh feel to the owner. It is also connected with the throat chakra directly. So that makes the neck one of the best places for aquamarine stone.

💝Aquamarine Ring: Aquamarine ring benefits are countless. It is a stone that can give self-confidence to people who do not feel very active in gestures and facial expressions and allow them to discover the potential within them. You will love it. It is also a very meaningful and attractive gift for your precious fingers. 

Real aquamarine ring for men

Real aquamarine ring for women

💝Aquamarine Gua Sha: Aquamarine stone gua sha benefits are all about expression. It helps you to express the emotions that accumulate inside you and the expressions stuck in your muscles and nerves. Your skin will look more radiant and confident. 

Aquamarine Stone Ring Products
Aquamarine Stone Ring Products

Aquamarine Crystal Price

A piece of raw aquamarine gemstone is starting from 14 USD. Of course, it is possible to find cheaper prices. Aquamarine prices may vary depending on the subject such as the way it is processed, its usage area, and the place of sale. Aquamarine necklaces are around 40 up to 10000 USD. 

Is aquamarine expensive?

In my opinion, aquamarine is a gemstone that is in the middle and close to expensive. However, issues such as whether it is processed, the way it is processed, the way it is cut, with which jewels and precious materials it is combined, and where it is extracted from, may cause its price to increase.

I hope you enjoyed this aquamarine stone guide. You can ask your questions if you have, or share your thoughts through comments 💜

Aquamarine’s Color Range

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquamarine Healing Properties

Here are the top-asked questions from all around the world about aquamarine crystal. Aquamarine healing properties are very interesting!

What is the stone aquamarine good for?

Aquamarine is good for the throat chakra, heart chakra, expression of yourself, communication, social relations, inner wisdom, and more. 

Is aquamarine an expensive stone?

It is not the most expensive stone in the world but there are more affordable gemstones as well. For instance, these days, a regular raw aquamarine crystal piece starts from 14-15 USD.

Is aquamarine more expensive than diamonds?

No, not at all. The Diamond family is more expensive than the Aquamarine and Beryl family. But comparing them in different types may not always reflect the truth. Raw, proceeded, polished, brands, etc. may affect the prices.

Is beryl an aquamarine?

Actually aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family. It is the second most valuable gemstone after emeralds around the beryl stones.

Is aquamarine a rare gem?

No, it is not. It is a semi precious stone. So, it can find average prices all around the world.

How to charge aquamarine?

You can charge your aquamarine stone with grounding, in water, or in full moonlight. You can also prefer selenite for cleansing.

What powers does aquamarine have?

Aquamarine is the stone of Saturn. So it is a teacher like its planet. It also tells, shows, and makes you learn the truth.

Is aquamarine a crystal or gemstone?

Aquamarine is a semi precious gemstone from the beryl family. However, some may use crystalline aquamarines with this intention.

How can you tell if an aquamarine crystal is real?

It should not get hot, it should not be scratched, and it should not be perfect and symmetrical. If it is processed for jewelry then the situation changes.

Does aquamarine have cleavage or fracture?

Yes, it has. It may be a broken, irregular, uneven structure especially if it is raw or untouched by natural existence.

What is the luster of an aquamarine?

If an allegedly untreated aquamarine shines like glass, then ask for authenticity testing. It should be pale blue as the origin.

What are healing properties of aquamarine?

Aquamarine healing properties generally start from the heart to the head. But mostly affects the neck area.

What gives aquamarine its characteristic blue?

This form of beryl stone is blue in color because the element of iron in it gives to aquamarine stone this feature.

What does aquamarine do for the body?

It reminds people who use aquamarine as “the truth”. It also provides an outward breakdown of the facts inside.

Is aquamarine good for skin?

Perfect for skin that needs a brighter look and moisture. You can especially use it as gua sha stone and face roller.

What energy does aquamarine have?

It has the energy of teaching, revealing, self-confidence and communication. If you think you can’t express yourself enough, maybe it’s time to meet an aquamarine stone.

What is so special about aquamarine?

Its color, the energy it carries, the wisdom of collective memory, and people’s experiences are among the elements that make it special.

Is aquamarine a strong stone?

Yes it is. But it can be a regular gemstone for spiritual souls. Then, you should combine aquamarine with other stones. Mixing two gemstones will be more effective.

Is aquamarine good for meditation?

It is good for meditation sessions but you should try it first in order to make your own decision. Some people like the refreshing gemstones during meditation and some prefer calming ones. Aquamarine has both qualities so you can observe and tell what you think, and how was your unique experience.

What does aquamarine help with spiritually?

It increases your focus and awareness. If you are practicing mindfulness, aquamarine helps you in a spiritual way as well.

What chakra is aquamarine good for?

The throat chakra is the main chakra for aquamarine. The heart chakra follows the throat chakra. The secondary chakra is the heart which works with the throat.

What is aquamarine good for?

Protection, balancing, internal stability, communication, inner peace, ability to draw boundaries, ease in self-expression, and more of those are properties of aquamarine gemstone.

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