Fabulous Blue Sapphire Stone Feeding

There are other colors of sapphire crystal but the blue sapphire stone is definitely the most popular and the coolest one. In this tiny blue sapphire stone guide, you will be able to find some interesting facts about blue sapphire like its rare known benefits, zodiac, price, and products. If you want to get more information about the sapphire stone, I will be sharing the GENERAL SAPPHIRE GUIDE with you here and below.


Blue sapphire meaning

Purifying the mind from bad ideas, increasing the quality of communication, genuine wisdom, transparency, honesty, nobility, and concentration are the primary meanings of blue sapphire.

Sapphire stone, believed to represent heaven in the middle ages, has been one of the favorite crystals of both religious people and royalty. With this feature, it has become an assistant of intentions and wishes.

Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits

Natural blue sapphire stone benefits basically come from two fields. The first is the healing power of blue. The second is the healing power of sapphire, which is one of the most precious stones. 

Blue sapphire properties

In addition, since the color blue is one of the most well-known colors of sapphire in its natural form, its benefits believed in a collective context are more inclusive than its other colors. Also, its availability is relatively easy compared to other colors. Since there will be healing differences between light and dark colors, let’s consider the benefits of sapphire according to the tone of the blue color.

Light blue sapphire stone benefits

Blue Sapphire is helping with issues such as good communication and having a vision. Light-toned crystals will be more effective and useful in daily healing work

If you’re doing the work for yourself, try a light-colored blue sapphire at the end of a very tired or hard day.

If you are going to do the work for someone else and the issue that the person wants you to work on is a very intense and chronic condition, it is useful to start with light colors.

Famous topics of blue sapphire crystal benefits

Either for you or for someone else, light blue sapphire may help you with several topics about success, agreement, directing the flow of events for the benefit of the whole, resolving throat chakra disorders, resolving communication difficulties, and expressing emotions and thoughts more effectively.

Blue Sapphire Crystals
Blue Sapphire Crystals

Dark blue sapphire stone benefits

Dark sapphire is a bit of a spiritual stone but its effect cannot be tried as more or less than other shades of blue. You can do your deep healing, spiritual practices, and money rituals with darker shades of blue sapphire if you are used to practicing with crystals. 

Be aware of dark blue sapphire benefits

But, If you have had a challenging day and you feel emotionally limited, it would be beneficial to choose light tones in order not to deepen your spiritual work on that day.

If you feel that your energy field and your work will not be divided (inside or out), then you can work with dark blue sapphire crystals.

Dark blue sapphire stone benefits
Dark blue sapphire stone benefits

Royal blue sapphire benefits

Royal blue sapphire is suitable for people who want to heal physically and can get support from crystal healing for speech and expression difficulties, and throat and eye complaints.

Royal blue sapphire crystal

This genuine gemstone is also good for evil eye and negative energy. Setting your intentions for protection before your practices will lead you to more effective crystal healing.

Blue sapphire healing properties

RECAP πŸ’™ Let’s have a brief look at the properties of blue sapphire stone.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Honest, open, and effective communication is the key.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Blue sapphire stone has a reassuring and relaxing effect.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Protects from negative energy and the evil eye.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» It is believed to improve the ability to express.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» It is believed to have a relieving and conciliatory effect on tensions.

Blue Sapphire Birthstone

Blue sapphire birthstone month is September. Taurus, Virgo, and Libra can appreciate the crystal healing potential of sapphire. Other zodiac signs, of course.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Check Blue Sapphire for Sagittarius πŸ’™

This specialty is one of the facts about sapphire birthstones. Sapphire crystal definitely has a benefit for everyone and every wish.

Sapphire, the stone of the celestial, opens the capacities of cosmic communication in every sense.


Blue sapphire stone is ideal for clearing and flowing imbalances and blockages, especially in the throat chakra.

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Virgo stone color

Although Virgo is strong in communication, sometimes it can be difficult to be understood. At this point, blue sapphire comes into play. It may also be good for Virgos, a sign that is open and inclined to be affected by the evil eye and negative energy, to meet the healing power of blue sapphire.

Other Virgo crystals

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Carnelian crystal

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Green sapphire stone

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Emerald crystal

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Green aventurine crystal

Zodiac healing properties of blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire stone properties can work well with zodiac signs and chakras. Define your needs, wishes, and priorities, then you can combine the healing stones or energy practices that you want.

You can also combine healing stones to balance the elements in your natal chart. Especially, combining orange and yellow stones with blue sapphire will give both vitality and inner balance.

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Blue Sapphire Birthstone
Blue Sapphire Birthstone

Blue Sapphire Tarot

Sapphire spiritual effects can create good results for your tarot readings. Blue sapphire is ideal, especially for career, money, and investment-themed readings. It is also preferred in negative energy cleansing practices. You can also benefit from the guidance of the sapphire in every communication-related issue.

Get to know Tarot Spreads better!

Blue sapphire magic powers can show up, particularly on one-question tarot readings. Although blue sapphire metaphysical properties are shaped according to people and their lives, the focus is on the communication of people with themselves and the world.

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How to Clean Blue Sapphire Stone?

Warm water and soap are one of the most practical and harmless ways to clean the blue sapphire gemstone. You can then dry your stone by rubbing it gently with a soft cloth.

If you buy your blue sapphire gemstone as processed and turned into jewelry, you should consult your place of purchase. 

Because other gemstones, crafted stones, and elements with which it is combined may not respond well to the same cleaning method in the long run. After confirming this, you can clean it as suggested by them.

How to cleanse crystals in several ways?

How to energize blue sapphire stone?

There are plenty of ways to energize blue sapphire crystals, such as water, sunlight, moonlight, full moonlight, and palm charging ways. (Full Moon Rituals for Money πŸ‘€)

You can prefer to expose your blue sapphire stone to cold or normal flowing water like tap water or a bright stream with your good intentions.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Take a look at simple water ritual for money πŸ‘€ Objects can be changed, you can replaced sapphire gemstone instead of coins as well.

Or you can rest your blue sapphire stone under sunlight, moonlight, or full moonlight for at least six hours. 

You can create your own unique palm charging way in order to charge your blue sapphire stone, it is totally up to you. If you want you can mix all those options or you can try them one after another.

Also by keeping it in your place, you can clean the energy of your space and create a more spiritual and sacred space for yourself.

Energize blue sapphire stone
Energize blue sapphire stone

How much is a blue sapphire stone worth?

The blue sapphire stone price is 30-50 USD on average. But the blue sapphire prices can be changed according to their form, size, and other processes to which they are exposed. For instance, a blue star sapphire stone is a rare product but you can still find a pocket size for 20-60 USD. 

There are some other sapphire blue crystals in the markets. Zirconia gemstone is emulating sapphire crystals. So it is better to ask for a certificate for those natural gemstones in doubtful cases.

Blue Sapphire Jewelry

There are many gorgeous blue sapphire products in the markets. Because of the popularity of blue sapphire jewelry and ornaments. Make sure that you don’t buy a fake or glass sapphire if you want a real one. Here are a few ideas for those who are looking for blue sapphire products.

Buy blue sapphire online

  1. Blue sapphire bracelet
  2. Blue sapphire necklace
  3. Blue sapphire pendant
  4. Blue sapphire ring
  5. Blue sapphire earrings
Blue Sapphire jewelry
Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Light blue sapphire rings

Light blue sapphire rings can be mixed with other shades of sapphire blues. Blue sapphire engagement rings are very popular currently. It means good and harmonious times for couples. So, the promise is very meaningful. 

Blue sapphire ring benefits

Besides, there is another gift idea which is a blue sapphire ring for men. Once, you gave this gift to a man, you wish a successful and motivational life for him. 

If you are looking for something genuine, you must check the blue star sapphire ring. Blue star sapphires point out the cosmic, timeless, holistic, celestial, and all-encompassing one. 

Blue Sapphire Rings
Blue Sapphire Rings

Color of Sapphire Stone

Sapphire stone colors are various and are naturally found. If you are wondering about what color is sapphire stone, it has plenty of answers. As I mentioned earlier, sapphire colors are divided into separate colors in blog posts that you can see below.

In addition, as I promise you above, here is the COMPLETE RAW SAPPHIRE STONE GUIDE

You may also enjoy other sapphire stone blog posts.

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Color of Sapphire Stone
Color of Sapphire Stone

Frequently Asking Questions About Blue Sapphire Stones

Whether you’re in search of spiritual healing or just an accessory and aesthetic, the blue sapphire stone is a powerful and precious stone that will never let you down. If you have any questions about it, it would be useful to take a look at this section. If you have any questions that you still can’t find an answer to, do not hesitate to share them with me.

What is a royal blue sapphire?

Royal blue sapphire is a dark shade of blue sapphire. Some beliefs assume that it is attributed to royalty, as it contains some purplish pigments.Β 

Is sapphire blue the same as royal blue?

Sapphire blue is an umbrella term which contains royal blue sapphire, blue star sapphire, dark blue sapphire etc. So it may seem partly the same thing, but not all blue sapphires are royal blue sapphire.

Are royal blue sapphires valuable?

Royal blue sapphire stones may be more expensive than other types of sapphire, but there are some important points here. For example, the rarity of this natural stone, its carat, the processes it has undergone, the other stones and elements it meets.

What is the rarest color of sapphire?

Although many people think of a blue stone when it comes to sapphire, there are actually many colors and varieties of sapphire. There is one that is the rarest. Rarest color of sapphire is padparadscha which is a mixture of pink and orange sapphire.Β 

What does blue sapphire symbolize?

Blue sapphire symbolizes; improved social relations, ability to express oneself, ability to speak in community, improved social and family relationships, ability to plan one’s own wishes, a successful and stable life, promotion in business life, being a charismatic individual, attracting luck and facilitator in one’s life.

Who should wear a blue sapphire?

People who want to organize their business life, find new ways of expression, express themselves better, gain success, gain social status and prestige, and be charismatic and attractive should prefer wearing a blue sapphire.

What is the best blue sapphire?

For daily usage, you should prefer the light or regular blue sapphire stone. But if you want to work with celestial one, you should prefer blue star sapphire stones. In addition, royal sapphires may not appeal to those who do not like purple tones.Β 

Where do royal blue sapphires come from?

Royal blue sapphires are also known as Kashmir sapphires and their origin is located between India and Pakistan countries.Β 

How much is a blue sapphire worth?

Blue sapphire pocket stones are about 40-50 USD. Blue sapphire jewelry is more expensive than other gemstones. But it is worth having a blue sapphire either for crystal healing or for daily usage without any spiritual intentions.Β 

What is blue sapphire good for?

Blue sapphire is good for communication, career life, family communications, social relationships, self-expression, and neck and throat issues basically.Β 

What are some blue sapphire bracelet benefits?

With its appearance, it adds elegance to the person in terms of aesthetics. In addition to its elegant appearance, a blue sapphire bracelet also has the benefits that the sapphire stone represents. A bracelet made of blue sapphire gives confidence and peace with its blue color. It facilitates people’s communication with their inner worlds and the outside world. It enables effective communication.

Blue sapphire benefits
Blue sapphire benefits

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