Everything About Facial Gua Sha Stone

Ready to discover gua sha stones’ world? Many people are trying to find some solutions for better and healthy skin. Every day, we meet with new care products and cosmetics. In fact, wellness products aren’t enough single-handed.

So like in the past, we all tried to mix and combine them together in order to reach the best look and feel. In this article, we will touch on Gua Sha stones, their benefits, their types, Gua Sha stone usage fields, which gua sha stone is best for you, etc. 

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Let’s start with a short history and introduction to Gua Sha stone.

Table of Contents

Introduction Gua Sha

Gua sha is based on ancient Chinese and comes today as a daily routine. Actually, Gua Sha refers to the scraping massage in Chinese medicine. But, the massage applications that we will include in our daily routines using Gua sha stones will of course be a little softer.

After face rollers and face yoga, people still continue seeking more natural combos for their skin and wellness. Particularly since the jade roller benefits, users go towards natural stones, gemstones, and crystals. This is a very important sign that they want to include crystals in their daily life routines, beauty implementations, and grope for healing.

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So, why are those crystal stones important, and what’s the point of using them? Let’s see how Gua Sha stones can help us holistically and make us feel better and healthy.

Gua Sha Stone Benefits

Whether you use the Gua sha crystals for your face or your whole body, you will see a few effects as soon as possible.

Here is an overview of Gua Sha benefits for you.

  • Blood circulation
  • Adds movement to capillaries
  • Lifting and firming your skin
  • Massages the face
  • Prevents sagging
  • Relaxes facial muscles
  • Lifting eyebrows
  • Relieves headaches and neck pain
  • Trigger Point Treatment
  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Reduce crowfoot
  • Cure for dark circles
Gua sha stone natural gemset
Gua Sha Stone

Does Gua Sha Work Really?

Yes, it is. But it depends on experience as well. An easy gua sha routine will change your skin in a short time. You can see and feel the differences between Gua Sha’s facial before and after at once. Many gua sha results show that the healing effects of the stone benefit the skin.

Benefits of gua sha stone for face

The shapes of the stones also significantly affect the effect and that is one of the gua sha benefits.

If you are going to apply it with the product, it allows the product to be better absorbed into your skin.

Gua Sha Tools and Types

Gua sha tools make your gua sha experience assorted. Thus, you can find which one covers your expectations, which one is perfect for your needs, etc. Let’s dive into the types of Gua Sha tools.

Gua sha stone types

You can explore stones for gua sha, the best material for your skin. Because there are many gua sha stone differences that offer different benefits. Types of gua sha stone can be useful in daily life, travel, or other usage fields as well.

Best material for gua sha tools

Ragged, rough, heart-shaped, mushroom-shaped, comb-like gua sha crystals can be found in gemstone stores and online stores. Also, you can pick the right gua sha crystal for you by made from materials like quartz, jade, amethyst, etc. (You will be able to see more details about gua sha crystals below.)

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On the other hand, gua sha stone body benefits can depend on gua sha tools type. For instance, a heart shaped gua sha tool is the best gua sha material for the face in general. Besides, big-size tools can be the best gua sha tools for body massage. You can try a gua sha tool with a hand holder, this might be one of the best gua sha tools for legs.

Different types of gua sha tools

Types of guasha either can be between crystals or other materials. Benefits and usability specify the difference in gua sha stones. You can buy them as a gua sha tool set or you can pick and mix them. In this way, you will be able to create your own authentic gua sha tools set.

Alternative gua sha tools can be very practical for your needs. You can work on a regional basis, you can take what you need to your destination, and you can choose what you want according to your needs and work with them. 

Gua sha alternative

You can experience face yoga and self-massage as an alternative to gua sha. But the material of each gua sha stone has a unique texture and this texture has a refreshing effect. I highly recommend you experience it.

Gua Sha Gem Stone
Gua Sha Gem Stone

Gua Sha Sets

You can prefer mixed gua sha tool sets or buy them separately. There are many professional gua sha facial products that you can find all products gathered up. Those packages are more affordable in general. But eventually, the decision is yours!

Choosing the best gua sha facial tool

Surely, you don’t need to buy your Gua sha stone as a set. If you want to try it first, then you should buy one piece. Then you can search for others or keep going using your one. But how to choose the right gua sha stone for you?

What stone is best for gua sha?

Before moving on to the most well-known and their benefits, let me state that you will come across many different options in your quest for crystal gua sha stone. And these options are increasing day by day.

Which gua sha stone is best?

The most popular gua sha stones are rose quartz, jade, and aventurine. But there are also many rare gua sha crystal types that you can find in beauty or crystal stores.

Such as, carnelian gua sha, emerald gua sha, labradorite gua sha, and more. Crystal gua sha tool can be in many different forms and materials. To find the most suitable one for you, you should get to know the crystals more closely, examine the benefits and disadvantages of other materials, if any, and make the right decision for yourself.

Of course, EXPERIENCE is the most important detail in this regard. there is no more important reference than your personal experience.

Crystal gua sha color meaning

As in all areas of life, the meaning of colors in crystals is also important. Whether you use gua sha massage tools constantly or occasionally, they should attract you and increase your energy for regular use.

Colors of chakras and their meanings

I’m sure no one would be drawn to something that doesn’t call itself. So you should choose the colors you need. If you are looking for something to increase your energy, you can choose yellow and orange crystals, if you want a more calm and purifying experience, you can choose green crystals, if you want to be renewed with a spiritual experience, you can choose purple healing crystals and blue ones.

Did you know that you can use gemstones for tarot spreads?

Zodiac Gua Sha Stones

You can buy a crystal gua sha according to your birthstone. Also, you can combine your zodiac chart with your specific needs. For instance, green aventurine zodiac sign is ♋ CANCER ♋. So, if you want to get a gua sha stone as a ♋ cancer, you should prefer green aventurine gua sha stone.

Dive into the magical world of zodiac crystals and stones 👇🏻

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Aquamarine zodiac stone

Carnelian zodiac sign

Bloodstone crystal zodiac sign

Citrine zodiac stone

Diamond zodiac sign

Emerald zodiac sign

Ruby stone zodiac sign

Sapphire zodiac sign

Gemstones For Your Needs

If you are seeking the right crystal for you, you can determine your needs and the sides that you want to work on. Crystals and their meanings will help you at this point. When you match the crystal’s meaning with your expectations, a point for which you are seeking a cure, etc. that means you find the right one.

Check Heal Chakras with Crystals and explore more.

Let’s say you are curious about green jade gua sha stone and want to learn its benefits. Jade stone is related to the heart chakra. Purifying your heart, mind, and aura with jade gemstone. It brings balance in your life.

In another instance, if you use rose quartz gua sha, you should know it will help to balance your emotions, clear negative thoughts, and increase your love vibrations. Emerald also boosts your inner love!

Amethyst gua sha benefits are countless but let’s tell a few now. This powerful gemstone has an extended usage field but especially in meditation and energy practices. Calming, motivating, relaxing, and protecting are the well-known qualities of amethyst stone. Just imagine that you implement a gemstone -which has those features- on your skin via gua sha massage.

Gua sha gem stone
Gua Sha Stone

Intuitive Choose

Intuitionism mostly takes a backseat but it has a very important role in our lives. But mostly you picked the exact need for yourself in your life. So pick the thing you feel close to, then read about that gemstone and if you feel closer, try it. Let’s see how to try gua sha crystals.

How To Use Gua Sha? (Gua Sha For Beginners)

You can apply gua sha gemstones on your clean and hydrated skin. You can use oils or skin care products or make a massage without them.

You can explore many massage styles and shapes for Gua Sha Crystals. Try various kinds and see the differences between gua sha before and after.

Gua Sha Stone For Face

Gua sha facial massage is one of the most popular skincare solutions recently. You can apply your gua sha crystal directly to your face or you can do face yoga with it. Don’t forget to make your skin slippery. Apply upward with 45-degree angles.

Face Yoga With Gua Sha Stone

Probably, many people experience face yoga before and after. So they know the results and benefits in general. If you have a dilemma about face yoga vs gua sha, we would like to remind you about mixing both. Don’t you ever think about practicing face yoga with your gua sha stone?

Gua Sha stone with yoga
Gua Sha stone with yoga

Gua Sha Exercises For Slim Face

Gua sha for face slimming is one of the best natural solutions. But it doesn’t work alone. If you want urgent changes on your face, you should support yourself with the proper diet and workouts alongside Gua Sha crystal facial exercises. 

That might be a noticeable change but you should keep going on with your daily routines. Even if there is no face slimming in the end, you will certainly earn a healthy, bright, and vivid face look.

How to use Gua Sha for Jawline?

First of all, you should pick the right shaped gemstone in order to use it in your gua sha exercises for the jawline. If you do your daily gua sha routine properly, after a while you will notice a better-shaped face and healthy look.

Don’t be deceived by the gua sha jawline before and after. It is a very personal journey to experience. Your skin and cells might work differently, it might take time or you get a result immediately. Never know without trying. 

But don’t forget that Gua sha is an ancient massage type and your gemstone is a natural thing. Moreover, lymphatic drainage is a well-known benefit of Gua sha stone massage. So, it is not only for the face, actually, you can apply it to your whole body.

Gua Sha Stone For Body

Gua sha massages for the back, neck, and face have been very common since ancient Chinese. Now, it has changed a bit. Not harsh like in the past. People are supporting their gentle movements with gemstones and oil serums.

For neck, low neck, and shoulders, you can apply downward. You can learn how to gua sha face and neck in time but don’t forget to be gentle and smooth. Never too much pressure.

Gua Sha Stone For Body
Gua Sha Stone For Body

Can I Use Gua Sha Stone Every day?

Before making a gua sha routine for a daily habit, you should observe your skin and face. If there is no reaction and you see it’s getting better you can use Gua Sha crystal for daily usage.

Gua Sha Morning or Night

Both can be very useful. They have separate benefits. Timing is important, and so are other details. Try both, observe, and explore which one is good for you. You can do both if it works wonders with something for you.

Gua Sha Crystal Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few common mistakes that you should avoid while applying a gua sha stone massage.

  • Don’t do it the wrong way. Your aim is to uplift your skin via a gua sha massage. But thread veins and facial muscles have their own ways of movement and stretching. So follow an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Don’t make too much pressure. Be gentle. Be smooth. Be calm and just relax.
  • Don’t rush it. Take your time.

Don’t apply to an unclean, extra sensitive, or irritated face. If you have dermatological disorders, consult with your consultant before using those facial products.

What should I put on my face before Gua Sha?

You can make a gua sha massage with facial oils, serums, moisturizers, etc. Also, you can put an ordinary gua sha serum on your face. Here are a few popular products 👇🏻

Can you use gua sha with moisturizer?

Yes, you can count gua sha crystal in your moisturizer routine. That’s very common usage. In addition, if you are wondering about when to use gua sha in skin care routine, you can do gua sha while your moisturizing self-care time.

Can you use gua sha without oil?

First of all, you should know that this is not a recommended method. You can do that, but make sure that your skin is moist and slippery. Otherwise, you may damage your dry skin. Trust me, you do not want to see the result of what happens if you don’t use oil for gua sha.

Can you use gua sha with water?

You can use face-hydrated water-based mists if you like. That’s a quick and simple break that will give you some freshness during the day breaks.

Can I use gua sha with rose water?

You can use gua sha gemstones with rose water. This is one of the best traditional and natural solutions. Non-degreased rose waters are highly recommended. You can find the best rose water in Turkey. Isparta, Turkey roses are very famous around the world.

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What kind of serum do you use with a gua sha?

You should prefer serums that have vitamins, collagen, and a hydrating substance. If you need some specific qualities you should prefer what you need. For more clinical products, please visit your consultant.

What is the best oil to use with gua sha?

Your skin type has an important role to choose the best oil to use with gua sha. You can use olive oil for dry skins, and grape seed oil for oily skins. Also, you can check for non-comedogenic oils which don’t block pores.

What happens if you use gua sha without oil?

You don’t need to use oils. You can use other things like rose water, oily water, serums, moisturizers, etc. alongside oils.

How To Clean Gua Sha Crystal?

The easiest cleaning way is washing your gemstone with natural soap or vinegar water for your next gua sha routine.

For more extended ranges you can do deep cleansing for your gua sha stone. Grounding and fumigation are the most common ways to purify your gemstones.

Clean Gua Sha Crystal
Gua sha crystal

How to Preserve Your Gua Sha Crystal?

You can wrap your gua sha crystal on a linen cloth. After that, you can put it in the fridge or a case.

Another preservation way is filling a jar with pure organic soil. Just in case, wash your gemstones before using them.

Last but not least, you can fill a jar with garden sage. It is a very good way to keep negative energies off your gemstone.

Find the Best Gua Sha

As a tagline, let’s mention finding the best gua sha stone for yourself. Now you know the qualities that you seek from a gua sha gemstone and are ready to buy one or a Gua Sha gem set.

Which Gua Sha stone is best?

Remember your needs, expectations, and usage fields. Gemstone crystal types are very important as well. Still, you don’t have to buy your gua sha tool as a healing crystal, you can find on Amazon gua sha stainless steel which is the best gua sha material for travel.

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Gua Sha Near Me

You can find gua sha facial gemstones near you alongside the online stores. The virtue of a physical store is making conversation with the salesperson about the gua sha gemstones and their benefits.

You can book a Gua Sha massage option from a saloon that is near you as well. Or you can pick a voucher that is one click away from you.

What oils do you use for gua sha?

You can use the best gua sha oils that are in harmony with your skin and that are good for you. You can choose skin care oil for gua sha according to your skin type or according to its aroma and benefits. For example, you may be asking what oil to use gua sha with, but there is no single answer to this. The more different skin and skin problems there are, the better gua sha oil there is.

Identify the issue with your skin, if any, and choose dermatologically proven products to be good for it. For instance, there are some popular oils for gua sha acne and generally include tea tree, but however, the importance of the brand of the product comes into play here. If you don’t have a defect in your skin, you can choose the products suitable for your skin type and include them in your daily care.

Can you use essential oils with gua sha?

You can use skin-friendly essential oils for gua sha. Make sure that these oils are covering your expectations and harmonize with your skin. If you experience any allergic reaction, be sure to discontinue use and seek dermatological health care.

Serums and oils for gua sha

Frequently Asked Questions About Gua Sha Stone Usage

Here are some frequently asked questions about Gua Sha stones and their usage. But, let me remind you that every skin is very unique and deserves different and personal care.

Where did Gua Sha originate?

Gua sha massage has survived from traditional Chinese medicine to the present day and has recently become even more popular by being applied with healing stones.

Who invented Gua?

Gua sha was invented in ancient Chinese medicine and has been handed down by traditional practitioners.

Is there scientific evidence for gua sha?

Yes, Gua sha massage has been proven scientifically. According to the research, it promotes collagen growth, reduces stress and tension, relaxes muscles, blood circulation, etc.

How was gua sha used traditionally?

Original Gua Sha massage used to be harder than today. Nowadays Gua Sha has evolved. So, we may have a soft, smooth, relaxing, and pain-free experience massage with Gua Sha.

Does Gua Sha actually work?

It shapes the skin, increases blood circulation, provides lymph drainage, contributes to brighter skin, and relaxes and relaxes the muscles. However, since this is a natural method, it may not be right to expect visible miracles in a short time.

How often should you guasha?

You can start with once a week and then continue two or three times a week if you think it’s good for you. It’s up to you if you want to use it every day.

When should you avoid gua sha?

If you have skin diseases, consult your dermatologist before use. If there are unusual conditions such as skin redness, burning, and swelling, and this situation makes you nervous, it is useful to consult your doctor before using it.

How often should you use gua sha?

It really depends on you. Start with once a week. Then you can create a routine for yourself. There are people who generally get results with every other day use.

When in your routine do you use Gua Sha?

Clean up your face. After that apply your liquid (oils, serums, moisturizers, etc.) and start massaging with your Gua Sha gemstone.

Can you use your Gua Sha every day?

If there is no exceptional situation that prevents you from using it, you can use the Gua Sha massage stone every day. If your skin does not react to the Gua Sha massage, the healing stone, and the care liquid you use, you can use it every day with gentle touches.

What time of day should I use my gua sha?

You can use your Gua Sha stone during the day or night or another time in the day. It is totally up to you. Find your needs then take action. Your personal experience and feelings are the important ones. Of course, it is also important to apply it on clean skin.

Which brand of gua sha Stone is best?

SACHEU Beauty, MoValues, and Fuasha Beauty are the best brands that you can buy Gua Sha tools from Amazon.

Is gua sha worth buying?

If you care about your personal care, you should give it a try. It also supports your face yoga practices. You can also use it as a gemstone in your rituals, energy work, or for ornamental purposes only. You can use it while creating your new-age atmosphere as well.

Is it okay to gua sha every day?

Yes, there is no harm in general. But personal care is a very unique thing that may change from person to person. So just observe the results and then decide whether to keep going or quit.

Does a gua sha do anything?

It is basically a massage type but we mentioned the benefits above. You can read the blog post and also you can purchase it and experience it by yourself. The answer depends on the person.

Does gua sha stimulate collagen?

It may do. Like in yoga practices, your cells promote collagen. But this situation varies according to age, nutrition, gender, and many other factors. In other words, collagen production decreases after a certain age or may come close to stopping, so external supplements may be needed together with movement.

Is gua sha good for your face?

As long as you practice properly, gua sha is good for your face and skin. However, the skin may give allergic reactions to the care substance or the gemstone you use. So it is useful to observe. We need to remember that this is a very very personal experience.

How often should you gua sha your face?

It depends from person to person. You can start once a week. Then you can make it frequently. Do not forget that is a very personal journey.

Can a gua sha change your face?

Surely you may see many changes and benefits as long as you don’t wait for magical things or miracles. Many variables such as time, process, wear, and personal care play an active role in determining whether we can see the effect of things such as gua sha or how soon we can get results.

I cannot say that the use of gua sha stone has changed the contours of my face very significantly. There are those who say that she has changed. But reducing the appearance of sagging, helps me to keep my skin alive and fresh.

Does gua sha make your face sag?

If you practice gua sha properly, not worry about that. However, your skin may sag depending on age, wear, and many other factors. Therefore, if sagging is experienced despite careful and correct application, it may be due to other reasons. Of course, if you have doubts and concerns, it is useful to discuss this with a specialist. I’ve only been an ordinary gua sha user for a few years, and here I mostly share my personal experiences.

Which is better, face yoga or gua sha?

Both are amazing. Anyhow, you can mix them together. Involve your favorite gua sha tools in your regular face yoga practice. Since they have different benefits and returns, it is useful not to give up on both.

Is gua sha like face yoga?

Yes, it is very similar. They have too many common benefits and apply techniques. Both contribute to opening wrinkles. It helps blood circulation in the skin. For a younger and fresher look, do not leave your business to chance and just cosmetics. Also, gua sha stone has a cooling effect on hot summer days. I guess as a Mediterranean person, I can’t give up on this.

Which gua sha stone is best for acne?

Aventurine, emerald, and amethyst crystals have properties for skin relief. However, as a solution to acne, skin care serums with tea tree, rosehip, and grape seed extract are also recommended. Therefore, it is beneficial to add these to your skincare routines.

How do I choose the right gua sha?

First of all, you should determine your needs and expectations from a gemstone and decide on the shape of gua sha. There are gua sha stones with different properties for the face, hair, and body and even for each part of the skin.

The spiritual benefits of crystals may also be a thing to consider and you might want to pay attention to them too.

What type of stone is best for gua sha?

For facial massage, heart-shaped gua sha crystals are the most common ones. However, it is useful to try which shape may be better for you, depending on your face shape and skin expectations. So you can buy a gua sha set and use them all in order to create a routine for yourself.
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What material gua sha should I get?

Either you can choose a gemstone or you can find glass or stainless steel materials. You can buy a stainless steel gua sha for your trips and a gemstone one for a daily routine in your home.

What size gua sha should I get?

For the body, you should choose the big sizes. For facial implements, you can choose regular ones. There are also gua sha stones for babies. So you can get one that covers your needs and usage field.

What stone should my gua sha be?

You can learn more about gemstones for healing crystals’ meanings. Then you can choose the right one for yourself. Every gemstone has different properties. Also, you can prefer your zodiac crystal as well.
Get to know healing crystals better 👉🏻 all gemstones list

What is the best type of gua sha?

Heart-shaped and mushroom-shaped gua sha stones are very popular. If you want to brush your hair with a gua sha stone material, you can prefer crystal gua sha combs.

Which gua sha is better: jade or rose quartz?

For vivid and shiny skin, you may choose rose quartz. It is very suitable for daily usage for normal skins. Jade has a more calming and soothing effect. I recommend green stones for skin that needs repair. such as emeralds, aventurine, and jade.

Does the stone matter in gua sha?

If you have expectations about healing from gemstones, yes the material matters in gua sha. Otherwise, you can just use it as a massage tool.

What is special about gua sha stone?

Gua sha stones shapes and materials are special and mostly designed by experienced people. Each design appeals to another solution and relaxation.

When should you avoid gua sha?

The most important thing that you should avoid about Gua Sha is the over-pressure. Also better not to use it if you have open wounds or other problems on your skin. Those who have recently had a surgical operation should consult their doctor.

Why is jade used for Gua Sha?

Jade has been a very popular gemstone for skin care for many years. It has several benefits alongside concentration. So, it makes people concentrate, balance, and relax. Also, the green color represents love. Green crystals may help you to love yourself and pay attention to your personal care.

How many minutes should you do gua sha for?

You can start with 2 minutes from the beginning. If you want to make it a habit, keep increasing. The key is long-term regular use. If it sounds good to you, keep going.

What can you not do with gua sha?

– Do not apply to dry skin
– Do not suppress gua sha
– Don’t get it wrong gua sha gemstone
– Don’t use it in the wrong direction
-Do not apply to the open wound
-Do not use if broken

When should you avoid gua sha?

If your skin irritates, stop using gua sha. If you have injuries, then don’t use them. If your gua sha crystal is broken, you shouldn’t use it, at least on the broken side. If you are going to use it anyways, it is better to be careful.

Who should not use gua sha?

If you have treatments, surgeries, deep skin diseases, abnormal swelling, burns, etc. please consult a doctor before using gua sha stone. Children and mentally unstable persons should use under supervision. Because small parts can be swallowed, and if broken, it may cause unwanted accidents.

Can gua sha make skin worse?

If you use it wrong, it can make your skin worse. So, apply your gua sha bearing in mind the basics. Still, if there is a worsening condition, it is useful to observe the skin products you use, especially gua sha, and consult a skin specialist.

Should you use a serum with a gua sha?

Yes, you should use a serum, cream, oil, or liquid care product in order to make your skin slippy. If you don’t use those kinds of skin products, visible or invisible unwanted scratches, irritation, etc. may occur on your skin.

What is the best material for gua sha?

For daily and facial usages, crystal gua sha stones can be the best gua sha materials. But if you are going to travel and you want to take something more practical, light, and hard to break, then you can choose different materials such as stainless steel gua sha tools.

Where to buy a gua sha ethically?

Ask if the crystal gemstone shops where you will buy the gua sha stone have a natural stone authenticity certificate. In addition, many internet shops also share various ethical and environmentally friendly certificates for more reliable and transparent shopping. Prefer ecological and sustainable.
Check this fair trade store 👉🏻 ethically sourced gua sha

Do gua sha stones actually work?

This method, which is an indispensable part of Chinese medicine and has been used for years, can work wonders in regular use.
Of course, people are waiting for concrete evidence or measurements, but it seems like personal experience is essential in order to reap the benefits of this wellness tool, which has just become popular again.
I experienced the vitality both in my skin and in my hair with my crystal gua sha stones. Of course, everyone’s experience will be different in this regard.

Do I need a gua sha storage box?

In order to organize your gua sha massage tools, keep them together, and maintain their hygiene, it is beneficial to have a box for them. Of course, this is not a must or a box that you can take time to make yourself at home will also work, but if you are a frequent traveler, you better get a nice box for its integrity and organized protection. Otherwise, undesirable collisions, scratches, breaks, or cracks can damage your products and shorten their life.
Check gua sha travel case

Does the gua sha stone matter?

It’s a very personal experience indeed. So the answer will be personal as well. I use gua sha stones made of cold healing crystals to infuse skin care products into my skin. Their vibration, and the refreshing feeling they give me make me happy. I believe it has a cleansing effect. Also, after every use, those around me say that my face is glowing and colored.

What to listen during your daily gua sha routines?

Best mantra songs can boost your vibe and energy. Either you can play these songs or create your own mixtape in order to play during daily gua sha routines.

What to use with gua sha?

Gua sha oils, face moisturizers, creams, and serums can be used with gua sha stone. Gua sha oils can be more intensive than daily serums, make sure they are suitable for your skin type. 

You can see the affordable face oils for gua sha.

What is gua sha oil?

Gua sha oils have special ingredients and skin-friendly structures suitable for everyday use you can pick one that covers your own wishes, needs, and expectations.

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