COMPLETE Raw Sapphire Stone Guide

Have you ever experienced the miracles of raw sapphire stone before? You should definitely meet this precious stone, which is the symbol of the celestial. In this complete guide, we will tell you all secrets and tips about raw sapphire stone. 

EXPLORE sapphire stone raw

You will be able to learn the sapphire crystal meaning, take a closer look at sapphire tumbled stones benefits, some sapphire uses, loose sapphires, colors, and more! Because sapphire crystal is one of the most precious gemstones and it can be used both for healing or ornament. And many more that you may not even think of.

You can also find more guides on the various colors of sapphire in the section where we talk about the colors. Again, we will be sharing our other blog posts about sapphire with you at the end of this article.

Also, if you are interested in natural stones, you can browse all natural stones with the list of gemstones a-z.

Raw Sapphire Stone Meaning

The meaning of sapphire stone is a precious blue colored corundum or a sky ruby. Raw sapphire has different colors and types besides from blue color but it is the most famous color with matching that precious crystal.

Raw sapphire meaning and history

This royal gem has various stories in history. Of course, it has a long history that it does not end with writing, but let’s share interesting details that can contribute to us here. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

Raw Sapphire Stone Meaning
Raw Sapphire Stone Meaning

A Short Sapphire History and Myths

The fourteenth Lui’s big blue sapphire came from Sri Lanka, not from Bengal, contrary to popular belief. The misinterpretation of this information was due to the fact that the explorers of that period took the stones they mined from Sri Lanka to many eastern countries, especially Iran, and traded these stones there.

Natural sapphire stone meaning is a name derived from sappheiros meaning blue in Greek mythology. Also, rough sapphire stones have high quality hardness at least as much as a diamond.

A Short Sapphire History and Myths
A Short Sapphire History and Myths

Other 5 Interesting Facts About Sapphires

  1. When we consider natural sapphire stones as a mineral, we see that it belongs to the corundum group, a crystalline sesquioxide of aluminum. This is the basic sapphire crystal structure for those who are wondering what is sapphire made of. 
  2. Raw natural sapphire stone’s place is 9 on the Mohs scale and is considered one of the hardest precious gemstones.
  3. Besides being a precious stone used in jewelry, sapphire is also an important mineral used in watch glass production, scientific works, and industry. There are more sapphire uses other than jewelry. 
  4. Cabochon cutting style mostly implements the star sapphire stones. 
  5. Sapphire, which also represents the celestiality of communication, has been used as one of the reference stones of spirituals for thousands of years about the mysteries of the afterlife. 

What Healing Powers Does Sapphire Have?

Crystal healing with sapphire is quite comprehensive. It is not just because of sapphire’s chakra, it is also because of the inclusiveness of the communication theme and the senses it appeals to. But I will try to keep the benefits of sapphire stone as simple as possible.  

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Sapphire stone benefits are generally related to communication, wider aspects, perceptions, immortality, observation, mental health, career, quest, grand scheme and it’s beyond and etc. 

sapphire healing properties
Sapphire healing properties

Sapphire Physical Properties

Sapphire stones physical healing properties are generally related to ear issues, eye issues, speaking, teeth, mind, etc. It is believed that sapphire gemstone is useful for those and also throat issues. It can be used for physical problems originating from the throat chakra, but it can also affect the upper chakras and the heart chakra.

Sapphire Physical Properties
Sapphire Physical Properties

Sapphire Spiritual Properties

Sapphire crystal’s spiritual properties are very heavenly and inner. It ranges from the communication of the person with the divine, to the communication with herself, and then to healing her communication with other people by opening up layer by layer. Sapphire stones have a guiding feature regardless of their color. They are also believed to assist in taking responsibility.

Sapphire Spiritual Properties
Sapphire Spiritual Properties

What does blue sapphire mean spiritually?

Blue sapphire meaning in love is very helpful in order to truly express self, honesty, communication, and talking. It also has a healing effect on subjects such as sleep, insomnia, and dreams.

You can use all sapphire gemstones during money rituals and meditations as well.

Color of Sapphire Stone

Sapphire stone colors are various and are naturally found. If you are wondering about what color is sapphire stone, it has plenty of answers. As I mentioned earlier, sapphire colors are divided into separate colors in blog posts that you can see below.

sapphire stone colors 2
Color of Sapphire Stone

How are sapphires formed? (How does sapphire form?)

Rough sapphires have one of the most hardness rates on the Mohs scale which is 9. A real sapphire can not be scratched easily from a softer stone itself. Real sapphires can only be scratched by stones with a stronger hardness, such as Diamond. The crystal structure of sapphire is very strong. This situation is helping other fields and creating new usage sections for sapphires besides jewelry. 

What does raw sapphire look like?

Raw sapphire stones are very useful in many fields in the world. Either as a processed way or as uncut sapphires. Another significant topic is its shape and form. For instance, cabochon sapphires are very famous. They mostly use this form for the star of India sapphires. Of course for others too. 

There are also some significant sapphires that are extracting different locations in the world which makes them special, rare, and of high quality. Such as Padparadscha sapphire, Teal sapphire, Kashmir sapphire stone, etc. 

Where is sapphire found?

Raw sapphire stone origin in Australia, Brazil, Montana, the US, India, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, etc. Sapphire mostly comes out of the east. A satisfactory sapphire in terms of variety, color, quality, and quantity is extracted from regions such as Burma, Ceylon, and India. Kashmir mine, in the regions stretching from the Northwest of the Himalayas to the sides of Zanskar, is world famous for naming a type of sapphire. In addition, the famous Yogo sapphire is extracted from Yogo Valley, Montana, United States.

Where is sapphire found?
Where is sapphire found?

Sapphire Crystal Affirmations

πŸ’™I am honest.

πŸ’™I am expressing myself correctly.

πŸ’™Honest people will find me

πŸ’™My feelings are flowing effortlessly.

πŸ’™I share my experience.

πŸ’™I can get along with people easily.

πŸ’™I am choosing the language of love

πŸ’™I’m kind and open manner.

πŸ’™I choose to listen to each other and to understand.

πŸ’™I understand what I’m facing.

πŸ’™I express myself in the best way possible.

πŸ’™I have a strong bond with the divine.

Meditation with Sapphire Loose Stones

One of the best ways for chakra meditation is using crystal gems sapphire raw stone. Either you can choose for a more holistic meditation using sapphire stones or work with raw sapphire stone for more locational. It is totally up to you. But don’t forget to include sapphire gemstone affirmations that are written above. Pick plenty of suitable ones for your meditation concept and involve them before starting or spreading them out in your meditation session. 

What to do with raw sapphires?

Money rituals for wealth are one of the best options to expose raw sapphire crystal power.

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Sapphire Loose Stones
Sapphire Loose Stones

Tarot with Sapphire

Sapphire pendants are very popular recently. Either you can use pendants or sapphire pocket stones, or you can spread some wisdom and longsightedness into your tarot readings. Remember, sapphire is the stone of celestial communication. Thereby, it can be that gemstone that will be your best and the luckiest assistant during your tarot sessions.

USE raw white sapphire for clairvoyance & SEE tarot deck with astrological symbols

Sapphire Birth Month

Sapphire birthday month is in May. But some of them are confused about what sapphire is for what month and they are right. Sapphire birthstone has a few days from the last week of April.

Sapphire Birth Month
Sapphire Birth Month

Sapphire Stone Zodiac

Some sources say that the sapphire stone is also the stone of the Virgo sign. Virgo sapphire stone can be a teacher, especially for those signs. Sapphire september birthstone teaches internal communication to Virgo and Libra but it is not limited to that. Raw sapphire gemstones can act as a variable helper for different signs of the zodiac.

Blue sapphire for Sagittarius

It is definitely the blue sapphire that aligns the Sagittarius signs, who are quite scattered in their thoughts and desires. It is known as a stone where all Sagittarius who avoid taking responsibility in their relationships can heal their relations and communication with their partners.

Yellow sapphire for Scorpio ascendant

Yellow sapphire for Scorpio ascendant is a good choice. Scorpios need to file their strengths from time to time and soften their tough appearance. Yellow sapphire can give them the vitality and sociability they need. All without the need for an inside conversion. Because we know that both sapphire and Scorpio zodiac signs have very hard and difficult to overcome characters.

Yellow sapphire for Gemini

Gemini’s need for a yellow sapphire comes not from a lack of communication, but from excess. If the Gemini zodiac signs who talk a lot and talk about unnecessary topics at length need to balance themselves, they should definitely benefit from the beauties of this sapphire rock.

Gemini for Sapphire Stone
Gemini for Sapphire Stone

Sapphire Chakra Meaning

Raw sapphire chakra meaning is more than just one chakra because of its colors. It represents mainly the throat chakra but it also represents others. For instance,

Yellow sapphire chakra πŸ‘‰πŸ» solar plexus chakra

White sapphire chakra πŸ‘‰πŸ» crown chakra

Pink sapphire chakra πŸ‘‰πŸ» heart chakra

Orange sapphire chakra πŸ‘‰πŸ» sacral chakra

Star sapphire chakra πŸ‘‰πŸ» mostly the throat chakra but you can work with them in a more general frame as well. 

Sapphire Cleaning

Sapphire cost is not so cheap, so is cleaning.Β  Some sapphire studies show that daily cleaning is not bad, but for long-term cleaning, it is useful to bring the jewelry to the experts. After washing with soapy warm water and rinsing, drying with a cloth will be enough for daily cleaning.

How to cleanse crystals in several ways?

Fake Sapphire vs Real

The best way is to recognize a gemstone if it is sapphire or not, firstly learning its Mohs scale. For instance, the sapphire Mohs scale is 9. This situation can be one of the biggest determinants of the raw sapphire stone.

It would be beneficial to show a “sapphire” with air bubbles to an expert. Also, synthetic sapphires and lab created sapphire loose stones can be of very high quality in a perfect look. If we compare other mineral vs sapphire crystals we can see that sapphire can be scratched by some other gemstones which have a more hardness degree from raw sapphire stone. 

How to Use Raw Sapphire Stone?

Either as a raw crystal or processed sapphire stone, you will be able to find many usage fields of sapphire. It cannot be denied that it has a mystical texture, as well as being a precious stone. You can find many usages according to the picture of sapphire stone.

The Sapphire stone aesthetic is also important. But there are more important things than looks. Such as harmonizing with others. Raw sapphire stone is mostly matching up with amethyst crystal and citrine pocket stone.

Suggested Sapphire Products List

Sapphire jewelry has been very popular since old times. If I would like to check, I am sure that I can find many stores for sapphires near me. Sapphire rings are one of the famous products in jewelry stores. But sapphire tennis bracelets are getting popular day by day as well. Natural sapphire diamond products are also timeless pieces in the gem markets!

You may also enjoy πŸ‘‰πŸ» Sapphire Crystal Watches

Sapphire Necklaces

It is the first sapphire stone necklace that comes to mind for everyone who wants to complete their elegance with an elegant, noble and wise look. 

The good thing is that there is a choice for every budget in sapphire pendant necklaces. It will probably be relatively more expensive if combined with other intrinsically valuable stones.

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Star Sapphire Raw

Raw star sapphire can be used as an object or you can make jewelry from this unique gemstone.

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Sapphire Stone Price

Raw sapphire stone prices can be various because of its origin. But it has a price like 50 USD more or less. Some region’s sapphire prices are relatively expensive. They should be considered separately.

Prices of sapphires for sale can be changed according to their treatment. They can be more expensive in the luxury jewelry class when they meet with other gemstones.

The fact that sapphire is one of the most precious stones and that it is used not only in jewelry but also in industrial areas such as watchmaking is one of the details that makes it such an expensive thing. Sapphire crystal price is also affected by its carat and the other materials and natural stones it meets.

While we are talking about the star sapphire stone, it is impossible not to mention it. 

Those mystical sapphire gemstones are very rare, that’s why they have an upper price than others. For instance, you can see the black star sapphire price from here.

Frequently Asking Questions About Raw Sapphire Stone Guide and Healing Properties

Here are some frequently asked questions about sapphire stone. Of course, this is not the only thing. Let’s meet in the comments if you have any questions.

What is special about a sapphire?

Sapphire is one of the most precious stones in the world. It is important not just because of its value, it is also an important stone for spiritual healing. Sapphire, a hard and precious stone that is frequently used in industry, is really important.

Does sapphire break easily?

No. Sapphire, which is 9 on the Mohs scale, is one of the hardest and most valuable stones after diamond. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be damaged. For this reason, maintenance and careful use is a detail that extends the life of a sapphire material.

Can you damage a sapphire?

Yes. If you apply enough force and pressure, you can damage a sapphire. It can also be scratched and damaged by harder gemstones than sapphire itself (such as diamond). The fact that it has a solid place in hardness like 9 on the Mohs scale does not mean that it will not be harmed.

Why is sapphire so valuable?

It’s because of the supply and demand issue. However, this demand is not only in the jewelry sector but also in a watch glass and frequently used in different areas of the industry, sapphire is indeed a solid and valuable stone.

How rare is a sapphire stone?

Even though sapphire is rarer than diamonds, it has some types and colors that are more rare and valuable in the world. However, the potential for use of sapphire is enormous. So this makes lab-made or synthetic sapphires possible and even necessary.

Can you wear sapphires everyday?

You can wear sapphires everyday, unless you have bad feelings about that. The sapphire shops and other gemstone places offer you many options about sapphire products and ornaments as well.

Does sapphire last forever?

Sapphires can also be corrupted or destroyed. Of course, it takes extra effort to damage it. Sapphire is not a stone that can be easily destroyed or you want to destroy.

What are the healing powers of sapphire?

Subjects such as wealth, nobility, wisdom, communication, calmness, trust, purity are one of the subjects where a sapphire can develop a person spiritually. In physical terms, it is believed that the sapphire crystal, which is the representation of the throat chakra, contributes to the individual especially in the throat area and the five sense organs.

What is sapphire stone good for?

Sapphire stone, which is believed to contribute to the person in spiritual communication and career issues, can help the person in putting the disruptions in the cornerstones of communication such as vision and hearing in order.

What is sapphire crystal used for?

Sapphire crystal is not only a healing stone. In addition to being a precious stone by far in the jewelry industry, it is also a stone used in industry and frequently preferred due to its durability. It is also widely used in making watch glasses.

What color sapphire is best?

Every sapphire color has its own unique properties. Well, that’s why it is a bit of a difficult question. But let’s make it clear through expectations.
For peace based relations πŸ‘‰πŸ» green sapphire stone
For purity and clearness πŸ‘‰πŸ» white sapphire
For protection and deep understanding πŸ‘‰πŸ» black sapphire stone
For warmhearted relationships πŸ‘‰πŸ» pink sapphire crystal
For a passionate communication πŸ‘‰πŸ» red sapphire stone
For more energy and active life πŸ‘‰πŸ» yellow sapphire stone
For every form of communication πŸ‘‰πŸ» blue sapphire stone
For love’s depth, universality, and timelessness πŸ‘‰πŸ» brown sapphire stone
For existence and essence of life πŸ‘‰πŸ» orange sapphire crystal

Is sapphire an expensive stone?

Yes. Sapphire is one of the most precious gemstones. But there are more precious gemstones than sapphires like diamonds. Also, ruby is an expensive stone as sapphire but the important detail is their process.

What does a raw sapphire look like?

Raw sapphire crystal looks pale and as if there was a layer of white powder on it. Whether is raw red sapphire or other colors, you will be able to see this pale image.

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