Everything About Amethyst Crystal Properties

Amethyst crystal properties are surprisingly genuine, unique, and several. Amethyst is a rare form of quartz crystal gemstone. 

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However, amethyst is not a rare stone when compared with other precious stones and crystals. Therefore, it is not very expensive. Regardless of its material value, it is a fact that it is a very important stone in terms of strength.

Amethyst quartz is a demanded stone in both spiritual and jewelry matters. That means that if you haven’t heard of its name until now, it is unlikely that you will hear it from now on.

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Amethyst Stone Meaning

Amethyst stone meaning comes from the Greek root to get drunk. The word, which is negated by the letter “a” at the beginning, means not intoxicating. According to Greek mythology, if you drink from a cup made of amethyst, you don’t get drunk. As you can see, the protective feature of amethyst dates back to mythology.

Of course, amethyst energy properties are more than that. Let’s dive into this and see what does the crystal amethyst do.

Amethyst Powers

Amethyst crystal’s roots come from protection and spread to courage. Because this is the kind of protection that keeps the energy flowing rather than holding it. It has an effect that regulates the energy flow of the user and unblocks them.

It gives the user self-confidence so that he can walk boldly in unknown waters. It is a stone that opens space to one’s potential. I will explain in more detail the benefits of the amethyst section below, but it is useful to know that it is officially a dream stone that answers many needs.

Amethyst Stone Meaning
Amethyst Stone

Amethyst Properties and Uses (Amethyst Stone Benefits)

Amethyst benefits are divided into various branches but mainly, it helps the person to digest the essence of existence. Therefore, it opens the door to realization and awareness. However, it marks the beginning of a mental transformation.

Amethyst Crystal Properties

Amethyst, the stone of courage, offers a heart-opening experience to the person who uses it. It teaches to take responsibility and encourages the person to get behind the wheel of their life.

Uses of amethyst gemstone

It is definitely the kind of stone that will transform meditation and yoga practices. It is also said to have a positive effect on sleep quality. You can use your raw amethyst crystal as an object or decor. Also, you can use it in the living room, hall, other rooms, windowsills, altars, and more.

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Amethyst Crystal with Yoga
Amethyst Crystal with Yoga

Amethyst Healing Properties

Crystal healing method is very alternative and spiritual. Don’t take it as any advice or guidance. Please keep in mind that everyone’s experience is unique. Before you decide or try, listen to your inner voice as well.

Benefits of amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful detox stone. It ensures the correct channeling and discharge of anger. Amethyst is known to be good for stress and depression. In addition, there are beliefs that amethyst stone is good for physical health. This gemstone can help you to change your life.

Amethyst Healing Properties
Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst Benefits For Skin

The calming and relaxing properties of the amethyst gemstone are also valid for the skin. It is rejuvenating and regenerating properties combine with the mystical aspect of the stone to contribute to revitalizing and clearing skin. Moreover, the amethyst stone is used to help you to break bad habits. As I told you before, this gemstone has superbly strong and mystical vibes.

Particularly, amethyst gua sha and rollers are very popular nowadays. Either other variations or dark purple amethyst gua sha benefits will take effect in a short time. Amethyst protection is very powerful either for the body or soul.

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Amethyst Benefits For Skin
Amethyst Benefits For Skin

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

It also provides metaphysical benefits to those who want to strengthen their aura and bring vitality and glow to their energy. There are several topics for amethyst stone benefits of wearing it.

Amethyst for depression

Amethyst’s relaxing effect is widely known in the world. However, for a serious issue like depression, you should first get psychological and physical therapies or treatments and then you can work with amethyst if it makes you feel good to do so. Remember, crystal gems are only a link between us and our intentions.

Amethyst for sobriety

Amethyst sobriety meaning is something that will allow you to go a little deeper and discover yourself. In this way, you can increase your awareness and make your view of the world more moderate. Achieving such a vision will affect your whole life experience.

Amethyst psychic abilities

By the way, amethyst psychic abilities are other uses of amethyst. You can concentrate to boost your spiritual power through amethyst frequency. Especially in telepathy, telekinesis, and clairvoyance studies, it can help you increase concentration and isolate yourself from the outside world.

Amethyst stone who can wear

There are many amethyst benefits of wearing and you can see this gemstone in many lightworkers or energy work practitioners.

Different Colors of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst natural stone is known as the stone of energy, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment with its purple color, which is one of the most common and actual.

Amethyst Brazil meaning can be a mark for the origin and quality of this gemstone. But there are many amethyst sources in the world that might be of high or low quality.

Purple amethyst is actually considered rare in itself. Because amethyst is a type of quartz. Therefore, some color changes may occur due to heat and other factors during the processing of the minerals in the quartz content. It is said that this enables the formation of amethyst gemstones of different colors.

Moreover, there are some lab amethysts that are saturated with gamma rays when coloring. So if you have something like this, it is better to not wear it all the time and should be cleaned frequently.

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  1. Purple amethyst (most popular)
  2. White amethyst
  3. Yellow amethyst
  4. Rainbow amethyst
  5. Blue amethyst
  6. Red amethyst
  7. Grape amethyst
  8. Green amethyst
  9. Lilac amethyst (Lavender amethyst)
Different Colors of Amethyst Gemstone 1
Different Colors of Amethyst Gemstone

Dark amethyst will help you in deeper and more intense spiritual work. In the beginning, it is useful to prefer light amethysts.

The amethyst shape can affect amethyst crystal qualities as well. In addition, its shape has an important place in what you are going to use it for. This is one of the most significant amethyst facts.

Lilac Cape Amethyst Meaning

It is a type of amethyst that should be preferred for wisdom that has no end and has one beginning and end. 

Lilac amethyst; represents understanding and being understood, empathy, wisdom, helping each other, spiritual development, healing the past, and looking at oneself from an outside perspective. In fact, it is the fuel for the bridge of love and wisdom that connects us to others.

Also, you can buy amethyst gemstones according to their origin in places like African amethyst, Brazilian amethyst, and Siberian amethyst. 

White amethyst crystal meaning

White amethyst is considered to be a very important crystal in terms of focusing and clearing the mind in the abstract plane. At the same time, it has found its place as a special stone in spiritual studies and bodily healing searches.

Amethyst Crystal Affirmations (Amethyst Intentions)

Intentions for amethyst must be served for the sake of the whole. Otherwise, people may lose their evolution and awareness by valuing her wisdom from a selfish position. Setting your amethyst crystal intentions and blending them with the universe is very important. Repeat those affirmations while you are holding your amethyst for manifestation.

Affirmations for amethyst

🌟I am in harmony with my higher self.

🌟I trust the wisdom of the guide within me.

🌟I am comfortable and calm.

🌟My inner peace is in balance.

🌟All I need is with me.

Amethyst Affirmations For Anxiety

🌟I’m healthy and happy. I’m ready for the rest I need.

🌟I completely love and accept my body.

🌟I am full of radiant health and energy.

Amethyst Affirmation For Sleep

🌟I immerse myself in the depth of the night and the wisdom of the moon.

You can also combine spiritual numbers and mirrored numbers with your spiritual practices.

Meditation with Amethyst

You can put your amethyst crystal on your altar and you can continue your meditation routine. Also, you can wear your raw or jewelry amethyst during your yoga and meditation practices with or without affirmations. You can focus on the third eye part or crown chakra. It is up to you.

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Meditating with amethyst

After doing your daily breathing exercise, sit down for your meditation practice. Focus on the third eye and the crown chakra. Visualize white and purple colors with lights.

In the meantime, either touch your stone or keep it on your altar or near you. Make sure it is within your energy field. Thus, you will be able to access the properties of amethyst crystal.

Amethyst aura meaning

Amethyst aura meaning is representing very strong energy and personality. It indicates that you are a sensitive and deep soul emotionally. Souls with amethyst auras have something profound and sublime to learn in their life experiences.

Meditation with Amethyst Stone
Meditation with Amethyst Stone

Amethyst and Tarot

If you are a tarot lover like me, you should try using amethyst gemstone during your Tarot spreads. You can ask questions with amethyst tarot card meaning. You can use your amethyst necklace pendant if you have or you can use any form of amethyst. The important thing is your intention. 


An uncut amethyst gemstone can feed your card with intense energy and knowledge. On the other hand, an amethyst pendant can lead you even further than you imagine. 

If you don’t have an amethyst pendulum you can use other forms of amethyst for Tarot readings. For instance, you can use a raw amethyst ring, natural amethyst crystal ring, etc. with a chain. Here is a simple ask your pendulum for Tarot. Through crystals, you can gain the ability to interpret and insight.

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Wearing amethyst benefits

Wearing amethyst crystal during tarot sessions is very powerful in order to connect with divine energy. I highly recommend dark amethyst, to those who have experienced amethyst in a spiritual way already.

Creating spiritual strength is one of the best black amethyst properties as well. It can be particularly beneficial in meditation, clairvoyance, money rituals, tarot, and chakra energy practices.

Which day to wear amethyst stone?

The strongest days for amethyst are the interim days such as Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Of course, it can also be used on the start and end days, but it is known that it makes an extra contribution to keep the internal energy in balance and to cope with every day on passing days.

Amethyst and Tarot
Amethyst and Tarot

Amethyst Zodiac (Amethyst Birthstone Month)

Amethyst is February’s birthstone and amethyst month zodiacs really have courage, wisdom, and self-balance deep down. The light kind of amethyst gives them healthy relationships and good communication. The dark kind of that gemstone makes them find inner peace, balance, and bravery.

Aquarius Gemstone

Aquarius gemstone amethyst can be any color. A change in color does not lose anything of the value of its healing. Aquarius signs will be satisfied with the wisdom of amethyst on the open path given by their courage.

Amethyst crystal is not only the gemstone of Aquarius, it can work well with other signs as well. Amethyst stone makes brighten the abilities of the influential of Venus and Mercury especially, making the fire and earth group more attractive.

Amethyst Properties Chakra

Amethyst is a precious stone where you can discover the depth and nobility of your soul, and will encourage you to heal yourself, and will also open up a wider space for your wisdom.

Chakra amethyst

Amethyst chakras are ajna chakra and crown chakra. The good part is that you can work with amethyst crystal for a holistic chakra experience besides these two. 

Powerful Spiritual Necklaces

Amethyst grief practices can also make with chakra meditations. Because, once you’ve healed chakras, you’ll be able to heal your life vision too.

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Amethyst Cleanse and Charge

You can clear amethyst with water that flows, you can use incensing or grounding methods to purify your crystal. One day of grounding will be enough for your stone.

How do you recharge amethyst?

Waiting under the light of a full moon or daylight is the most powerful way in order to charge amethyst.

Fake vs Real Amethyst

The real amethyst is cold. You can touch it to your skin. Fake amethyst will warm. Also, the real one can scratch the glass surfaces. If it is real, it isn’t supposed to be damaged. 

How to use amethyst stone?

You can use amethyst stones as skin products like gua sha or face roller. Also, you can wear them as jewelry or accessories. On the flip side, big amethyst crystals can be used as home decor or meditation objects on altars. 

In addition, combining amethyst with other stones will direct and expand its field of benefit. It is a stone that should be met by anyone who wants to get closer to themselves.

What are the uses of amethyst with other gemstones?

Although amethyst works in harmony with many stones and is effective, its harmony with some stones can be extra effective. Here are some of them.

Aquamarine and amethyst together

Amethyst and aquamarine can work together well. Cleaning negative spaces, creating clear communication and relationships, and better linking with the inner self are just a few of the benefits of the aquamarine and amethyst combination.

Amethyst and bloodstone

Bloodstone heliotrope and amethyst are an amazing couple for the courage with wisdom. Harness the power of these two stones to make wise and courageous decisions for the future and build a better and determined self.

Amethyst and citrine combination

Citrine and amethyst can be a sign of eternal abundance. When inner healing is strengthened by the abundance of your home, a person may emerge who embraces the environment the person lives in and experiences wealth materially and spiritually. You can combine citrine stone affirmations with amethyst affirmations.

Amethyst and citrine together meaning

This couple is an energy and vibration booster with wisdom and a clever sense of intuition. If you want to attract money and success into your life together, this energy combination is the perfect fit.

Green aventurine and amethyst together

You can gather up blessings, refreshments, purification, and calm together if you choose to combine green aventurine and amethyst stones. Either you can use green aventurine and amethyst gua sha tools or mix affirmations of crystals.

Amethyst and ruby combination

Ruby can work with amethyst gemstones well. It will be a very effective combination for those who want to combine passion with meaning and move their lives to a different point. Tarot readings with ruby crystal are amazing in themselves. Mix ruby and amethyst for better and more fascinating tarot readings.

Amethyst black tourmaline

Black tourmaline and amethyst are amazing couples for protection. You can protect yourself and your places from evil eye and negative energies through the black tourmaline amethyst combination.

Charoite vs Amethyst

If you are looking for both an inner and an outer change, you can combine these two stones. While the charoite stone contributes to a more tangible and measurable transformation, the wisdom and awareness that are the inner gain of the amethyst must be crowned with this external change.

Suggested Amethyst Stone Products

The amethyst stone price depends on the product and processing type. But everyone can find something which is made of amethyst for themselves. Here are some unique and affordable amethyst gemstone gift ideas either for your beloved ones or for yourself!

🎁Amethyst promise ring: An amethyst proposal can be very meaningful while you are taking the next step in your relationship. An amethyst engagement ring can integrate courage and wisdom into you.

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🎁Amethyst crystal bracelet: This is one of the best forms of amethyst tumbled stone. You can combine a rose amethyst next to your smartwatch or a chic watch in your daily life.

Amethyst healing crystal bracelet

🎁Amethyst crystal necklace: A real amethyst necklace can be a key to protection and inner wisdom. An Amethyst stone necklace is a very unique and significant gift idea for your friends, especially for their birthdays or anniversaries. 

🎁Amethyst stone ring: Women and men can wear amethyst rings confidently. Amethyst cost depends on the form and other materials that are used in jewelry. For instance, an amethyst diamond ring might be higher prices than simple ones. Even so, quality is another important detail. Amethyst gold rings might be more expensive than silver ones.

An amethyst crystal ring means a lot but it also depends on your intentions as well. An amethyst wedding ring is one of the greatest amethyst gifts and also you can try your luck with a vintage amethyst ring as well. 

🎁Amethyst cluster crystal: Amethyst cluster crystals are gorgeous decors order to create a new age atmosphere. Sinks made from raw amethyst clusters or mass are getting popular day by day in order to adapt your bathroom to new bohemian style.

That’s all from me. So, what do you think about raw and polished amethysts? How is your own experience with this magical gemstone? Do you have any comments about amethyst crystal properties? Feel free to comment below!

Amethyst stone jewelry
Amethyst stone jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions About Amethyst Crystal Properties

Here are some top-asked questions about amethyst gemstone benefits.

What is the amethyst crystal good for?

Amethyst crystal is good, especially for intentions to quit bad habits, negative energy, stress discharge, increase courage, and more.

What does amethyst protect you from?

Amethyst protects you from negative energies and hard-pressed feelings. So you can unlock your blockages, and get a balanced life and sustainable inner peace.

What energy does amethyst hold?

It keeps good energy and fresh vibes which includes courage, inner peace, and balance. With the light color of amethyst, you can get good and healthy communication with others, and increase your social life quality. With the darker color of amethyst, you will be able to access the wisdom of your higher self. 

Amethyst is for what month?

Amethyst’s birth month is February.

What are 3 uses for amethyst?

🔮Break a habit
🔮Negative energy cleansing

What is a good intention for amethyst?

Good intentions can be affirmations, prayers, meditation sessions, or something that comes from your heart.

How do I set intentions for crystals?

You can set your intentions to your cleansed or charged crystals. They can be verbal or written which is totally up to you.

What does it mean if you give an amethyst to someone?

It means I support your existence and insights. You are on the right path because it is your own path. Fill your heart with courage and open it to unknown beauties.

What are the amethyst stones that benefit astrology?

It has features such as increasing awareness and protecting the user against psychic attacks.

What are the amethyst stone benefits in Islam?

Amethyst gemstone has no place in Islam. You can check for other precious and semi-precious stones like pearl, carnelian, ruby,  turquoise, etc.

How to use amethyst for menstrual cramps?

You can use it regionally as well as in your meditation sessions. It is believed that it will balance the adrenaline hormone and give calmness to the body.

Who can wear an Amethyst?

Anyone can wear amethyst but there are some important points to mention about. You should consult your doctor before wearing processed amethyst because some amethyst has different UV irradiation operations. Also, you should be aware that the dust of amethyst may cause allergic reactions.

Is Amethyst a lucky stone?

Sort of. It is a stone for brave, good habit building, and a positive feeling maker. So it is kind of a lucky stone as well. But for a more intense impact, you can combine amethyst with other crystals.

What does wearing amethyst do for you?

Amethyst gemstone can be shaped according to your intentions. Amethyst for grief can be a very powerful object to reflect or flow your feelings and spiritual energy. Also, the amethyst friendship trimmer can one-on-one to clear the negative effects of the social environment that consciously or unconsciously invade your energy field.
Amethyst crystal dream meaning can be a sign for be aware of negative thoughts around you. You can try to protect yourself from the evil eye by wearing an amethyst gemstone.

Can I combine amethyst and black tourmaline together?

Pairing amethyst and black tourmaline is certainly a good combination. In particular, it can create an effect that will block the chronic fatigue, negative energy, and the evil eyes of the people around you who are jealous of you.

Where can I find the amethyst stone Tallinn?

You can find a wide gemstone and rock collection in Tallinn in Esoteerikakauplus Source and Kristallipesa. They offer a pleasant shopping experience with their central location, affordable prices, and wide product portfolio.

What properties does amethyst have?

Here are some interesting properties of amethyst crystals.
Amethyst sobriety stone: This stone, which teaches us to return and evolve with its soothing effect, is indeed used as a stone of sobriety. You can create your awareness through amethyst and meditation.
Amethyst fertility: You can practice with amethyst crystals for abundance, wealth, and fertility as well. Set your amethyst intentions and choose the right fertility affirmations that you feel deeply.
Amethyst creativity can be used in spiritual or artistic works, at home, or in workspaces. Personalize creative places with spiritual healing stones.

What does amethyst evil eye meaning?

Amethyst calming is the most significant effect that first comes to mind. This calming contributes to pause and reflection, awareness, and understanding of what is causing it. If your troubles and evil eye are external, you can see them and say goodbye to this heavy and invisible tiredness that is covered with the wisdom and courage of amethyst. If you are experiencing issues in your work life, you can carry an amethyst polished stone in your bag.

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