7 Inspirational Buddha Quotes on Karma in English

Let me introduce you to the wisdom of 7 inspirational Buddha quotes on karma in English. Buddha is a significant figure to understand spiritual growth and enlightenment. The teachings of Buddha can teach us many moral laws of the universe and accept existence but in this guide, we mainly focus on Karma which is related closely to action and reaction or cause and effect. 

Buddha and Karma

We will find meaning in Buddha’s compassionate words as we experience the direct and indirect consequences of actions through these 7 inspirational Buddha quotes on karma to address them with a more holistic approach. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

7 Inspirational Buddha Quotes on Karma in English

Here are seven inspirational Buddha quotes on karma and other areas both spiritual and daily life. Because while karma is just a definition on its own, I aim to open a door on how we can integrate Buddha on karma quotes into our lives as well.

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1. Buddha Quotes on Connection

One of the famous Buddha quotes about speaking can help us to understand karma with connections between words, actions, thoughts, and silence. 

“No matter how many scriptures you read, how much you speak, what good is it if you don’t act on them?”


Word, intent, thoughts, speaking, silence, acting, non-action… All of this is karma. Karma tells about the inevitability of the thought-action cycle. Sometimes with silence, sometimes with noise, and sometimes with actions… 

Quotes about karma in English can help us to understand life…

Everything starts with a thought, but action means a lot at the tip of the iceberg. Talking is also an action. Not only physical actions do harm. Sometimes words also hurt the other person. Talking without thinking. Not keeping promises made. For this reason, consistency is everything. Consistency is inner peace, connection is karma.

Buddha Quotes on Connection
Buddha Quotes on Connection

2. Buddha Motivational Quotes

No attachment to someone. Even to yourself. But first, you have to get rid of other weights. The unnecessary burdens of the past, the traumas you are tired of carrying, the unnecessary responsibilities. Because:

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can, no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” 


Look, my dear spiritual friend. Everyone’s path is unique and must be walked. So action is unavoidable. So does karma. Nobody will walk this road for you. You must learn to take responsibility.

Buddha karma quotes bring awareness and understanding.

You should stop asking why everything is happening to me and get out of the victim mentality. The issues of attachment and dependency should also be examined. We, humans, tend to cling to our unnecessary burdens as well. But no, now is not the time to walk this road with those heavy loads on our shoulders.

Buddha quotes about karma

It’s time to wake up and take the steering wheel of our lives. This is one of the most inspired quotes by Buddha. Both for karma and the entire life in a holistic way.

Buddha Motivational Quotes
Buddha Motivational Quotes

3. Buddha Quotes on Relationship

Our karma space is flexible. For me, fateful events are not drawn sharply and clearly. Our relationships are affected by billions of possibilities, sometimes as a butterfly effect or sometimes as a domino. Every new possibility will give a new shape to our karmas.

“Your aim in life is to find your purpose and give it all your heart and soul.”


Although we seem to perform our actions personally, we humans are the children of society. We strive to gain a place in society, to consolidate, and sometimes to change that place. Every step we take for ourselves will affect others as well. If we do this with our whole heart, soul, and creativity while we seek meaning for ourselves, we will touch others in a good way.

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Let go with your love. And do not expect a return or response immediately. Because it may not have come because there is no time yet, maybe it will never come, and maybe it has already arrived, but you don’t know. Just live for the moment. Lovingly.

Buddha Quotes on Relationship
Buddha quotes on karma images

4. Buddha Quotes on Life

The smallest particle in the universe is related to each other. In other words, karma gives us the clue that the consequences of our actions and behaviors will affect the world, shaping our future experiences and the world we will experience. As Buddha said:

“Anything exists completely on its own; everything is related to everything else.”


This is life. The world doesn’t turn for one person. We make the world meaningful together. Interdependence transforms karma. 

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Buddha Quotes on Life
Gautam Buddha quotes karma

5. Buddha Quotes on Truth

The action is a boomerang. Karma is true. Nothing in life is left unpaid. Forgiveness is a jewel for inner peace.

“Everything we are is the result of what we think: it is built on our thoughts and is made up of our thoughts. If a person speaks or acts with an evil thought, suffering follows them as the wheel follows the hoof of the beast that draws the wagon…. If a person speaks or acts with a good thought, happiness follows them like a shadow that never leaves.”


What goes around comes around. Violence produces violence. To forgive is a virtue. This is the issue that we have the most difficulty with, that we are angry about, that we think we have been wronged, and that our reproaches and feelings are very, very right.

Karma quotes Buddha: A breakthrough

But the answer to the karma question of the test of life is forgiveness. If you do not want to encounter the same questions again and again in the future, you will at least have the opportunity to say goodbye to a subject you have been tested on.

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Buddha Quotes on Truth
Buddha quotes karma images

6. Buddha Quotes on Good Karma

Good karma can be created at any moment. Any time. Every day that we live. 

“Every morning we’re born again. However, what we do today is what matters most.” 


This quote is perhaps one of the most illuminating quotes for the relationship between karma and the self-improvement of a human. Because if a person changes, that affects karma. If the family changes, society changes. If society changes, the world will change. It has an enormous butterfly effect. Can’t you see?

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Buddha Quotes on Good Karma
Buddha Quotes on Good Karma

7. Buddha Quotes on Peace

Where do peace and tranquility come first? From the inside or the outside? There is a double effect here. But the things that affect the individual’s efforts are also multiple.

“Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.” 


One of the Buddha quotes in Nepali, exposes many secrets. Before the action, during the action, after the action… The thought was always there. It will continue to exist always. 

If we go back to the beginning, in the first quote we talked about; is thoughts, intentions, desires, those who take action, those who fail, disappointments, and happiness, all of these are karma. Becoming conscious of karma is an important AWARENESS. 

This is mindfulness. Mind your thoughts, inner peace, existence, value, and the earth. 

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Buddha Quotes on Peace
Buddha Quotes on Peace

Loyalty Karma Buddha Quotes in Everyday Life

In addition to these seven words of Buddha associated with karma, let’s take a look at how we can stay true to their teachings in our daily lives. What areas can we practice in? How can we recognize karma by exploring deeply what is appropriate for ourselves?

If you, like me, are a yoga instructor and a healer guide, I understand very well that you may get stuck at times while preparing a lesson concept. Because I feel the same thing sometimes. 

Sometimes the same can happen to spiritual conversations. Healing and energy work may be more easily tolerated because it is more spontaneous. But in that case, you may want to make a nice and appropriate quote to the person and moment you are communicating with. You can use these words at those times and sometimes when you want to raise your mood with the oriental philosophy.

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Karma in daily life

So I made a little compilation for you. In the list below, you can see how you can blend these words with topics and concepts that you may not have thought about before, or how you can discover different things with my comments.

You can take advantage of the wisdom of karma teachings in the following areas:

  • While preparing the theme for our yoga and meditation class
  • Kundalini reiki or other energy works

These words can be of use to you in areas in addition to the ones we have listed, and they are important in terms of raising awareness even if you think about it. Internalizing Buddha’s teachings about karma is one step towards understanding life and getting a little closer to the present moment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inspirational Buddha Quotes on Karma

Yes, my dear spiritual friend, if you have come this far, either you liked what I wrote, or you still did not find what you were looking for. I hope my first guess is right. If not, don’t worry, here are some more questions I’ll try to answer below regarding Buddha and karma. If there is anything else you are looking for or something you want to share, we can continue our conversation in the comments.

What did Buddha say about karma?

There is one more which is one of the best lord Buddha quotes on karma and it is a bit funny actually. Buddha said, “Karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve.” This quote deserves a big congratulations. It really could not have been summed up better.

The reason why I don’t go into this subject in this article is this. There is a lot of confusion about the working process of karma. I did not want to include this word in the main part of the article without clarifying this situation, so I included it here.

Can a Buddhist say karma?

Buddhist belief in karma is one of the ideas that I feel closer to. They can say karma, it is not forbidden. They can express it in the right way at the right time. This develops very good teaching and brings with it good insight.

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Buddha Quotes on Karma in English

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