Is Karma real in love? Learn how to build romantic futures

Is karma real in love and how does karma work in relationships? Although the answer to these questions is inclusive in life itself, it deserves to be examined closely to get answers to some specific questions.

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I’ve been thinking about how karma can affect our life and love relationships, and I wanted to share them with you. What you can find in this blog post may not go beyond the lines of a yoga instructor who wants to share what she knows about yoga philosophy and life. Maybe it will open some doors for you that can transform your view of life.

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Karma Simple Explanation

Karma is the set of cycles created by the inevitability of actions and their results. If you need more detailed information about karma, I suggest you start with the basic Karma starter pack. You can check Karma simple explanation and learn more about it.

Does karma exist in relationships?

Whatever we do now, we shape the next moment. This goes for love and romantic relationships as well. What goes around comes around. What you sow, you reap. With every action and inaction, with every thought and intent, you shape the next moment. 

Your self-love also influences the way self-compassion loves others. Your traumas, fears, dreams, expectations, etc. Therefore, nothing is more natural than for karma to affect love and human relations.

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What does karma say about love?

I would like to share one of my favorite Buddha quotes about good karma and love with you.

β€œEvery morning we’re born again. However, what we do today is what matters most.”


You can find my thoughts and comments on this and similar mixed quotes in the following blog post.

7 Inspirational Buddha Quotes on Karma in English

Is karma real in love?

There are many perspectives and thoughts about karma for love. Some evaluate karma according to their religious beliefs and beliefs, and others according to their philosophy of life, assign meaning to it and position it in love and affection relationships.

Is karma real in relationships?

The fact that karma is real in love may not be proven concretely, but for believers like me, its effect on love is undeniable.

It is not easy to answer for is karma true in relationships or not. Some relationships come into a small part of our lives only for small lessons and mirroring. How mixed they are, therefore, is open to debate.

Let’s examine karma under different topics related to love, and let’s talk a little about what is known wrong about it and the reasons for these mistakes.

Good karma stories relationships

Creating positive karma is not as difficult as it might seem. But in order to create good karma and establish and maintain healthy relationships, it is necessary to reach some awareness and to be able to understand and maintain a humane life with people.

For this reason, the role of dharma in daily life, together with karma, is a subject that needs to be understood sufficiently.

Good karma stories relationships
Good karma stories relationships

Karma for breaking someone’s heart

Heartbreak is one of the most traumatic experiences in emotional relationships. It is very important with whom, how, and with what intensity we live this. Also, the period when we experience this heartbreak is just as important in order to overcome it.

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The karma of this may be remorse, manifesting as a gnawing pain for years. Some people are unaware of the hearts they break. They may not want to admit what they have been through. Awareness again emerges as an important point. The price of breaking a heart can be high. A person may have to pay this price, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unconsciously.

Karma and love personal journey

Below, in the section on Forgiveness in Karma, I will elaborate on how much someone else’s karma concerns you on your personal life journey. But for now, we can say that this belief system has its own working principle. 

What is unseen is that karma is a real teacher and it grows and develops a person and strengthens her character.

Karma and love personal journey
Karma and love personal journey

The karma of hurting a good woman

Yes, someone could have hurt someone. It may be a woman. Or a man. There’s a certain amount of harm someone has done to someone, regardless of gender. This is not the place to discuss the extent or impact of this damage. However, I can say that psychological support is very important. For the transformation of the person, to change their view of life, to see things from a wider perspective.

Karma doesn’t work one-sided. It has an immeasurable structure that affects both the harmed and the injured. Karma is reckoning with one’s own conscience in a place. Therefore, most of the time, it may not even be possible to describe.

Will he get his karma for breaking my heart?

Will he get karma for hurting me? the same questions. Actions, inactions, intentions, and words always generate karma. It can be good or bad karma. But karma is such a cycle that we often do not know whether it is working for us or against us. The most remarkable thing to say is that karma is a very important teacher, and it will teach a transformative lesson for the influencer and the affected alike.

So, my personal view is to explore ways of how we can transform ourselves for the better and the steps we can take, rather than focusing on the possibilities of bad situations that the people who hurt us might experience.

Karma of Betrayal in a Relationship

Many people are wondering if karma is real in relationships or not. Because sometimes people feel cheated, they feel used, they feel unworthy. 

People who lose their hopes are waiting for revenge in order not to be exhausted. Because they don’t know anything else that can sustain them. Because in such cases, the first anger that falls in the heart is to learn whether the other person will experience the same or whether the person will pay the price.

Karma of Betrayal in a Relationship
Karma of Betrayal in a Relationship

Do homewreckers get karma?

The mystery of karma and love is sometimes too entangled to really be solved. Most of the time, we can move forward without untying the knots. 

We need to put aside the karma of the homewreckers and take the punishment the person deserves and remind ourselves that there is no guarantee that we will one day be in their place.

Seeing karma as a teacher, not a tool of revenge will create a profound and enlightening transformation in our perspective on life.

Spiritual karma of cheating

Of course, in this life or in other lives, the price of deception will come to light in some way, and this karma will be accounted for. Because when we look at the micro and macro order of the universe, it is observed that everything works with the balance of giving and receiving.

Karma Cards Monte Farber guidebook

You realize that things that don’t have a balance of give and take don’t work right. Therefore, the act of deception definitely has an aspect of creating bad karma spiritually.

Karma for cheaters quotes

Here is one of the powerful Buddha quotes on life, especially for cheaters. This phrase, which deserves to be pondered and spoken for, reveals how people affect each other and how everything in the world is connected.

Forgiveness in Karma

By only blaming, you avoid taking responsibility by always seeing yourself as a victim. It is the same with the teaching of forgiveness. The biggest misunderstandings in front of karma are people who take the easy way out. But forgiveness is an important part of karma and karmic relationships.

Forgiveness in Karma
Forgiveness in Karma

Importance of forgiveness in creating positive Karma

Creating positive karma is incredibly helpful in one’s development and efforts to make sense of life. Loving the universe is a good step to practice forgiveness.

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Continuing on the path, not carrying unnecessary burdens anymore, purifying mentally and physically, intending to pass old exams, sailing for new adventures, closing old notebooks, and developing one’s personality and character are indispensable for spiritual growth.

Karma for healing and growth in relationships

Who wants to be tested with the same type of people, always with the same type of events? Clearing karma means creating good karma, adding a dash of love to the domino effect, and investing in your future as well. If there are people who think, what is karma in love, I think this is it.

Self-discovery is a journey filled with love. What will grow, transform and enlighten us are the lessons we can take from our relationship and how we can adapt this new information to our lives.

Destiny is a map that is rewritten every moment. A map that interacts with others. Our past actions and intentions guide our future, including the romantic future. Attracting true love and happily ever afterward.

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Harnessing power of karma

Karma can contain love tips and strategies. In order to make the most of the power of karma and dharma, we first need to format the way we see these concepts. Because, for example, karma serves much wiser things than knowing that the injustice done to us will not go away and extinguishing the fire of anger inside us.

Harnessing power of karma
Harnessing the power of karma

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How does karma work in life?

This is the first thing we have to understand, however difficult it may be. The most important key to transforming ourselves is not to lose this point of view, to allow our character to transform, to evolve into a higher version, and to step away from ourselves. The workings of karma clearly serve this. Karma will do its thing and affect our lives, from the smallest touches to big milestones, if we let it.

I’m also not saying that someone else’s karma is none of your business. Of course, we’re all dominoes. We are influencing each other. But isn’t it more important to our own behavior and actions that we are responsible for and in control of? If there’s one thing we have to worry about, this is it. If we evolve ourselves to our best potential, karma will be shaped accordingly.

What does karma feel like?

Karma makes you feel liberated. That’s exactly what Moksha is. FREEDOM. The price of this freedom has never been cheap, and it will never be. But it’s not as hard as it looks. It only takes understanding and awareness.

Yes, maybe every person in search of emancipation has at first stumbled upon the obstacle of their own existence. A person is overwhelmed by the narrowness of her/his own worldview. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to cooperate with the universe and to trust it first.

So, is karma real in love? As you see, you can shape and improve the strength of karma in the romantic now and the future. This is the perfect journey that you can start with by living well, discovering your higher self, and exceeding your potential.

Sat Nam,

Frequently Asking Questions About If It Is Karma Real in Love

Still, there are many questions about karma that are waiting for responses. In this blog post, I try to simply explain karma and love relations. We focused on whether karma is real in love or not. 

If you still have questions, perhaps one of the following can help. Or write in the comments. Let’s think together and discuss.

What is karma in relationships?

All of our actions, inactions, behaviors, thoughts, and intentions create karma in the universe. That is an effect. The relationship dimension of this effect is more profound and complex.Β 

On the other hand, every person has come to this world to pass some tests. Everyone’s paper may have different questions. Sometimes the answers will be different even if the questions are the same. So karma and relationships are everything that human contact with one another will bring. It encompasses all kinds of responsibilities, actions, boomerang effects, and more.

How do you break a relationship karma?

You can make the karma in relationships better. It would be good to start from the present moment. The present moment is all that will shape the future. If you change yourself, your relationships will also change.

If your point of view and interests change, your social circle will also change. In this way, your relationships are transformed. If you think you deserve better, then you deserve better. Therefore, you know that you have to make an effort for this.

Is karma real yes or no?

The answer is yes to those who believe in it. Although it looks complex, it is easy to understand. Its existence is directly believed in various religions and beliefs. There are also indirect references to karma in some religions.

Whether karma is real or not depends on your beliefs and thoughts. Therefore, the search for a superficial yes or no answer may not make much sense to people.

Is karma a real thing? (Is karma real Reddit)

Karma is real and it forms our lives in every moment. At least there are many people who believe that. Those who want to learn more about karma and dharma can take a look at this blog post and learn more.Β 

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Understanding Life Path with Dharma vs Karma

Is karma real or fake?

You can make a quick research about types of karma yoga and how karma works, then you can gather your thoughts about it. In the end, your own ideas will also help you understand whether karma is a real thing or if karma really exists.

Is good karma real?

It may not be right to sharply separate good karma and bad karma, but you can find out whether karma is real by passing it through your mind and comprehension. Read Karma Simple Explanation to discover more.

Is karma real when it comes to relationships?

In some relationships, we can say it’s absolutely real. But it can be tiring to say this for every relationship. Because life consists of our choices and what happens to us. If the people we meet or the choices we make are very similar and overlapping, I think it would be useful to look for karma there. There will definitely be something we can learn.

Is karma real for cheaters?

If you believe, Karma is real for every creature on this planet. I don’t categorize people as cheating or deceived. I categorize people as those who are aware of life and those who have not yet attained that awareness. We may all have been deceived, deceived, benevolent or malicious, victim or cruel, at some point in our lives. The important thing is to see life. But even though we’ve seen it already and still haven’t solved its mysteries yet, karma about love works for all of us, don’t worry.

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