List of Gemstones A-Z

Ready to understand the meanings of this list of gemstones A-Z with me? Natural gemstones have been used for many purposes for thousands of years. Even the names of stones and rocks have energy as well. You will be able to find a list of gemstones a-z below. In particular, you can easily find the stone you are looking for, you can check the page of that stone for more detailed information about it.

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They appear with new uses in new fields and new forms such as gua sha stones or healing crystal rollers. Every day, people realize other benefits of natural gemstones. But the only thing that does not change is gemstone names and colors.

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Crystals and their meanings are important that people include in many areas of their lives. In this complete gemstones list a-z guide, you can find most of them that are gathered up. Come on then.

Complete List of Crystals and Their Meanings

You can find the precious stones A to Z below. This general blog post includes the names of crystals and stones. But please note that: this list of gemstones a-z with pictures is updated periodically. It may not contain whole crystals names in the world. But you will be able to find the most popular names of gemstones in alphabetical order.

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Gemstones that start with A

Let’s start with gemstones starting with the letter A. A letter is a very unique character in the alphabet and stands for wisdom, cognition, and predestination.

Amethyst crystal is one most popular gemstones starting with a. You may enjoy the amethyst crystal properties blog post.

Aquamarine is one of the most rising gems that start with a. You may want to learn about meditating with aquamarine.

Natural stones starting with the letter A
Natural stones starting with the letter A

Gemstones that start with B

Gemstones starting with B are listed below.

Natural stone names can be more than one. Bloodstone gem is one of them. Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope which I will also mention below, gems that start with h section.

Natural stones
Gemstones that start with B

Gemstones that start with C

Gemstones starting with C are listed here below.

Carnelian is a very famous healing crystal. Carnelian gua sha and other products are very unique and gorgeous.

Citrine pocket stone is another crystal to heal. Healing your relationship with money, especially. Besides citrine meditations and citrine stone affirmations, you can learn about other powerful money rituals in order to attract them into your life.

Natural stones starting with the letter C
Natural stones starting with the letter C

Gemstones that start with D

What is a gem that starts with D? Here are some gemstones that start with the letter D. Although D is an introverted character, her secrets, and stories are ready to spill. You can also use crystals that start with D for deep-intensive tarot readings.

  • Danburite
  • Datolite
  • Diamond
  • Diaspore
  • Diopside
  • Dravite
natural stone necklace
Gemstones that start with D

Gemstones that start with E

What is a precious gem that starts with E? Here are E gemstones listed below. E crystals are crystals of eternal love, self-respect, and personal care. If you need messages of value, love, and trust, E gemstones are ideal for you

  • Elbaite
  • Emerald
  • Enstatite
  • Epidote
  • Euclase
Emerald stone
Natural stones starting with the letter E

Gemstones that start with F

Here are F gemstones for you. The F crystals symbolize the fullness of life. It can be used in conjunction with aquamarine gemstone products or amethyst gemstone products to balance excess energy and turn towards the spiritual.

  • Flowerstone
  • Fluorapatite
  • Fluorite
  • Forsterite
  • Friedelite
Natural stones starting with the letter F

Gemstones that start with G

Gemstones that start with G are listed hereinafter.

  • Garnet
  • Gaspeite
  • Girasol
  • Gold
  • Goldstone
Girasol gemset
Gemstones that start with G

Gemstones that start with H

Healing stones that start with H are listed below. Remember that, H crystals are the ideal stones for achieving success, testing willpower, and establishing daily routines.

Natural gemstones
Gemstones that start with H

Gemstones that start with I

There are not so many gemstones starting with I but here are a few. Especially if there are intense energies that need to be cleaned and recharged, the crystals starting with I can cover this need.

  • Inderite
  • Indicolite
  • Indochinite
  • Iolite

Gemstones that start with J

Here are gemstones that start with J.

  • Jade
  • Jadeite
  • Jasper
  • Jet
  • Jeremejevite
  • Johachidolite

Gemstones that start with K

What crystals start with K? The letter K and K crystals have a significant place in some spiritual practices.

  • Kammererite
  • Karibibite
  • Kimberlite
  • Kornerupine
  • Kunzite
  • Kyanite

Gems that start with K can be very rare but healing. Also, some gems that start with C can be pronounced as K.

gemstone alphabetical list
Gemstone alphabetical list

Gemstones that start with L

Gemstones that start with L are listed below. Gems that start with l generally represent life and communication. Some of the stones that are best harmonized and personalized according to intent are those that begin with the letter L.

list of gemstones a-z
List of gemstones a-z

Gemstones that start with M

Here are all M gemstones for you.

Natural stones alphabetical list
Natural stones alphabetical list

Gemstones that start with N

Here are the important crystals that start with N letter. 

  • Natrolite
  • Nephrite
  • Neptunite
  • Nuummite

Gemstones that start with O

O letter gemstones are listed below.

Gemstones that start with P

P letter gemstones and crystals are listed.

  • Pargasite
  • Pectolite
  • Peridot 
  • Petalite
  • Petschite 
  • Phenakite
  • Phosphosiderite
  • Pleonaste 
  • Pollucite
  • Prasiolite 
  • Prehnite
  • Purpurite
  • Pyrite
  • Pyrope
  • Pyromorphite

Gemstones that start with Q

Q letter gemstones are very rare but even the types of quartz crystals are enough on their own.

  • Quartz
  • Que Sera Stone

Gemstones that start with R

Gemstone names start with an R letter.

  • Realgar Stone
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Rhodolite
  • Rhodonite
  • Rhyolite
  • Rubelite
  • Ruby

Gemstones that start with S

Precious crystals and rocks that start with are listed below.

  • Sapphire
  • Scapolite
  • Scheelite
  • Schorl
  • Scolecite
  • Selenite
  • Septarian
  • Seraphinite
  • Serpentine
  • Serendibite
  • Sesame Stone (Kiwi Jasper)
  • Shattuckite
  • Shungite
  • Sillimanite
  • Sinhalite
  • Smithsonite
  • Sodalite
  • Spessartine
  • Sphalerite
  • Spinel
  • Spodumene
  • Stromatolite
  • Sugilite
  • Sunstone

Gemstones that start with T

What gemstone starts with the letter T? Here you are.

  • Talc
  • Tanzanite
  • Tektite
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Titanite
  • Topaz
  • Tourmaline
  • Tremolite
  • Trinity Stone
  • Triplite
  • Tsavorite 
  • Tsesit Stone
  • Tugtupite
  • Turquoise

You can access the different colors of tourmaline from here as well. For instance, green tourmaline birthstone symbolizes personal growth, pink tourmaline properties represent self-love etc.

Gemstones that start with U

U letter gemstones are few and rare. Here you go.

  • Ulexite
  • Unakite
  • Uvite

Gemstones that start with V

Gemstones that start with V are listed below.

  • Vanadinite
  • Variscite
  • Väyrynenite
  • Verdelite — see elbaite
  • Vesuvianite
  • Vivianite
  • Vlasovite

Gemstones that start with W

Here are a few W gemstones listed.

  • Wavellite
  • Wulfenite

Gemstones that start with X

Crystals starting with X are listed below.

  • Xanthite
  • Xenotime

Gemstones that start with Y

Crystals that start with the Y letter part will be updated soon.

Gemstones starting with Z

What gemstones start with the letter Z? Last but not least, Z gemstones are listed below. Gems that start with z either can help you in spiritual practices or can be good ornaments and jewel products.

  • Zebra stone 
  • Zincite
  • Zircon
  • Zoisite

Gemstones that start with Z are not so many. But that doesn’t mean stones that start with Z haven’t got any power or spiritual significance. Crystals that start with Z can be very strong and useful depending on their usage and the user’s intentions.

That’s all for the gemstone list A to Z. If you have any further questions or comments meet me below in the comment section! But before that, don’t forget to check the top-asked questions section about the names of crystals and stones A to Z.

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Frequently Asking Questions About A-Z Gem Guide (Every stone name list of gemstones A-Z)

You read the alphabetical list of gemstones above. Here I gathered up some popular questions about A to Z gemstones.

How do you create a gemstones list?

Gemstone list created as A to Z gems. But you can also separate them according to their color or formation types. Of course, lists can be prepared according to their benefits or under other titles.

Are there any gemstones A to Z pdf?

You can view and download gemstones a to z pdf here. I have prepared such a list for you because you asked so much. Please share if you want to see other lists

What is AZ gemstone?

A to Z gemstones are for people who are interested in healing stones and crystals. That can include semi precious stones as well. You can visit the private page of each stone if you want to learn more about that. Not every crystal page is available at the moment.

How many types of crystal stones are there?

Although they are usually precious, semi-precious, and healing natural stones, there are also minerals and other formations.

What are the 7 natural stones?

The feature of the 7 natural stones is that they are stones that work with the chakras like lapis lazuli, tigers eye, amethyst, aventurine, etc. Each chakra has its own stones. So if you have a special guest, you can examine the chakra stones and find the right stone for you.

How many crystals are there in the world?

According to National Geographic, more than 4,000 occurring minerals have been found on Earth.

Where can I find gemstones for sale?

You can find common gemstones, crystals, stones, and more in your town’s gemstone shops or online stores.

For instance, Crystalya Crystals have both online stores and located shops.

If you are lucky enough, you can go to the gemstone auctions near you and you can buy gemstones at fair prices. The gemstones list with pictures and meanings blog post has an everlasting update.

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