Understanding Life Path with Dharma vs Karma

Dharma vs karma are topics that seem very close to each other both phonetically and philosophically but are opened up to different interpretations and concepts as they get deeper and more intense.

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These principles, which have different interpretations in both Hinduism and Buddhism and can be a guide for one’s life and quests, are important sources whose teachings are applied for well-being and universal philosophy in today’s world and in the west.

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Dharma vs Karma

If we know how to look properly, Dharma vs Karma can open up many mysteries to living. The duty, action, and ethics that dharma and karma will show is the way and light that will lead the people to the truth in their life. Of course, they are both different and deep. So before we compare them, we should have some knowledge about them.

Dharma Simple Explanation

Dharma meaning in yoga is to accomplish social and religious duties. In Hinduism and Buddhism, people are believed to have some ethical duties to other segments of society.

Dharma yoga definition

These duties will give both the influencer and the affected an awareness of righteousness, and they will experience the path to freedom while continuing the life journey of the person.

Dharma paths

It expresses the wisdom that a person must attain in order to be for the benefit of the whole and themself. This wisdom is formed and developed with issues such as morality, justice, law, order, empathy, personal development, and understanding.


The role of dharma in daily life

Dharma, the path of devotion, is a phenomenon that is always with us in our daily lives. When we get off autopilot and begin to notice our behavior and our surroundings, we become aware of dharma.

What are some examples of dharma?

Solidarity, support, learning, teaching, responsibilities, social responsibility, sense of duty, new habits (transforming habits), sharing, balance, harmony, accepting change and transformation with love, and being aware of all these are reflections of dharma in daily life.

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The role of dharma in daily life
The role of dharma in daily life

Karma Simple Explanation

The concept of karma, in its simplest definition, refers to the whole of the cycles created by the inevitability of actions and their results. Actions and their results, causes, and effects are blended with a set of spiritual laws, and this is called karma. 

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Every result is the cause of the next. Individuals who contribute to the formation of this cycle with their actions and inactions experience their destiny with all its inevitability. 

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A person’s destiny is made up of good and bad karma. The belief in rebirth in Eastern philosophy also conveys that one can experience the karmas they create by carrying them into other lives.

Karma Simple Explanation
Karma Simple Explanation

Types of karma yoga

The awareness that every living thing on earth is a manifestation of the creator is effective while practicing karma yoga. Karma yoga practice can be physical, spiritual, or both. Every awareness based on sharing, solidarity, love, transmission, learning, and teaching is a part of good karma yoga.

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Types of karma yoga
Types of karma yoga

Importance of karma yoga

The importance of karma yoga comes to the fore as it is based on humility and awareness in the actions and sharing of people. Actions and situations that are encouraged to be done for the good of the whole create a result for the future. Just the opposite as well.

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Another importance of karma yoga is not that it only affects the present state of individuals and therefore the world. Karma yoga is a set of actions that also guide people’s future experiences and further lives for some beliefs.

The role of karma in daily life

Do you remember HIMYM’s Barney? And his girlfriend named Karma? Yep, Barney was a totally hopeless case until the final seasons because of Himym Karma. And yeah, we were the witnesses. What he sowed he reaped.

Maybe things don’t always go blind like this in daily life, but remember, really what you sow is what you reap. But maybe the running of the universe surprises us from different places, instead of making us live exactly the same things we do, whether good or bad so that we do not live a life based on self-interest. Can’t it?

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The role of karma in daily life
The role of karma in daily life

Spiritual meaning of karma

Spiritually, this is the case as well. Karma is a system that allows us to assimilate that life somewhere has meaning, and that nothing has been lived in vain.

Sometimes we may feel that something is wasted, and has lost its meaning. Karma is the voice that tells us it is not so.

Do you feel that the spiritual work you are doing is not moving you forward? Think again. Maybe you are doing these healing works for a specific purpose and you think that you cannot see the reward.

But those around you say that your aura has changed, that you have come to liveliness and radiance. It means that your work has done exactly the job it should have and work. This is also karma.

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Karma yoga Bhagavad Gita (Karma yoga book)

If you are looking for a book about karma yoga, first of all, the book you should look at is the Bhagavad Gita. This book can give you an explanation of many concepts, especially karma, with examples.

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In addition, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are among the essential yoga books that you should definitely look at. The following saying from the Bhagavad Gita explains karma very well.

“Here, O Kaunteya, people’s past actions lead to their future consequences. That is why people need to act honestly and thoughtfully.”

(Bhagavad Gita, 4.14)

Extended Karma vs Dharma

In a nutshell, karma represents past actions and their future consequences, while dharma always reminds us of moral duties and the teacher within the person. Dharma can appear more inclusive than karma.

As you see, karma and dharma difference does not just exist from the concept of time or from other topics we have studied above.

After all, the path of everything that belongs to karma passes through dharma. As a result of these two, moksha, or freedom, comes into existence.

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Karma Dharma and Moksha

For the eternal freedom moksha, the necessary homework must have been done, and the soul must have been purged of past karmic burdens and completed its evolution.

Karma dharma yoga and the moksha that comes with it show us how important teachings and pursuits are inner peace, understanding, mindfulness, spiritual growth, balance, and completion.

Dharma vs Karma Buddhism

Dharma and karma in Buddhism are more individual. It makes one realize the personality traits, the needs and requirements of the moment, and the effects of these on the person. In Buddhism’s Dharma, there is no need for a God. Consciousness and mind take the matter holistically, recognizing everything according to its original situation. It aims at reaching the source.

It is observed that the consciousness of duty, service, and usefulness in Hinduism has left its place for awareness and joy in Buddhism.

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Karma Buddhism
Karma Buddhism

Dharma vs Karma Hinduism

In Hinduism, there is a more class, God-centered and destiny dharma, karma, and other disciplines. The philosophies of karma and dharma yoga, which are conveyed in most contemporary yoga classes in the West, are covered in theory on the basis of Hinduism. But we come across the teachings of Buddhism at the stage of implementation.

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Dharma vs Karma Quotes

For those who are wondering, I would like to add my personal opinion and quotes on this subject. In terms of source, Sanskrit texts are both more interesting and more inclusive and included in the literature globally.

Therefore, while referring to Sanskrit texts in theory and putting them into practice, we come across Buddhist teachings that will appeal more to today’s individual people and touch on issues such as compassion and mindfulness in a simpler language.

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Let’s wrap up this blog post slowly by adding a dharma quote from the Bhagavad Gita lastly.

Karma vs Dharma Bhagavad Gita

The following quote from the Bhagavad Gita clarifies the concept of dharma a little more.

“O Arjuna, people need to try to fulfill their work and behavior. It depends on their position in society. For example, there is a duty to teach a brahman, but there is a duty to be a warrior to a kshatriya.”

(Bhagavad Gita, 18.41-42)

In summary, dharma, karma, and other yoga disciplines provide a communication and integrity opportunity to the person first.

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While getting to know and discovering themselves, the person simultaneously becomes conscious of her duties and responsibilities towards society and the world. It is an important key to spiritual awakening and spiritual purification.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dharma vs Karma

Karma vs dharma is very unique and can be interpreted by dividing it into multiple branches. It also depends a little bit on what we aim for. In this blog, I tried to present my knowledge with more personal comments and practice-oriented practices. As it can lead to different manifestations and experiences in daily life, there is an academic dimension to the work.

If all this information is combined in a single pot, we will get the answers we want exactly. Here I have put together a few frequently asked questions regarding dharma and karma for you.

Is there any sharp define dharma vs karma?

Dharma emphasizes that our actions and behaviors must pass through a set of legal, moral, and social norms and ultimately contain a responsibility and a doctrine. Karma, on the other hand, describes the consequences of actions or inaction, what causes these consequences, and an ongoing cycle.

What is the difference between karma and dharma?

Karma expresses actions and their results. Dharma emphasizes that we should remember and apply the teachings, shares, and ethical and moral responsibilities we are responsible for in our lives.

What religion are karma and dharma based on?

The religions on which the belief of karma is based include Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Sikhism, and many more religions and sects. However, although we can say that these beliefs and religions agree in terms of the definition of the word, we can talk about the fact that they all have different or divergent ideas as they deepen in their philosophy and practice.

What is the relationship between karma and dharma?

Although Dharma is in a structure that includes karma, it is more concerned with the teaching of the process than the result of actions. Karma is also concerned with the process, despite its threatening appearance. But when compared to dharma, it can be more stable and destiny.Β 

They both take responsibility. Both are concerned with the consequences of doing or not doing something. Morality, norms, and law are more concrete in Dharma. In karma, the situation is left to the conscience of the person a little more.Β 

But it would not be wrong to say that both affect both the individual and the society. Because ultimately, β€œGrandpa eats the plum granddaughter’s tooth itches.”

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